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Chapter 146: Making the Mercenary Group like Home

Chapter 146: Making the Mercenary Group like Home

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Sesame Rice Ball fell silent.

He wasn’t very fond of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

Mercenary Groups could not level up and it did not have the benefits of a Guild. No one in their right mind would prefer a Mercenary Group over a Guild.

In a multiplayer game as big as Dawn, battles and wars would involve millions of players.

What could a small Mercenary Group do against millions of people?

Everyone had ambitions and dreams to be the best. Sesame Rice Ball’s ambition was to be an extremely well-known player in the game.

However, because he was from Seventh Heaven, no other guilds had reached out for him to join.

Small guilds wouldn’t even think about it, while the bigger guilds were worried about potentially offending Seventh Heaven.

Xin Xin Mercenary Group was the first to send him an invitation.

If it weren’t for the invitation coming from Azure Sea Breeze, who was the number one main tank in Dawn, Sesame Rice Ball wouldn’t even have considered joining the group.

And now, for the sake of assuring Sesame Rice Ball, Lu Li was willing to fight Hornet’s Nest.

He suddenly felt a sense of warmth and recognition from the others and began thinking that maybe joining the group wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

“Fine, I’ll join the Mercenary Group, just for tonight...”

“From now on we’ll just call you Rice Ball. You don’t have to worry about the fight tonight. I am quite confident.”

Lu Li had defeated Hornet’s Nest without any background information about him. With the extra experience from last time, it would be embarrassing for him to lose.

Lu Li’s confidence was almost contagious; Sesame Rice Ball began feeling reassured and calm.

“Are you guys done fighting?!” Lu Li interrupted.

“It’s either me or him,” Azure Sea Breeze declared.

“Have you not heard of the phrase ‘bros before hoes’? Is that too difficult for you to understand?” Lu Li thought that it was pointless to continue arguing. Besides, he was in a hurry to complete his profession upgrade.

“Goddamit, easy for you to say. This is the 7th time that this guy has ruined my relationship. How would you feel if the same thing happened every time?” Azure Sea Breeze asked, almost tearing up.

“…I guess I can’t empathize.” Lu Li was speechless.

“That’s because you’re ugly. Haha, if only you were as good-looking as I am, you wouldn’t have been dumped so many times. Stop wasting your time on girls that don’t love you back.”

Wandering’s sharp and clever comments made Azure Sea Breeze see red.

In reality, he knew he was being unreasonable, but he just didn’t want to admit it.

Azure Sea Breeze was actually quite decent looking himself. Despite this, ever since he was little, all the girls he had dated had fell for Wandering’s charming looks.

He wanted a normal life, so he considered cutting contact from Wandering. However, he was stuck with him all the way from kindergarten to university, and now even in games.

“Alright, we’ll solve this later, Sea Breeze,” Lu Li said.

“You’ll find the one that’ll love you and cherish you for who you are one day.”

Maybe one day…

Azure Sea Breeze had nothing else to say.

“Let’s talk business then; how much is the monthly pay?” Wandering wanted to the get formalities out of the way.

“There’s no set pay, but gear is evenly distributed. Whoever needs the gear can take it. If no one needs it, then it is sold for gold and shared equally among everyone,” Lu Li said honestly.

“Sea Breeze you bastard. This group is such a joke. I thought a team that had taken so many First Clears would be more awesome,” Wandering said to Azure Sea Breeze, who was still mad and ignored him.

“If you have any suggestions, you can bring them up.”

Lu Li knew the value that Wandering brought to the team and asked him sincerely.

“I thought my bro was the team leader,” Wandering muttered.

Anyone could tell that the heart and soul of this Mercenary Group was Lu Li.

“He is the team leader. Normally, I don’t care too much and play the game solo most of the time,” Lu Li explained and continued, “I only take the rare materials from Instance Dungeons; everything else is split amongst everyone.”

“What do you do with the rare materials?” Wandering was surprised.

“The gear in the later levels all require rare materials. Storing them now would be beneficial in the future,” Lu Li replied.

“How much rare material have you stored up?” Wandering initially thought that the Mercenary Group was meaningless. However, after hearing their insights and future plans, he realised that they were more than just a bunch of idiots.

“Twenty-seven rare materials all together. We have a large variety and haven’t sold any.”

Lu Li always notified his team mates when he needed to use the rare materials.


Wandering was stunned by this number.

Not all bosses dropped rare materials. Even though Wild bosses had a higher chance of dropping rare materials, it was difficult to them loot before other people.

Most of the big guilds probably didn’t even have that many.

“Wait, those materials belong to Lu Li and have nothing to do with me,” Azure Sea Breeze interrupted.

“I said it was for everyone.”

Lu Li wasn’t planning on taking them all for himself. Even though he contributed the most in obtaining these rare materials, he still couldn’t have done it alone.

Camaraderie was the most important thing in a team. Lu Li had to make sure that everyone received the same benefits.

“The materials have nothing to do with us.”

Lonesome Flower wasn’t very fond of Wandering either and said, “We couldn’t have completed the Instance Dungeons without Lu Li, so we’re content with EXP and equipment as rewards. Receiving rare materials as well is just asking too much.”

Wandering didn’t feel bad at all and said excitedly, “If Lu Li contributed the most in these Instance Dungeons, then I’m guessing that Lu Li is an Instance Dungeon expert.”

“Older brother Lu Li is the best; there is no Instance Dungeon that’s too hard for us!” Remnant Dream backed up Lu Li.

“It’s great that we have an Instance Dungeon expert, but the way you guys split the rewards is too unfair. How is everyone else supposed to make money?” Wandering inquired as touched his face. “Don’t think of me as a greedy guy, but you guys aren’t looking at the bigger picture.”

“Stop pretending,” Azure Sea Breeze said casually.

“Multiplayer games have more and more opportunities to make money. A reasonable and fair reward system based on performance promotes the production of all team members. I can’t believe you guys split the rewards equally. It’s just unfair,” Wandering said.

Azure Sea Breeze went silent. He had also mentioned that splitting the rewards evenly was unfair. However, he couldn’t come up with a way that would make everyone happy.

“There are many opportunities to make money. This Mercenary Group is not like those cold-hearted companies that take advantage of their employees. Rather, I want us to be more like family and friends.”

Lu Li shook his head, disagreeing with Wandering. However, he knew deep down that Wandering was right.