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Chapter 149: Profession Upgrade Quest

Chapter 149: Profession Upgrade Quest

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After the meeting was dismissed, Lu Li left and everyone else went to farm.

The original members weren’t surprised, while Wandering and Rice Ball didn’t care. As Remnant Dream dragged Hachi Chan away, she waved at Lu Li and said, “Help me with my quest if you’re free. It’s a very difficult quest.”

Lu Li had gained yet another fan. Hachi Chan admired him because his explanations of the quest were very thorough. He was like an encyclopedia.

There was no rush to do the Instance Dungeons. After the system update, the daily refresh of Instance Dungeons had now been changed. Regular difficulty still refreshed daily, but the other difficulties only refreshed once a week. Elite Difficulty refreshed every Tuesday, the Difficult-Level refreshed every Thursday and if there was a Nightmare Difficulty, it would refresh every Saturday.

The Wild Bosses didn’t have a specific refresh time, but it was roughly once per week as well.

The goal of the game company was to create a universally fun game; they didn’t want players to spend all of their time doing Instance Dungeons.

Lu Li knew this before anyone else, but he couldn’t do much about it. This change wasn’t necessarily bad for the players – there would be more players practicing their Trade Skills.

Lu Li bid farewell to the others and decided to do his Profession Upgrade Quest. He was confident that he would succeed. In his previous life, he had managed to get his Druid profession upgrade at LV18. His equipment then wasn’t even close to what he had now.

Other people had failed because they lacked experience.

With such an extensive knowledge of Quest Strategy, there was no point in waiting until LV20 to attempt it.

Once he successfully upgraded his profession, he would be able to guarantee a win against Hornet’s Nest later that night. The profession upgrade wasn’t just a simple change; there were many practical things that were changed as well.

Depending on how the tasks were completed, there would be a reward of two to five skill points and one to three skills. If the player was one of the first 100 to successfully complete the quest, they would additionally receive a large EXP bonus. Lu Li could reach LV19 or higher if he completed it.

Astrana’s Profession Upgrade NPC was an Elven Elder that resided in the Mercenary Hall.

The Mercenary Hall was one of the liveliest places in Dawn. Players could post or take quests from here. The system would then determine the rewards based on the difficulty of the quest. These quests were actually no different from regular NPC quests.

“Please pay five gold coins.”

The old wizard kindly smiled and gave Lu Li a pen.

Lu Li obediently took out the money; this amount was dispensable to him. After confirmation, he was sent to the quest map.

It was a swamp!

Lu Li had never heard of this map. Not only was the sky dark, lightning flashed across it and a continuous rumbling could be heard. Venomous bugs darted between the stalks of watery grass.

A man with an NPC’s cloak was standing on high ground. He had a white beard and was carrying a Magic Staff. He was most likely a Control Mage.

“Dear Elder, I have come to accept the test.”

Lu Li stepped onto the mud in front of him and began talking.

“It is too late to go back now. My test is not a simple one.”

The old elf raised his head to reveal a dry, wrinkled face. He had an exhausted and impatient demeanor about him, after guarding this station for so long.

“For the sake of my race and the glory of Elune, I am willing to give it my all.”

After speaking these words, the wizard’s face softened. He paused before asking, “This is too dangerous. Do you need a companion to help?”

“Of course.”

The system prompted Lu Li that accepting the help of a companion would increase the difficulty of the quest by 50%. He didn’t calculate the exact gains or losses of this move, but he didn’t hesitate to accept the help.

You didn’t really need a companion to complete the quest. If this were a familiar map, Lu Li might not have accepted the help. Completing it solo would result in a higher score, but ultimately, finishing it mattered most.

With such a strange map before him, he chose the safer option.

The old wizard the asked Lu Li what profession he wanted his helper to be. The system presented him with a list of options.

Lu Li browsed the list before selecting Druid.

The old elf pulled out some magical materials from his bag and placed them methodically on the ground. After a lengthy spell, six Druids appeared. This was two more than the four that Lu Li had expected.

It seemed that getting the old wizard’s goodwill yielded a certain advantage.

Lu Li studied the followers, reading the attributes displayed by the system.

The first was a partial defensive type. Pass.

The second was a damage output type. However, its attributes were too weak and it only had a few skills. It wouldn’t be much of a help. Pass.

The third was a pure healing type. Lu Li needed survivability, not a babysitter.

The fourth had pretty good attributes, but it was also a partial defensive type. It was essentially a meat wall. Other players might have liked this one, but Lu Li wasn’t satisfied.

However, if the remaining two were bad, he would have to choose the fourth one.

Lu Li sighed and looked at the fifth.

The fifth…


This was actually an Elite Follower.

Lu Li pointed at the Elite and did not hesitate in saying to the old elf, “Respected Control Mage, thank you for your generosity. I have found my adventure companion.”

The last one also had good attributes, but it simply could not compare to the Elite. There was nothing it had that was even within the same range.

“Well, little guy, may the glory of the moon shine upon you. Go forth, find Rennesak and bring me his head.” After saying this, the old elf turned and vanished without a trace.

Lu Li stepped towards with his follower into the swamp.

He immediately concealed himself with Stealth; only the footprints in the grass remained. Seeing that Lu Li had gone into Stealth, the follower turned into a Cheetah and also entered Stealth.

Not only did the Elites have high HP and Defence, but they also had strong skills as well.

The most common skill of the other followers was the healing skill ‘Tree Sap’. Having seven skills was already quite decent for a follower. However, the Elite Follower had a full 12 skills. It had just turned into a Cheetah and gone into Stealth, being able to perfectly coordinate with Lu Li’s actions to minimize the chance of encountering other monsters.