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Chapter 136: It’s Another Big Axe

Chapter 136: It’s Another Big Axe

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Remnant Dream ran over and grabbed a very large dual-handed Axe from the Boss’ corpse.

She didn’t even have the strength to pick it up and had to drag it back.

Death Striker (Silver): Damage 28-42, Strength +12, Agility +6. Special Effect: Upon hitting a target there is a chance of causing Bleed, which deals 160 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. Does not stack. Equipment Requirement: Level 15. Durability 45/45.

“Damn, its attack is so high! That can’t be right.”

Azure Sea Breeze almost choked on his own saliva.

Lu Li looked at his two Steel daggers. One had 16-24 damage, while the other had 20-28 damage. The highest damage that either of these daggers could deal was lower than the minimum damage of the axe.

Of course, apart from the usual requirements, the axe also required both hands to wield. This was one of the reasons for its high attack.

The additional 12 Strength and 6 agility, for a total of 18 bonus attribute points, were best suited for a Berserker.

The Bleed effect that Death Striker had was incredibly powerful. Once affected by Bleed, Thieves and Druids could not go into Stealth. Professions with cloth armour were likely to be taken down to half-health by the bleed alone. Even professions that used plate armor would not be able to withstand too many of ticks of Bleed.

“Moonlight has good luck.”

A weapon this good simply couldn’t be sold. Who knew whose hands it would end up in? Also, the only berserker that they were close to was Moonlight. If there was anyone they could trust, it would be him.

However, they couldn’t give it to him for free.

Despite this, no matter how much money Moonlight had, it would never match the value of this axe.

Other than the axe, there were also 2 pieces of Steel-grade equipment. There were Pants for Magic Professions and a pair of gloves for Chainmail Armor Professions. These were given to Lonesome Flower and Remnant Dream respectively. All that was now left were some skill books.

‘Ice Barrier’!

Regardless of what the name actually was, most players called this skill ‘Ice Shield’.

Currently, no Mage in Dawn had any kind of shield. However, in a few level’s time, three shields would become commonplace: Fire Shield (Fire Barrier), Magic Shield (Magic Barrier) and Ice Shield (Ice Barrier).

Although there were some other shields, these three were most commonly used. The first was a physical shield that was able to absorb a lot of physical damage. The second, as the name suggested, was mainly used to absorb spell damage. The third, which was now in the hands of Remnant Dream, could absorb both. It was a mix between the fire and magic shields.

Lonesome Flower’s hands trembled as he received this skill book.

No matter what the game was, a Mage should have a shield. Without one, they had no sense of security.

“Flower, can you not look at Lu Li like that? It’s gross,” Azure Sea Breeze commented.

“Leave me alone.” For Lonesome Flower to be harassed by him like that had already became the norm.

He immediately learned Ice Barrier. As the channeled the skill, a shield began to envelop his body.

It covered him closely, as though he were wearing a new set of clothes. It was colorless and transparent, with only a slight shimmer on its surface. Although it only seemed like a thin layer, everyone had just read the description of the skill and did not dare to underestimate its defence.

“This is a really good skill book; it’s rare that the Death Mines would drop such an advanced skill book,” Lu Li really wanted to praise the System, as today’s rewards had far exceeded his imagination.

This likely had something to do with the First Clear and Remnant Dream’s lucky hands.

After checking out all the rewards, most people would have assumed that this Instance Dungeon had no more to offer. However, Lu Li expected more.

The final Boss of a Difficult-level Instance Dungeon had a 100% chance of dropping a rare material. There was a certain probability that it would be the one he needed…

“Amber Jewel… What is this? It’s a little warm; is it a rare material?” Remnant Dream was puzzled, as she held the translucent little stone. Before she was done looking at it, Lu Li had already taken it away.

Being the base of the Stonemason Union, the Death Mines was famous for dropping rare stones. These had a wide range of uses, and could be used to craft weapons, armour, jewelry and more.

“I’ll be taking this item.”

Lu Li suppressed his rapid heartbeat and let out a long sigh.

He needed three Amber Jewels to upgrade his Supreme Ring, and now he was holding one of them in his hand. Although its drop rate was low, the player base was incredibly large. Sooner or later, the materials would be widely available, but Lu Li would now be able to upgrade his Supreme Ring a little before that happened.

He was very happy to have acquired this material.

Before leaving, Lu Li received his Bloodstained badge back from Azure Sea Breeze. He was going to fight Hornet’s Nest tonight and it would be wise to be careful.

Azure Sea Breeze and the others who had entered the Instance Dungeon from Astrana returned to Astrana. However, Lu Li had entered from the Western Wilderness, so he exited to the Western Wilderness instead.

After getting out of the Instance Dungeon, he transformed in a crow and flew away.

When the Defias Brotherhood rebelled against Stormwind city, they set up their base camp in the Western Wilderness. The Stormwind city nobles had given up this territory, so there were a huge number of Defias Bandits, Mercenaries, Militia and war refugees that had lived here .

Corpses were strewn all over the land and there were vultures circling in the sky.

These vultures were active monsters; they wouldn’t wait for a corpse. When they saw Lu Li, they quickly started heading towards him.

Fortunately, he had learned the Crow Transformation from Medivh, so he was much faster than an ordinary crow. Animal instinct was no match was human wisdom, and Lu Li flew past them without any worries.

Only suicidal people would walk through the Western Wilderness. It was filled with LV25 Sand Poison Scorpions that had high speed, high damage and poisonous attacks.

In the face of all these Scorpions crawling around on the ground, Lu Li’s Stealth was practically useless.

Once he was caught between a few of these, there was no guarantee that he would be able to escape.

In order to avoid this danger, he chose to fly instead.

Lu Li’s goal was Gabriel Cresso – an injured man lying on the barren hills in the northernmost part of the Western Wilderness.

According to an article that Lu Li had read in his past life, Gabriel Cresso was an Officer of Stormwind that would assign a quest. This quest awarded a skill book called ‘Demoralizing Shout. This skill was exclusively for Defence Warriors; it reduced the damage of surrounding monsters by 20%. It could be considered a damage-reduction spell, especially when used with area of effect taunts.

Azure Sea Breeze actually already had quite a few damage-reduction effects – there was his Shield Wall, his shield’s effect and his breastplate’s effect. That was no problem however – there wasn’t a single team that would complain about a Main Tank with too many defensive skills.