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Chapter 143: Experience

Chapter 143: Experience

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Dawn wasn’t like those old games, where one wrong move would cause a collision.

Apart from having a high Movement Speed, Lu Li’s vision and control were also important.

Against a Thief who was attacking at a close distance, and especially one that could achieve high Skill Completion, Hornet’s Nest quickly fell.

The Demon’s Eyes did not help at all, while his rare Succubus had been killed right at the beginning of the battle. Hornet’s Nest found it hard to accept this defeat.

He felt that he had lost because his emotions were out of control. If they were to fight on even grounds, it would be difficult to say who would win.

However, one’s emotions were quite important in PVP battles. This was especially exemplified in Dawn, where equipment wasn’t as important.

Lu Li didn’t win the battle because of his luck, but because of his skill and judgement.


After leaving the Arena, Hornet’s Nest once again challenged Lu Li.

“Sorry, but I’m tired. Maybe next time,” Lu Li apologetically replied.

Seeing that Lu Li had spent quite a bit of energy and effort to defeat him, Hornet’s Nest felt a bit better.

However, what came next made him feel even worse.

Hornet’s Nest, Hornet’s Nest, look how low you’ve fallen.

After receiving the 100 gold coins from Hornet’s Nest, Lu Li said goodbye to him and Moonlight, then logged off. Right before logging off, he put most of the hundreds of gold coins he had into the Trade Platform, leaving a few for himself to use.

After a night of sleep, Lu Li woke up early in the morning to drag his reluctant little sister out.

“Big brother, can we not go? I’m completely fine – look, I’m strong as an ox,” the little girl said, as she patted her fairly flat chest.

This was the first time that Lu Li and his little sister had gone for a medical check-up. They never had the money required to do so before.

Lu Xin felt very nervous, thinking that her big brother was selling her off.

Lu Li had been working hard for this day, ever since he had experienced ‘rebirth’ a few weeks ago. How could they not go? In order to make his little sister feel better, he decided to splurge a bit, and called a taxi instead of going on the bus.

Despite the economic advances, public transport had not become less popular, but was instead being used by more and more people. In the past 200 years, the government had denounced the use of private cars and promoted environmentally-friendly transport. However, because magnetic hovercars were not easily affordable yet, most people could only choose to squeeze together on public transport.

Taking a taxi was quite expensive – a journey to the City Hospital costed a minimum of $600.

Lu Xin never thought that she would be able to ride in such a vehicle. As she leaned into her big brother’s embrace, her frowning disappeared. She no longer felt nervous about going to the hospital.

Lu Li softly told his little sister some of the things that had happened in the game.

In reality, he was much more nervous than Lu Xin. He tightly hugged her, feeling worried that he would lose her.

“Big brother, I miss my old room. Last night I dreamt that we moved back to our old place and saw Uncle Zhao and Aunty Zhao. They gave me a handful of lollies, but I didn’t get to eat them before I woke up,” the little girl said.

Although it was quite a run-down place that had left them with some unpleasant memories, it was still the place that they had grown up in.

“We’re not going to move back,” Lu Li said resolutely. He paused for a second, then patted his little sister’s head.

In the silence, Lu Xin quietly asked, “Well, work hard then, big brother. Can we buy our own house sometime? It doesn’t matter if it’s smaller than our old place.”

“Why do you want to move out? Don’t Huan Huan and the others treat you quite well?” Lu Li asked in confusion. Could it be that the three landlords had been secretly bullying her this whole time?

“They treat me well, but in the end, it’s not our home,” Lu Xin replied.

“Alright, when big brother has earned enough money, I’ll buy a big house for Xin Xin, and we’ll fill it up with lollies that Xin Xin likes to eat,” Lu Li lovingly said as he smiled.

By the time they had arrived at the hospital, Lu Xin’s legs had weakened. She had to be carried in by Lu Li.

Lu Li didn’t know if his little sister’s illness could be detected so early on, so he asked the doctor to do a full check-up. The hospital never stopped patrons from spending money, so if they asked for one, the hospital was more than willing.

They had to a wait a few days for the report, so Lu Li sent his little sister to school.

‘Let’s hope the checkup was of use. If we can detect it earlier, there’ll be more hope,’ he thought.

Lu Li bitterly laughed. He was probably the only person in the world who hoped that the medical report of someone they loved would show something wrong.

After getting home and entering the game, Lu Li was immediately met with shouting from Azure Sea Breeze.

“The game’s updating today! Why are you so late?!”

“Sorry, I had some things to take care of in real life.”

Lu Li checked his account, and saw that he now had over $1 million in it, which cheered him up a bit. At least this time, he wouldn’t be completely broke when he found out about his little sister’s illness. Moreover, he would have to work even harder in the future.

“Did something happen to your little sister?” Azure Sea Breeze stopped complaining and asked, noticing that Lu Li’s tone sounded quite serious.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it. What’s up?”

As usual, Lu Li went to the Exchange Hall to see if there were any rare materials that he needed. Everyone was getting better equipment, so the earlier he upgraded his Supreme One Ring, the more advantageous it would be for him.

It was a pity that the rare materials that were available were incredibly expensive. Some couldn’t even be bought with money.

“Wandering demands to meet you. Otherwise, he’s not willing to join,” Azure Sea Breeze said, then paused and continued, “Sesame Rice Ball also came and wants to see you. It turns out you were right – he really did leave Seventh Heaven.”

For someone like him, leaving a guild wasn’t a small matter. The whole forum was filled with discussions about the system update, Dancing Flower Beauty and Sesame Rice Ball.

Some of the threads claimed that Dancing Flower Beauty would be offered a $5 million contract to become a representative for China’s Magnetic Hovercar Company.

However, most people simply didn’t believe this. Although the Magnetic Hovercar Company was rich, they had never been willing to spend money on a movie star to become a representative. Why would they spend $5 million on a girl who just played a game?

The discussion about Sesame Rice Ball, on the other hand, was about him leaving the guild.

Seventh Heaven produced excellent Warlocks, and Sesame Rice Ball considered to be the best in the guild. For players who weren’t very familiar with the PVP world, Sesame Rice Ball was even more famous than Hornet’s Nest.

In order to leave Seventh Heaven, he had actually paid the $300,000 penalty.

Moreover, it was possible that he could be hunted down by the Seventh Heaven’s Assassination Team.

Everyone wondered what could have caused such a famous PVE player to do such a thing.