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Chapter 141: Hornet’s Nest

Chapter 141: Hornet’s Nest

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It was like this last time as well. Moonlight used his Charge completely differently to the novices of the Imperial Secret Service. After all, those people had a very shallow understanding of Dawn. They would spend a second or so to get into posture. By that time, their target would long be gone.

After being stunned, Lu Li did not panic, but patiently waited.

With his top-grade Silver equipment, Moonlight had incredibly high Attack. A single skill could deal around 200 damage to Lu Li.

Lu Li was hit 3 times in the 2 seconds that he was stunned for, and Moonlight was even able to trigger the Special Effect on his weapon.

Special Effect: Hitting a target has a chance of causing them to Bleed, dealing 160 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. Cannot be stacked.

He’s done for! Moonlight couldn’t resist using his Ultimate Skill.


Lu Li exhaled and used his Gloves’ Special Effect.

VanCleef’s Grip (Silver): 20 Armour, Agility+12, Strength+4, Special Effect 1: Critical Chance+5%. Special Effect 2: Sudden Thrust: instantly dash to a target within 8 feet, causing 150% Weapon Damage, Cooldown Time: 120 seconds. Level Requirement: LV15. Durability: 45/45.

Sudden Thrust was similar to Charge. It had shorter range, but was much more versatile, as it did not require the user to assume a certain posture. Moreover, the user had no control over themselves once the skill was used.

Lu Li launched himself to the side as soon as began to dash, which caused him to change direction.

If his target was Moonlight, this skill would have failed. Luckily, it wasn’t!

Lu Li turned into a blur as he shot past Moonlight.

395. That was how much HP he still had after escaping from Whirlwind. He had almost been reduced to Critical HP in an instant.

After using Shadowmeld and Stealth, Lu Li once again disappeared from Moonlight’s vision.

Moonlight bitterly smiled and cancelled Whirlwind.

“Alright, let’s stop there. You’ve won.”

“I’m fine with that,” Lu Li said as he cancelled his Stealth and appeared in front of Moonlight, sitting cross-legged. His voice was filled with confidence; after all, he hadn’t even used Vanish and was preparing to cast Cheap Shot. He also had the Special Effect from the Shadow Cloak, so even though he didn’t have much HP left, he was sure that he could have killed Moonlight.

If he used the Shadow Cloak’s Special Effect to instantly appear behind Moonlight and cast Cheap shot, then used some basic attacks, Moonlight would have been killed in an instant.

Even if something unexpected happened, he could still rely on Vanish.

“You’re way too calm,” Moonlight sighed. As an expert Warrior, he felt quite depressed about repeatedly losing to a Thief.

In a direct confrontation, Lu Li would never be able to beat a Berserker, no matter how good his equipment was. However, Lu Li was incredibly calm, which allowed him to always find good opportunities.

If he wasn’t calm, he wouldn’t have remained in Stealth for such a long time, which gave him the opportunity to attack.

If he wasn’t calm, Lu Li wouldn’t have used his normal attacks after initially stunning Moonlight, which saved the skills he needed to continue stunning him.

If he wasn’t calm, he wouldn’t have waited for Moonlight to use his Ultimate Skill before escaping.

This sort of calmness could be fatal.

Moonlight had given this fight his all, yet Lu Li had seen through all of his attacks. After fighting Lu Li, Moonlight always felt frustrated.

Moonlight was originally worried that Lu Li wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight against Hornet’s Nest, but those worries had been dispelled. At the very least, Lu Li was at the same level as Hornet’s Nest.

As they exited from the Arena, they saw Hornet’s Nest at the entrance.

“Ah, you guys…”

“We just fought. I lost.”

Moonlight did not feel embarrassed, as he straightforwardly said what had just happened.

“Goddamn. You’re kidding me, right?” Hornet’s Nest felt quite sullen.

Of course, this wasn’t because Moonlight had lost, but because he felt that Lu Li wasn’t taking him seriously.

In order to prepare for this battle, Hornet’s Nest hadn’t fought with anyone the entire day. He had trained with his team in the morning, levelling up to LV17, and had repeatedly watched Lu Li’s PVP battles. He had even napped for 2 hours to ensure that he was at his peak condition.

And what had Lu Li done?!

He had obtained the First Clear for the Moon Creek Prison in the morning, as well as the First Clear for the Death Mines at the Difficult level.

The First Clear for the Difficult-level Death Mines!

Hornet’s Nest’s Seventh Heaven had sent hundreds of teams into the Elite-level Death Mines, but not a single one of them had succeeded. And yet, Lu Li had cleared the Difficult level?

Even if Hornet’s Nest let that go, there was still another thing.

He had fought with a Warrior right before their fight?!

This was simply contempt!

This was simply humiliation!

“Calm down, calm down, I need to stay calm,” he thought.

Hornet’s Nest, who had spent a few hours calming himself prior to this, started to bubble up with rage.

“Hello, ready to fight?” Lu Li asked, as he looked at Hornet’s Nest’s equipment. His gaze suddenly became serious.

LV15 Steel grade Equipment Set!

Although it was only a 3-piece Equipment Set, it had the Demon’s Eyes skill. Once this skill was activated, it gave a probability of seeing objects and people in Stealth.

Lu Li didn’t have any equipment or skills that strengthened his Stealth, so if Hornet’s Nest used this skill, he would definitely be able to see him.

Although Lu Li was shocked, his expression still remained calm.

What he didn’t know was that his calmness only angered Hornet’s Nest even more.

“You just fought with a friggin’ Warrior, but you’re not even going to rest before fighting me? Don’t kid around with me!!”

Hornet’s Nest was nicknamed ‘One Poke One Explosion’. He was not a very calm person, and although he wasn’t extremely arrogant, he still had his pride. Being looked down on like this completely infuriated him.

“Alright, alright, we’ll start now. We’ll see what right you have to be so arrogant!”

Moonlight opened his mouth, wanting to explain, but he didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t want Lu Li to lose; after all, Lu Li was a true friend to him. However, he also hoped that Hornet’s Nest would teach Lu Li a lesson.

His extremely calm attitude was simply too despicable.

Lu Li didn’t know why Hornet’s Nest looked so angry. He was completely focused on the skill from Hornet’s Nest’s equipment. After confirming that they could start, he gave Hornet’s Nest the room number and password.

The two players disappeared and were sent to the Battle Room.

It was also a random map and was an expanse of ruins.

This kind of map was advantageous for Thieves, as it made it easier to use Stealth. However, because Hornet’s Nest had the Demon’s Eyes, Lu Li could only physically hide.

After Hornet’s Nest entered the Battle Room, he summoned his pet – a rare Succubus.

The Succubus was incredibly pretty and had a curvaceous figure that was clad in sexy lingerie. It exuded a pure, yet flirtatious air, and was holding a whip that it used to gently strike the ground.

A rare Succubus and Demon’s Eyes…

Lu Li squatted a distance away, as he thought of how to take down this Warlock.