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Chapter 147: Madman’s Quest

Chapter 147: Madman’s Quest

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“A home, huh. Haha…” Wandering was habitually about to lash out, but he held back. He had been moved by what Lu Li had said.

He didn’t have much ambition, unlike the high school players such as Sesame Rice Ball. He, like Azure Sea Breeze, was facing graduation, but wasn’t looking around for a job.

He just wanted an easy life, where he didn’t need to worry about money.

“It’s not like you won’t make money either; I’ve already made over 100,000. You can make more money with us than if you spent your entire life working.”

Azure Sea Breeze had already been with Lu Li for a long time. He was currently carrying 300-400 gold and had followed Lu Li’s instruction to exchange it before the system update. This gave him exactly 100,000 dollars.

Those searched for internships could only make two to three thousand dollars a month. They also needed to spend some of that for rent and food to get by.

“Our university fees can already be paid,” Remnant Dream said as she wrinkled her nose in satisfaction.

When her mother saw the huge sum of money in her account, she nearly called the police. She thought that Remnant Dream had sold herself to make that money.

Remnant Dream had benefitted the most out of this group. Her equipment set was considered to be one of the best in the game, her level was higher than most tycoons and she had even made tens of thousands of dollars.

Lu Li took good care of his core party members. He usually never took any of the monetary earnings, bought the supplies, and sometimes would even buy good equipment or recipes them.

It was all supposedly a repayment!

He had borrowed money from them for the Snake Trust Grass business at the start of the year. At the time, everyone had happily given him the money as a gift. He had not only paid them back, but still also continued to give them compensation.

Other than Remnant Dream and Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower and his sister had also made a lot of money.

Sesame Rice Ball’s head was lowered and his pride was shattered.

Even this little girl had made so much money already. He was Seventh Heaven’s number on Warlock. For the sake of building him up, they had spent ten to twenty thousand dollars on him. Even so, he hadn’t been able to earn even a dime to make ends meet.

“Lu Li, I’m really curious to know how much you’ve earned. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to though.”

Wandering had been hit hard today but he was too curious to not ask.

“One million.”

Lu Li was hesitant, but answered anyway.

“What?!” Not only did this shock the newcomers, it also startled the original members. Azure Sea Breeze’s $100,000 was already an eye-opener, but Lu Li’s $1 million was something else entirely.

The others didn’t feel jealous; they instead knew that their future was going to be even better. Lu Li wasn’t someone who would enjoy all of his earnings by himself.

“Alright, I won’t ask for much. If I can make $20,000 a month, I’ll be content.”

Wandering didn’t probe much further in fear that they might not want to accept him into the group.

Azure Sea Breeze accepted Sesame Rice Ball into the group first, before contemptuously accepting Wandering.

“Like you said, you’ll get your $20,000 per month. You will now live a life with a month salary of $20,000.”

“Get out of here. We’ll talk about the future some other time. We now have seven people, but we need three more to attempt the Howling Caves,” Wandering said.

“Do you have any good candidates?” Lu Li asked.

“Wait a minute,” Remnant Dream interrupted and weakly asked, “Can I recommend someone?”

“Uh….” Lu Li didn’t dare to accept too easily.

Having one rookie was enough. Remnant Dream was strong – she had a party buff, a high damage pet and good equipment. She could output higher DPS than the average members of an elite team.

However, if they got another rookie, the later Instance Dungeons would be very difficult.

Instance Dungeons demanded teamwork, which was difficult with too many rookies.

“Dreamy, you better not compromise our group,” Azure Sea Breeze said bitterly, ready to dismiss her.

“Nooo, Hachi Chan is much stronger than I am. She has three Silver equips.”

The moment that she said this, Remnant Dream covered her mouth. Her good friend had told her a million times not to tell anyone that.

“Three silvers?!” The other players didn’t dare believe it. Azure Sea Breeze had one, Lonesome Flower had two, March Rain had one, Sesame Rice Ball had one and Wandering had none.

“Hachi Chan…” Lu Li wasn’t surprised at the three Silver equipment, but at the familiarity of the name.

In his previous life, he had really enjoyed reading strategy guides. Of the strategy guides that were worth reading, Hachi Chan had authored many of them.

She was a mysterious girl who enjoyed and would accept any kind of quest. However, she was a little crazy about it – she would travel for many days just to do a small quest.

What was staggering was her luck; she was able to receive many quests in the course of a few days. She even received a number of hidden quests.

Hachi Chan then slowly became popular on the forums, as she enjoyed writing strategy guides and was happy to share them with everyone.

For her, obtaining the three silvers wouldn’t have been impossible. Lu Li guessed that she had probably ended up doing some chain Quests. These kinds of quests were boring, requiring patience and luck to complete.

She was clearly not lacking in these two areas.

“Alright, seeing as she is your friend, you can invite her directly.”

Lu Li nodded and promised to add her to the group.

Hachi Chan was a Druid. She could heal, restore mana and also had decent strength.

It didn’t really matter if the party was a little disorganized. Having Remnant Dream already made things a little chaotic, so adding Hachi Chan probably wouldn’t change too much.

“Big brother Lu Li, you’re great. My friend will not disappoint you.”

Wandering and Rice Ball had just joined so they didn’t really have a say. The others didn’t have an opinion on it either. Regardless, Remnant Dream had already happily reported this decision to her friend.

“Does anyone else have any friends?” Lu Li asked.

He couldn’t show favoritism; he didn’t want to specifically only recruit experts anyway. If someone had a reliable friend, they could be invited to the group.

Everyone looked at each other before shaking their heads. Even if they did have a good friend, they would need to make sure that he/she was suitable for the Xin Xin Mercernary Group. Lu Li’s secrets couldn’t just be revealed to anyone.

However, Remnant Dream’s mental capacity was limited and couldn’t comprehend such a complex problem.

Fortunately, the person that she had suggested was decent. The fact that Lu Li had been content with the suggestion was entirely accidental.

“Alright then, we can continue recruiting slowly. We are now almost all at the same level. Once Hachi Chan gets here, we can start talking about upgrading our professions.”

Lu Li ordered a cup of wine and sipped it slowly.