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Chapter 134: Boss Dreams

Chapter 134: Boss Dreams

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After 30 minutes or so, everyone had recovered their HP and Lu Li opened the door. Even though the bug was gone, they still had to clear the remaining wave of monsters before they could fight the boss.

Azure Sea Breeze raised his Fearless Barrier and blocked the door while the others continued to deal damage.

After the small monsters were cleared, Vanessa would spawn.

In the Difficult Level Instance Dungeon, Vanessa began by hypnotising players, which place them in a ‘Dreaming’ state.

Players would enter Vanessa’ dream and would have to fight their way through the bosses they had previously faced.

The first boss they faced was Glubtok – a fearless, man-eating demon that was skilled with magic. His biggest counters were ice and fire elements.

A flurry of icicles began falling from above.

Flames from below started to scorch the earth.

In Globtuk’s nightmare, players had to continue dealing damage while dodging the ice and fire.

Luckily, the Dream version of Globtuk only had 10,000 HP. As long as they paid attention while trying dodge, Lu Li and Lonesome Flower alone could quickly kill it.

The second boss was Helix – a greedy Goblin with a scary face.

The Helix nightmare contained many poisonous creatures, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions and bats.

When Helix was young, he was a hard-working travel merchant. No one understood the pain and the effort he had to put in, just so he could survive.

Helix almost had almost died, when he was attacked by a mob of poisonous creatures in the middle of a business trip. This experience had haunted him for a very long time.

However, the poisonous creatures in this dream could be ignored – they just had to focus on killing Helix in the shortest amount of time possible.

As they fought him, Lu Li’s dagger effect was randomly triggered, which made the whole fight much easier.

The 3rd boss was Death God 5000 – a mechanical, robotic harvester. Apparently, robot had dreams as well.

In his dream, the players had to make it past a road of moving electric walls. Similar to Super Mario, players had to avoid the electric walls and reach the destination.

Many players underestimated this stage and took it as a joke.

“This is awesome! I like it so much,” Remnant Dream exclaimed excitedly.

When fighting a boss, Hunters had to continuously change their position in order to avoid attacks. As such, they were particularly skilled at manoeuvring themselves and excelled in these kinds of mini-games.

The two girls began to observe and examine the field, trying to find the easiest path to take. The funny thing was, that it ended up being almost identical to the old path that Lu Li had taken before.

Girls were weird creatures.

As they followed the two girls, the party began a mini-game adventure.


A spark flashed as Lonesome Flowered touched the electric wall and died.

“Hmm, there’s a spot up ahead that looks safer. I’ll revive him there.”

March Rain wasn’t in a hurry to revive her brother. She would rather stop at a safer location to save him.

“Flower, you’re too noob. Even more noob than the girls,” Azure Sea Breeze mockingly said.

“Pfft, if you weren’t following my sister so closely, you probably would have died much sooner,” Lonesome Flower retorted angrily. He couldn’t accept the fact that his younger sister was better than him at something.

“Ok, stop fighting or we’ll get electrocuted again.”

Lu Li wasn’t ashamed of letting the others lead, even though he also knew the safe path.

Seeing Remnant Dream’s excited face, as she contributed in leading the team, was worth it for Lu Li. “If only I could see my little sister like this,” he thought. He would allow her to play the game as well, once she recovered.

“Good job Dream!” Everyone praised the little Hunter when they finally reached the Boss.

Many parties would lose players, or even get entirely wiped out during this stage. To be able to lead everyone out on the first go was very commendable of Remnant Dream. Everyone had their talent; they just needed opportunities to discover them.

A boss with only 10,00HP was quickly annihilated.

The next boss was the Piercing Heart Wolf General.

The Wolf General’s nightmare was a scene of him trying to save his loved ones. He was unable to do so and could only watch as they died before his eyes.

Everyone was touched by this heart-wrenching scene, and wanted to save the two innocent children portrayed in the dream.

The Death Mines were an iconic Instance Dungeon in Dawn. Even though it was a low-level dungeon, it was complete with a perfect and realistic story line, in addition to well-designed and creative bosses. Additionally, the final Boss, Vanessa, was one of the hottest bosses in the game.

Even though it was on Difficult-Level, it would still be pretty easy for Lu Li’s party to rescue the two children within the time limit.

After exiting the tunnel, they came to an even more shocking scene.

The Wolf General boarded the Fearless Ship, holding his wife in his arms as he prepared to drown her in the sea.

If there were no hope, then destruction would take over.

This scene triggered his most painful memory. He was unsure as to whether it was the intruding Worgens or himself that killed his loved ones.

The players had to defeat him before he killed his wife.

Lonesome Flower immediately used his Silver equipment actives. Combined with Lu Li’s damage output, the mad Piercing Heart Wolf General was defeated in under 10 seconds.

The Death Mines portrayed a tragic storyline from the beginning to the end.

After passing the Wolf General’s Dream, the players would face Vanessa.

However, she wasn’t very difficult to defeat. After 20 minutes of fighting, her HP dropped below 5%.

Azure Sea Breeze was excited, because it was time to appear on TV again!