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Chapter 130: Refusal

Chapter 130: Refusal

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Bazil Thredd was a Stonemason and didn’t have the military background that Edwin VanCleef did. As such, his attacks which revolved around wildly brandishing his stone hammer were fairly simple.

Regardless, Lu Li did not underestimate him. Before the Wailing Cave was opened, Thredd was the only Boss whose attacks carried Disease Damage. Before Priests obtained the Cure Disease Skill Book, players could only rely on tanks to endure the Disease debuff.

Now that Leaf Bro had Shield Wall, it would be much easier for him to survive.

Lu Li and Water Fairy’s attacks were incredibly effective on Thredd. As a poor Stonemason and Convict, he barely had any Armour. It only took Lu Li and his team 17 minutes to kill him.

System: Drizzle Court player Little Bear Huan Huan, Don’t Hit Dou Dou, Leaf Bro, Water Fairy and Lu Li have completed the First Clear of the Elite-level Moon Creek Prison Private Instance Dungeon.

Apart from EXP and Fame, Dou Jing Jing was also fortunate enough to receive 1 SP.

As for equipment that Lu Li was promised, none was dropped. However, because they had completed the First Clear, everyone received bonus rewards.

Apart from Lu Li, this was the first time that any of them had obtained a First Clear. None of them thought that the rewards would be so abundant. The only person who didn’t receive a physical reward was Zhou Huan Huan, who instead received an EXP reward that filled her EXP bar by half and boosted her to lV16.

Lu Li received a Steel-grade Dagger. Although it was a LV15 weapon, its Special Effect was not as good as the Daggers he already had, so he planned to sell it.

Zhou Huan Huan collected the remaining items and equipment from the corpse and showed everyone in the Party Channel.

There were four things in total: a Steel grade equip, a Bronze grade equip, a Strengthening Stone and a Skill Book.

This was the first time Lu Li had seen a Strengthening Stone. He hesitated before saying, “I want the Strengthening Stone.”

“What are Strengthening Stones used for?” Water Fairy guessed that the Strengthening Stone was something good, but had no idea how it could be used.

“It’s probably used for strengthening a piece of equipment’s stats.”

Of course, Lu Li knew what it was used for, but he didn’t want to reveal too much of his information. Whenever he did tell anyone anything, he always said that he had read it in the Library.

“Sell it to me, name your price!” This female tycoon was prepared to pay any price for the things that caught her eye.

Having money, beautiful looks and a domineering attitude meant that she had always been successful in games.

Since the beauty had asked for it, it wouldn’t be too good to refuse. Besides, he could earn quite a bit from her.

However, what shocked everyone was that Lu Li decided to reject her offer.

“Sorry, I’ve decided to use it. If I find any in hte future, I’ll sell them to you.”

Those were only courteous words. One could never have enough of an item that could strengthen equipment.

After upgrading the Supreme One Ring, Lu Li planned on strengthening it.

There was a chance of the strengthening failing. If that happened, the equipment would be lost. However, this was impossible with the Supreme One Ring. After all, it couldn’t be dropped or lost.

Water Fairy looked at Lu Li angrily, feeling reject. He always seemed to do this to her, whether it was in PVP, selling equipment or selling items. It wasn’t as though she couldn’t give him a good price.

Lu Li didn’t even hesitate after rejecting her offer and went to pick his second item.

Zhou Huan Huan and Dou Jing Jing were dumbfounded. They no longer felt hurt because of Lu Li’s attitude to them. After all, he had coldly rejected Water Fairy who was much more beautiful than they were.

In fact, they even took some pleasure in her dissatisfaction.

Lu Li deliberated over whether he should choose the Steel-grade Thief Hat, or the Healer Skill Book.

Both of these items were quite good. The Skill Book was the Priest skill ‘Regeneration’ which gave continuous healing, while the Hat was a LV15 Steel grade equip that had a Special Effect which gave 10% Detection.

This Special Effect was incredibly useful in PVP.

Thieves were one of the most common professions in Dawn and there would often be battles between Thieves. In battles between Thieves, the side that had better Detection would have the advantage. After all, in his PVP battle with Water Fairy, she had discovered him first because of her Belt which gave her increased Detection.

“Can I please have the Hat?” Seeing that Lu Li was not moved by money, the cold and arrogant woman asked in a soft and almost flirtatious voice.

The Drizzle Court players had never seen Water Fairy like this before.

If any of them recorded this scene and put it on the forum, there would definitely be a bounty on Lu Li within a day, with countless people joining the hunt.

“Alright, I’ll choose the Skill Book then,” Lu Li said as he nodded.

The Hat wasn’t terribly important to him, but the Regeneration skill would make the Difficult level Death Mines Instance Dungeon a lot easier.

Everyone was extremely happy, except for the female Mage who had been chased away at the beginning.

Lu Li did not directly return to Astrana. The Death Mines were not too far away, so if he entered from the wilderness, he could save 5 copper coins…

As well as this, he knew that there was an excellent quest in the western wilderness. The reward for the quest was a damage reduction skill for Warriors.

After leaving the Instance Dungeon, Lu Li checked to see if his Permanent Party members were online and contacted them to continue with the Death Mines.

They met in front of the Piercing Heart Wolf General.

Azure Sea Breeze smirked at Lu Li, “Did you help the Drizzle Court clear the Instance Dungeon because you fancy Water Fairy?”

Just then, when Lu Li’s name had appeared with Water Fairy’s name on the announcement, the World Channel had erupted. Lu Li had turned off the World Channel, so he had no idea what was going on.

Now, even the newbie players who joined after the second update knew of Lu Li.

“It was just a coincidence. I was helping a few real-life friends clear the Instance Dungeon. They just so happened to be part of the Drizzle Court; I didn’t even know that Water Fairy would be coming,” Lu Li explained.

“Be a man and own up to it. Do you really think we’d believe that?” Lonesome Flower retorted. He selfishly thought that his little sister was getting a bit too close to Lu Li. If she thought that Lu Li was someone who lusted after beauty, she would definitely dislike him.|

How could he let his little sister worship someone else?

“Here’s a Skill Book for you.”

Lu Li ignored him and gave the Regeneration Skill Book to March Rain.

“For me?” March Rain asked in surprise, as she received the Skill Book. Seeing what it was, she became even happier.

“It’s Regeneration! I’ve always wanted this Skill Book. Thank you, Lu Li!”

Lonesome Flower felt as though Lu Li was slapping his face. He felt even more depressed as he saw how happy his sister was.