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Chapter 132: Rapidly Increasing EXP

Chapter 132: Rapidly Increasing EXP

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“Not being able to provide the benefits of a guild is indeed a problem,” Lu Li said, as he cleared out smaller monsters.

“Let’s keep an eye out for high-level guilds for sale. If there’s a decent one, we’ll buy it.”

“There are people selling guilds?” Everyone else was quite shocked to hear this.

“There will be soon,” Lu Li confidently replied.

After the second update, guilds would begin to pop up all over the place. Many players wanted to become overlords through their guilds, but it was a pity that reality was harsh. They would find that it was difficult to sustain their guilds, and thus would decide to sell them.

Lu Li wanted to wait and buy a guild for a low price, so that he could save the time, money and effort required to level it up by himself.

“Lu Li, after clearing this Instance Dungeon, will you be able to hit LV18?” Azure Sea Breeze asked.

By the time they had reached Captain Cookie, Lu Li was already halfway through LV17. Azure Sea Breeze had finally reached LV17, while Lonesome Flower was nearly there. The Difficult-level Instance Dungeon provided an abundance of EXP from everything.

However, given that they had already spent 2 days in here, it wasn’t that efficient either.

Azure Sea Breeze was now ranked 3rd on the Level Rankings. I No Understand had caught up and overtaken him.

The reason why Lu Li was able to maintain a comfortable lead was because he farmed Illidan’s Shadow every day. The Moon Creek Prison he had cleared in the morning had also given him about 10% of his EXP bar.

When he reached LV18, he would stop receiving as much EXP from Illidan’s Shadow. If he didn’t work hard, he would soon be overtaken as well.

“There are still two Bosses and the small monsters in the ship’s cabin, so I should have more than enough EXP to level up.”

The Death Mines’ ship’s cabin was called the EXP Wonderland. It contained more than 180 small monsters, as well as a Bug that could be exploited.

The prerequisite for this was that they killed the Captain of the ship first.

Captain Cookie was an easy Boss in all levels of the instance dungeon. In the Difficult level, he still remained in his pot, throwing out food. However, the fire under the pot dealt more damage to melee professions. This was so much that Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze weren’t able to attack him at all.

Captain Cookie also threw out food incredibly quickly.

If a player stepped on poisoned food and did not step on the healthy food fast enough, they would quickly die from being poisoned. As such, there had to be people to step on and clear out the poisoned food. This task was left to Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze.

They would accumulate poison by stepping on as much of the poisoned food as they could. Then, they would step on the healthy food to remove all of the poison at once..

Remnant Dream and Lonesome Flower were in charge of attacking the Boss. However, Remnant Dream’s pet could only stand beside her and watch, as it was also a melee attacker.

After 10 or so minutes, the Boss fell.

Lu Li’s EXP bar jumped up to 60%. Remnant Dream and Lonesome Flower both levelled up – Remnant Dream was now LV16, while Lonesome Flower was now LV17 and was ranked 4th on the Level Rankings.

Since the Boss had been so easy to kill, none of them expected any good equipment to drop. The Boss dropped a rubbish, Steel-grade equip, as well as a Skill Book for Berserkers which was quite common. Lu Li decided to give this to Moonlight.

The final Boss was the beautiful Vanessa.

However, before facing her, Lu Li wanted to exploit the Bug which would give them quite a lot of EXP.

“I’ll need you to jump into the water soon,” Lu Li said, as he distributed Potions that allowed them to breathe underwater.

“There’s only one Boss left; what are you doing?” Lonesome Flower asked. Everyone else felt confused as well.

“I found a way to farm a lot of smaller monsters; do you want to try it?” Lu Li didn’t bother explaining in detail.

“Of course we do!” Lonesome Flower shouted out, before anyone else could reply. Smaller monsters in Instance Dungeons were treasures – they posed no threat and gave a lot of EXP. In order to quickly farm these monsters, he had even levelled up his Blizzard skill to the max level. However, it was a pity that he didn’t really have any opportunities to use it.

“Jump into the water and swim to the place where I throw this bottle. The water there is fairly shallow; you can come up from the stairs over there. Do you see it?” Lu Li threw out a bottle and gestured as he instructed his team.

After all the others jumped down, Lu Li opened the ship’s cabin. A large wave of about 180 smaller monsters flooded out. In the Difficult level, they were no longer split into 6 waves of 30 monsters. Instead, players were expected to deal with all of them in one go.

If they could kill them, they would receive a massive amount of EXP. On the other hand, if they couldn’t kill them, their party would be annihilated. Lu Li turned and ran out of a breach in the ship, then vanished!

After losing their target, the smaller monsters could wander around in circles.

After Lu Li had left, the cabin door automatically closed and new monsters spawned inside. Lu Li came back through another breach, and when Vanish’s Cooldown had nearly expired, he once again drew the aggro of the smaller monsters.

There were 8 breaches in the ship, which meant that Lu Li could lure out 8 waves of the smaller monsters. Alternatively, he could just jump down from the ship to produce the same effects. However, if he did that, the smaller monsters would not be split into even groups and would be difficult to deal with. Moreover, this Bug had its limits – after an hour, any monsters left on the deck would be erased by the system.

After 20 minutes of doing this, there were 1,440 monsters crowded on the deck. This was truly a sight to behold.

Luckily, the ship was quite big and was able to hold them all.

They had to get rid of all of these monsters within 1 hour!

Lu Li called the others over and instructed them, “Sea Breeze, you block the breaches. March, you heal. Flower, you attack.”

“Watch closely.”

Lonesome Flower was itching to start.

All of these LV15 monsters were just EXP to him.

Against Lonesome Flower’s Blizzard, which almost had no Cooldown, each wave of 180 monsters quickly turned into EXP. Remnant Dream was also continuously attacking with her Bow and Arrows. It was a pity that Hunters didn’t have many AOE skills, and that Remnant Dream didn’t have a single one.

Lu Li also joined in on the attacking. He attacked the ones with more HP, leaving those with lower HP to perish to Lonesome Flower’s AOE spells.

In just 5 minutes, all 180 monsters had been cleared out. Lu Li’s EXP bar increased by 8%, which was even more than what he had received for killing Captain Cookie. The LV16 Remnant Dream and March Rain received even more, with their EXP bars jumping by more than 10%.

After killing these monsters, they all sat down and used their consumables to recover. Lu Li then ran over to attract another wave of 180 monsters.

As they cleared one wave of monsters at a time, their EXP bars all steadily rose. By the 3rd wave, March Rain had levelled up, becoming the fifth LV17 player in Dawn.

She was now the highest levelled Priest in all of Dawn.

Before they cleared the 6th wave, Lu Li levelled up to LV18.

By the 8th wave, which was the last, Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower’s eyes were starting to become red. They were less than 20% away from LV18.

Remnant Dream was also a sliver away from LV17.

Now, even Remnant Dream, who had fallen behind everyone else, was 7th place on the level rankings. She had nearly caught up to the Blood-red War Flag’s top Mage, Wild, who was LV17.