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Chapter 142: Evenly Matched

Chapter 142: Evenly Matched

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Lu Li wanted some time to think, but Hornet’s Nest’s fury had reached its peak. After summoning the Succubus, he immediately activated Demon’s Eyes.

You’re going to regret it when I catch you!

Lu Li saw this through a crack in the wall and immediately entered into Stealth.

It was easy to tell when someone was using the Demon’s Eyes. The user’s eyes would turn completely black with cracks around the edges, making them look like a demon from hell.

Hornet’s Nest quickly moved around with the activated Demon’s Eyes, trying to find Lu Li as quickly as possible.

As an expert, he usually wouldn’t be in such a rush. He would at least be able to maintain his composure. However, he had been pushed too far. If Moonlight was there, he would have noticed that there was something different about Hornet’s Nest.

Demon’s Eyes lasted for 30 seconds and had a Cooldown Time of 2 minutes. The 30 seconds quickly passed and Hornet’s Nest’s eyes returned to normal.

Lu Li tiptoed out from behind a wall and carefully crept towards Hornet’s Nest. Warlocks had very high Detection, so Hornet’s Nest soon felt that Lu Li was close. However, he couldn’t tell exactly how close he was.

The feeling of not knowing the location of one’s enemy was quite uncomfortable. Hornet’s Nest gradually calmed down, regretting that he had used his trump card so early. He could only order his Succubus to stand behind him. If Lu Li attacked, the Succubus would immediately counterattack.


That was the sound of a Dagger stabbing into flesh. Hornet’s Nest’s heart leapt, but he didn’t feel himself being attacked.

Crap, Succubus!

Hornet’s Nest quickly turned around, and saw Lu Li furiously attacking his sexy Succubus.

Succubi were fairly balanced pets. They had average Attack and Defence, and their main use was their Crowd Control skills. The Succubus that Hornet’s Nest had was fairly rare – not only did it have a Fear skill and a Charm skill, but it also had a Confusion skill, which most Succubi didn’t have.

People with low resistances who were affected by Confusion would become like headless flies, while people with high resistances would lose much of their accuracy when attacking.

Hornet’s Nest’s Succubus also had 2 debuffs – one that lowered Magic Resistance and one that applied continuous damage.

It was just a pet, but it had 5 skills. It was simply overpowered.

If Lu Li attacked Hornet’s Nest, it would be impossible for him to kill Hornet’s Nest within 5 seconds, no matter how high his Attack was. In those 5 seconds, the Succubus would have enough time to use at least 2 skills on him. Once Hornet’s Nest started attacking him as well, he would be finished.

As soon as Hornet’s Nest realised that Lu Li was attacking his Succubus, he immediately used Fear.

Of course, Lu Li couldn’t just ignore Hornet’s Nest. Warlocks had a range of Crowd Control skills and Lu Li saw a mass of black light flying towards him incredibly quickly. He bided his time and activated Shadow Cloak just as it was about to hit him.

Shadow Cloak: Instant Cast, Cooldown Time: 90 seconds. Gives magic immunity for a short period of time and cancels out all magic debuffs. While active, nullifies all magic debuffs. Lasts for 3 seconds. Level: 1/5.

Warlocks had many Crowd Control skills, but they were all magic debuffs. With the Shadow Cloak, Lu Li didn’t have to worry about Crowd Control skills for 3 seconds.

In order to give himself more time to attack, Lu Li didn’t use his Sap at the beginning.

Most Thieves would have chosen to use Sap to stun the Warlock, then attack his pet.

However, Lu Li knew that Dwarves had a Racial Passive called Stoneform which could cancel out stun effects.

Most races had similar Racial Passives. Night Elves had Shadowmeld, which allowed them to dodge 1 attack and disengage from battle, while the Gnomes’ Escape Artist allowed them to nullify Slows…

If Lu Li used Sap, Hornet’s Nest could immediately use Stoneform to cancel out the stun, then counterattack. This would mean that he would have less time to attack. When facing off against experts, every second counted.

As such, Lu Li decided to first attack the Succubus. Adding on the time it took Hornet’s Nest to react and cast Fear to the 3 seconds of magic immunity the Shadow Cloak gave, Lu Li had 5 seconds to attack.

If Lu Li couldn’t kill a Succubus in 5 seconds, he might as well surrender.

Lu Li’s Ultimate Skill, Backhand Backstab struck the Succubus’ exposed back and with a seductive “Ah~”, it fell to the ground. Lu Li had successfully killed off the Succubus!

In this entire process, Hornet’s Nest had been desperately attacking Lu Li, causing a massive amount of damage. However, he knew that he had taken the short end of the stick as soon as he found out that his Crowd Control skills had no effect on Lu Li.

In 3 seconds, Lu Li lost a quarter of his HP!


Hornet’s Nest could only watch as Lu Li disappeared into the shadows.

Shadow Cloak Special Effect!

Lu Li instantly appeared behind Hornet’s Nest and used Cheap Shot, stunning him for 4 seconds!

After this, he used a high Skill Completion Backstab, which added on an Armour pierce effect. Hornet’s Nest hurriedly activated Stoneform, cancelling out the stun.

Lu Li had been waiting for him to use his Racial Passive and immediately used Shadowstrike. Keep standing still for me.

The stun didn’t last for too long; he was only able to use 2 normal attacks.

After recovering from the stun, Hornet’s Nest softly chanted, and a black line that stretched out from his feet appeared on the ground. His body blurred and glided 6 feet along the line, which put some distance between himself and Lu Li.

This Hornet’s Nest was quite the guy. Warlocks normally only acquired this skill at LV30, and yet he had it already.

Sudden Thrust!

Lu Li had used this Special Effect in his fight against Moonlight to escape.

This time, he used it to chase. Just as Hornet’s Nest stopped moving, he felt a sharp pain in his back. Lu Li had already caught up.

Hornet’s Nest raised his head, opened his mouth wide and deeply breathed in.

This wasn’t a lion’s roar, but the Warlock’s Howl of Terror.

Howl of Terror: 1 Second Cast Time, Cooldown Time: 90 seconds. Lets out a howl, causing 5 enemies within 3 feet to run in fear, disorientating them for 5 seconds. Dealing any damage to the targets will cancel out the effects.

As long as Hornet’s Nest could Fear Lu Li, he would have time to summon his Succubus again. Now that he was prepared, he definitely wouldn’t allow Lu Li to kill his Succubus again.


Lu Li savagely kicked Hornet’s Nest’s abdomen.

Hornet’s Nest’s Howl of Terror was instantly cut short. After a skill was cancelled by Kick, it would not be usable for another 5 seconds.

Lu Li activated his Boots’ Special Effect and turned into a blur as he ran around Hornet’s Nest, not giving him a single opportunity to cast magic. This was the first time that Hornet’s Nest had seen such footwork, and he immediately knew that he was in a bad situation.