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Chapter 127: I Have The Final Say

Chapter 127: I Have The Final Say

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When he came back online the next day, Lu Li spent two gold coins to transport himself west of the city. It was Dou Jing Jing who wanted to meet him there. Her in game name was Don’t Hit Dou Dou and probably had something to do with the phrase “Have dinner and hit dou dou”.

“We have to give you one spot.”

Dou Jing Jing was a little worried.

In Dawn, Instance Dungeon Scrolls actually produced private Instance Dungeons. As such, in addition to the three attempts rule, the parties attempted them could only have 50% variation.

Moon Creek Prison was a five person dungeon, so three people from the party that had attempted it the first time always had to take part.

In their first attempt, the party consisted of the three lady landlords and two other Drizzle Court players.

On the second run, Yang Liu had to give up her spot because she was a Hunter. She gave up her DPS position to Water Fairy. Now, someone else needed to give up their spot for Lu Li. After some discussion, it was decided that this would be Dou Jing Jing.

“Looks like your guild members aren’t very friendly.”

Two out of the three landlords had already given up their spots. The other two players who were there in the first attempt remained adamant about staying in their positions.

The only reason Huan Huan was still in was because this was her quest. Without her, they wouldn’t be able to do it at all.

“It’s normally fine, but when it’s important…”

Dou Jing Jing bitterly lowered her head.

“Well, in that case, I want two equips and the material. You tell them that. If they refuse, then I’ll leave.” Lu Li wasn’t as amicable as the three other ladies.

In an Elite Dungeon, at least three pieces of equipment would be dropped, in addition to the EXP and First Clear rewards. If he was helping a friend, he would be content with just taking the material and leaving everything else. However, in this current situation, only one of his friends could enter the Instance Dungeon. Of course, Lu Li would have been dissatisfied otherwise.

“You…” Dou Jing Jing was angry, but she knew that he wasn’t being like this because of her. All she could do was message the team channel.

There were two forms of communication in Dawn – one was text and the other was voice. Dou Jing Jing was using text, but based on her facial expressions, it didn’t seem like it was going well.

The few other players were already waiting at the dungeon. Other than Water Fairy and the landlords, there were two other players – a female Mage and a male Warrior.

He didn’t think that Drizzle Court would start taking in male players; it must have been the pressure on them to keep up in the game.

With such a large player base, only accepting female players just wasn’t enough to keep up on the rankings. Recruiting some appropriate, high-level male players was inevitable for the development of Drizzle Court.

“Dou Dou, what is this? He’s already taking two items and now he wants more? Are you doing this because he is your friend?”

The female Mage saw Lu Li and Dou Jing Jing standing together and openly cried out.

Lu Li didn’t even look at her and instead nodded directly at Water Fairy.

Water Fairy was lazy with her response and nodded in return. The atmosphere was tense and there was no sense of being a team.

“Lu Li…” Dou Jing Jing was becoming unruly. She didn’t argue at all, but tugged at his sleeve and looked at him with a teary face.

“You guys have tried and failed twice. You have no ground on which to bargain with me. If you want to get through this Instance Dungeon, you will just have to agree.”

Lu Li was straightforward and didn’t extend any courtesy to Water Fairy.

Water Fairy grunted but said nothing.

“Who do you think you are? How can you say that?”

This female Mage had only started playing in the second release. The name, ‘Lu Li’, didn’t carry much meaning for her. The male Warrior was trying to restrain her, but to no avail.

“You’re only LV15; don’t bother entering. You and Dou Dou should join the party,” Lu Li said, as he pointed at the Warrior. “If there are no problems, then stay, but you must listen to my instructions. If anyone has any problems with that, you can leave the party.”

“I have no problems with that,” the warrior desperately nodded.

He knew that Lu Li wasn’t afraid of kicking them out. He quickly accepted the invitation from Zhou Huan Huan and waited for them to complete the party modifications.

The beautiful female Mage from Drizzle Court must have been popular. She was probably also sought after by many male players. After Lu Li had been so blunt with her, she became furious and began to raise her Magic Staff.

“That’s enough. You can return.”

Water Fairy cut off the Mage, forcing her to swallow whatever she was about to say to Lu Li.

Next to Water Fairy, any kind of pride she felt for her own beauty was a joke. Moreover, Water Fairy held a very high position in the guild.

Some people said that the president of Drizzle Court wasn’t Water Fairy, but that she was actually the financial backer. Regardless, her words had the authority to decide who was or wasn’t in the guild.

The female Mage stared angrily at Lu Li before turning away.

Zhou Huan Huan let out a helpless sigh before pulling out the Instance Dungeon scroll and channeling it.

The LV17 Lu Li, LV15 Little Bear Huan Huan (Zhou Huan Huan), LV16 Don’t Hit Dou Dou (Dou Jing Jing), LV15 Leaf Bro and LV16 Water Fairy all entered the Instance Dungeon.

Little Bear Huan Huan was the party’s Shaman Healer, while Leaf Bro was the Main Tank. Both of their levels were relatively low and their equipment wasn’t too great. This Elite-difficulty Moon Creek Prison was now going to be a little harder. Luckily, Lu Li had prior knowledge, so he wouldn’t be doing this the conventional way.

However, in order to confuse them and pave a way for his strategy, he began to tell them a story that was related to this abandoned prison.

“The Defias Brotherhood had once attempted to release prisoners from this place, but they didn’t imagine that the first person they encountered would be a crazy Gnoll. After many of them were bitten, they escaped the area and left it alone.”

“You really know a lot.”

Zhou Huan Huan sincerely admired his knowledge.

“When I have free time, I read in the library. If you understand the background of certain characters or locations, you can find more quests or learn strategies for Instance Dungeons. As for this prison, the first Boss is going to be Gnoll Ording. If you know about its origin, then you will know its weakness and its skills…” Lu Li continued.

As the saying goes, listening to the wise is better than ten years of study. Even Water Fairy, with her cold character, was carefully listening to Lu Li’s explanation. She and the others couldn’t help but admire him.

The dungeon’s save point only appeared after killing a Boss; there was no such feature for killing the little mobs. However, now that they had two strong Thieves in Lu Li and Water Fairy, they were easily able to clear them out.

After 10 minutes, they stood before the first Boss, Gnoll Ording.