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Chapter 145: Two New Members

Chapter 145: Two New Members

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After exiting from the chat room, Lu Li rubbed his head and cut off Azure Sea Breeze.

“Sesame Rice Ball’s matter is pretty much concluded, so don’t worry. At the very least, the Seventh Heaven won’t openly make things difficult for him.”

“Ah, Why? What happened?” Azure Sea Breeze choked.

“I’ll tell you when we’re there.”

Lu Li ended the conversation, not wanting to hear anymore from him.

After the 3rd system update, a large influx of players had joined the game. However, the population of Astrana had somehow decreased by a significant amount.

When new players joined, the game decided to increase the benefits in the Novice Village to help and encourage them. Many higher-level players also returned to Novice Village for the benefits.

Established guilds took this opportunity to bring in new members, so that they could increase their population and their fame. The Instance-Dungeon-Pioneering Guilds, however, continued onwards and advanced into further dungeons.

After the 1st update, Asian Server had more than 10,000 players. This rose to more than a few millions in the 2nd update, and after the 3rd update, the population had skyrocketed to more than a hundred million.

The top players had all come from this group of new beginners.

After the system update, many new shops opened in Astrana, which made the game even more realistic.

Tuesday Jewellery Shop entered Dawn and offered a 20% discount on accessories both in and outside of the game.

‘Versace Equipment Shop: Best Designs with the Best Stats’ were advertising for a product spokesperson in game who had to be within the top 100 of the Level Rankings.

‘The luxurious Four Season Hotel, wishing to provide you the best accommodation in Dawn.’

The Four Season Hotel was where they planned to meet up. Lu Li saw the LED advertisement above him and let out a sigh. The possibilities of the Dawn were limitless; he already knew that the game would become more ridiculous and extravagant.

Some people had even built a zoo, which featured different animals and monsters inside the game.

“How many people sir?” the waiter politely asked. It was obvious that he was well-trained and professional.

“I’m with someone. Room number 7.”

Lu Li thanked him and walked confidently into Room 7.

The design of the room was quite simple and had a medieval feel to it.

There were many people inside. The regulars were all here, but there were two that Lu Li did not recognize.

One was a very handsome Paladin. It was too bad that he was a guy.

His name was Wandering and he was a friend of Azure Sea Breeze, even though he didn’t want to be associated with him.

Wandering was a lazy and arrogant person. When Lu Li entered the room, he remained sitting on the wooden chair and ignored him.

Other than the fact that he was slightly above average in terms of skills and intelligence, he was basically just an arrogant, narcissistic drunk.

The other person was much more normal. Upon seeing Lu Li, he hastily got up and greeted him. He was a small and average looking guy, just like Lu Li had imagined.

“Sesame Rice Ball, right? Hello.”

Lu Li extended his arms to greet him and said, “Come join the Mercenary Group. I’ve taken care of things with the Seventh Heaven.”

Azure Sea Breeze had already expected this. Remnant Dream and March Rain also had faith in him. Lonesome Flower didn’t even care. Only Wandering was shocked upon hearing the news.

“How did you take care of them by yourself?!”

Wandering knew about Sesame Rice Ball’s situation and was confused as to what had happened.

Seventh Heaven would never let the strongest Warlock in their guild leave so easily. Wouldn’t they seek revenge?

Perhaps because of Internet Security, Seventh Heaven wouldn’t bring things into real life. However, they could easily hire someone to constantly follow and kill whoever messed with them in the game.

Lu Li did not address his question, but extended his arms out to greet him.

“Hello, pretty lady.”

“Goddamn you!” Good-looking and narcissistic men were all very sensitive to being called ‘pretty lady’, because they were worried that they would never be able to find a girl who looked better than themselves.

He didn’t care if others called him good looking. It was only being called a ‘pretty lady’ that really triggered him.

“Sea Breeze, I thought that the people that you recommend were all reliable. How come this guy is a sissy?” Lu Li’s insult was not directed towards Wandering, but was actually meant to annoy Azure Sea Breeze.

“Ohhh, so it was you that wanted to me to join. Have you forgiven me?” Wandering asked teasingly. He was smart enough to know that Lu Li was joking about calling him a sissy and was more surprised about the fact that Azure Sea Breeze had recommended him.

“Lu Li, I’m strongly against him joining. I don’t get along with him at all. What if I accidentally chop him in half one day?”

Azure Sea Breeze stood up as he took out his one-handed axe.

“What do you guys have against each another?”

Lu Li already knew the answer to question, but he asked anyway. Sometimes, conflict could be solved by talking it out.

“None of your business. I just don’t want to see him,” Azure Sea Breeze said weakly, unwilling to settle their differences.

“Yo, get over yourself.”

Wandering didn’t have a good temper either. He slammed his cup onto the table and pointed at Azure Sea Breeze, shouting, “Goddamit, it was the girl that dumped you. It had nothing to do with me. It’s not like I seduced her and stole her away from you.”

“Who else is there to blame? It was your fault that you always smiled at her so lewdly. We wouldn’t have broken up if it weren’t for you.”

Azure Sea Breeze smashed his axe onto the table and prepared to settle things with Wandering.

Lu Li found a stool and decided to watch the drama unfold.

Remnant Dream whispered to March Rain, narrating a love triangle drama that involved blood, tears and murder to her.

Lonesome Flower death-stared Remnant Dream and pulled her aside.

“I went to look for Hornet Nest before. Your troubles are somewhat resolved for now.”

Lu Li added Sesame Rice Ball to his friends and privately messaged him.

“Hornet Nest!” Sesame Rice Ball was surprised. “Can you tell me how you solved it?” he asked.

It was true that Hornet’s Nest was considered the No.1 Warlock in game. However, he specialized in PVE.

“I will fight him tonight. The deal was that if I win, they would stop bothering you,” Lu Li said casually.

“This is what you called resolved?!” Sesame Rice Ball thought that Lu Li was crazy.

“If I could beat him yesterday, I can beat him today,” Lu Li said confidently.