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Chapter 135: Six Silver Pieces

Chapter 135: Six Silver Pieces

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By now, everyone was physically and mentally exhausted. However, they were all filled with a feeling of indescribable excitement.

They had achieved the First Clear on the Difficult-level Death Mines!

While the other guilds were still struggling to complete the Elite difficulty, they had already pulled far ahead.

Vanessa had also been very polite; she didn’t go berserk at the end. Instead, she gracefully fell.

Unfortunately, this politeness wasn’t reciprocated at all by Lu Li and his party. They were all immersed in the prompts that were being made by the system.

System: Player Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower, March Rain and Remnant Dream have achieved the First Clear in the Death Mines (Difficult).

All Dawn players saw this, regardless of whether they were farming, PVPing or running a dungeon.

The World Announcement had been specially displayed for all to see.

While the world stared in shock, Azure Sea Breeze typed a few words into the World Announcements: “Sorry, my hand slipped and accidentally completed the dungeon!”

Hand slipped?!

What a mockery! How pretentious!

The World Announcements were empty; only his words were displayed there.

It was a good thing that he was Dawn’s number 1 guild-less Main Tank – all the large guilds were trying to entice him into joining them. Otherwise, someone would definitely have set a bounty on him.

However, Lu Li didn’t notice this at all. He only kept three channels open – the party channel, local channel and trading channel.

The City Channel, Faction Channel, Regional Channel and World Announcements were all blocked, because he felt like these were a complete waste of time.

He had blocked the World Announcements, so he was completely oblivious to what was happening.

Instead, he was completely focused on the System prompts that were appearing.

Vanessa’s 9% EXP was awarded before the EXP for clearing the Dungeon was. The difficulty level rewards were obviously very high – 13% EXP was given, on top of what they had received from killing the small monsters. He was already 47% through LV18.

The party’s lowest level member, Remnant Dream, finally reached LV18 and was now at the same level as the others.

Although they were all LV18, there was still a significant difference in EXP. There was a range of 50% EXP between the five of them.

After the EXP was awarded, the loot was dropped.

Why did Lu Li want to do the Difficult-level Instance Dungeon, when they have could have easily achieved the First Clear on the Elite Instance Dungeon instead?

All their effort had led up to this moment.

This was his top priority; when Lu Li heard the prompt to receive the loot, his heart skipped a beat.

Van Cleef’s Grip (Silver): 20 Armour, Agility+12, Strength+4, Special Effect 1: Critical Chance+5%, Special Effect 2: Sudden Thrust – instantly dash to a target within 8 feet, causing 150% Weapon Damage, Cooldown Time: 120 seconds. Level Requirement: LV15. Durability: 45/45.

Silver Gloves!

They added 12 points of Agility and 4 points of strength, for a total of 16 stat points. Levelling up only yielded 5 stat points for one to freely assign.

However, this was completely overshadowed by the two special effects.

The first was the 5% additional critical chance. For gloves, the most in-demand properties were critical chance and attack speed. This critical chance on these gloves essentially doubled their value.

The second, and the best special effect was Sudden Thrust.

Sudden Thrust could help a Thief quickly close in on a target to deal significant damage. It was one of the few, rare, mobility-enhancing special effects.

This Silver equip was definitely one of the best items out there. They wouldn’t have received anything close in comparison if they had achieved the First Clear on Elite-difficulty.

Beneath the equipment attributes, there was an inscription – ‘My daughter, may your 12th year have no worries.’

It was likely that these gloves were supposed to be given to Vanessa for her 12th birthday. This was the same year that he had been killed by the Stormwind assassins.

His 12 year old daughter didn’t grow up to be as carefree as her father would have wanted. Instead, she took this present and began her long road of vengeance.

“Is everyone looking at what you’ve got?” Lu Li looked around, curious to know what the others had received.

March Rain’s face was bright-red with excitement, as she rushed to show Lu Li her new equipment.

It was a LV15 Silver Hammer that was emerald-green and glowed with an electrifying light. It added 10 points of Intelligence and 5 points of Constitution. Although it only had one effect, this effect was incredibly powerful.

Special Effect: Divine Blessing, Instant Cast. The target gains 50% Bonus Healing Effect and the caster gains 50% damage reduction. Lasts 30 seconds, Cooldown 360 seconds.

Although the cooldown time was quite long, so was the effect duration. Even with his wealth of experience, Lu Li had rarely seen a Priest effect that lasted for this long.

The effect was also very strong – in addition to the 50% bonus healing, it also gave the Healer 50% damage reduction. In critical situations, the healer would often put themselves in dangerous positions.

With this effect, March Rain would easily be able to survive.

In fact, this weapon was good enough for March Rain to use it until she was LV30, provided that she continually upgraded her other equipment.

Remnant Dream received Silver shoes, with a very strong effect that allowed her to recover from stuns or slows. This had a cooldown of 90 seconds.

However, the little hunter was confused about the skill and was unsure as to when she would actually be able to use it. Still, she equipped the shoes, though not fully appreciating their effect.

Lonesome Flower received a Silver ring. In addition to providing 10 Intelligence and 6 Constitution, it also came with +10% Critical Chance, which would be great boost to his already fantastic offensive capabilities. Under the right circumstances, he would be able to output even more damage than Lu Li.

Azure Sea Breeze only checked his equipment after returning from the World Announcements.

Silver Breastplate!

It had high-defense, 12 bonus Constitution and two special effects. One of them was 5% bonus HP, while the other gave 10% bonus defense for 15 seconds.

Now, he could truly claim to be Dawn’s number 1 Main Tank. Even Lu Li would have a hard time killing him.

Before today, they wouldn’t have dared to say that they were stronger than the Elite teams of the large guilds. After all, those teams were the result of thousands of players’ efforts.

However, after receiving such strong, Silver equipment, Lu Li had confidence that they could easily crush those elite teams.

They weren’t even done yet; the Boss had still not been looted.

Seeing as Vannessa had been so difficult to kill, there was a good chance of her also dropping a Silver equip.

What would the sixth silver of the day be? Lu Li was very curious.