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Chapter 151: Killing Other Players To Earn Points

Chapter 151: Killing Other Players To Earn Points

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The guy who had failed to land Cheap Shot on Lu Li gave him a wakeup call. This was not a solo game; a small probability did not mean an impossibility. He hadn’t been attacked by an expert this time, but next time, he might not get off so easy.

He put away his relaxed state of mind and started to be more cautious, trying to stay in Stealth for as possible and forgoing rest.

From when he had entered the map until now, it had been five hours. Lu Li finally saw something outside the swamp – a towering tree.

This was no exaggeration at all; the tree truly did tower over the swamp.

Not many people had been here before. Before this, the tallest tree he had seen was probably Nordrassil on the summit of Mount Hyjal – also known as the World Tree.

Nordrassil was very tall and was almost half as tall as Mount Hyjal itself.

However, compared to the tree before him, Nordrassil was a small sapling.


Lu Li, who had read countless Azeroth Lore books, suddenly remembered a name.

The moment he remembered, he was even more confused.

How could it be G’Hanir!?

G’Hanir was the mother tree of Azeroth, with the seeds of every other tree. This tree was paradise for all birds and winged creatures; even dragons would choose to spend the rest of their lives here.

However, it had long been destroyed and its guardian, the Crow Demigod Avena, had fallen in the Ancient War.

Lu Li looked at the seemingly endless crowns of G’Hanir, the numerous creatures flying over its canopy and the multitude of lights lingering on the branches. He then finally understood that he was in a fantasy map.

Mother Tree G’Hanir was not his goal and neither was Crow Demigod Avena.

However, upon seeing G’Hanir and thinking of the Crow Demigod Avena, he remembered the goal of his quest – Rennesak.

Rennesak was actually a Night Elf. Speaking of him necessarily involved Avena.

In the beginning, Avena was a crow who lived on her mother, G’Hanir. She gained a some divine power because of her closeness to G’Hanir, but she was still a regular crow.

However, Avena was lucky; she found Elune’s favour and became the messenger of Elune.

Being a divine messenger wasn’t at all a complicated job. Her duty was just to help Elune send information to the Demigod Cenarius.

Not long after, Avena also began sending information for other demigods as well, receiving praise for her speed and integrity. As a reward, the demigods gave her more power to help her complete her missions more efficiently. Eventually, Avena herself became one of them—a demigod.

Who says that being a courier has no future? There was Li ZiCheng in the real world and Avena in the virtual one.

When the Ancient War broke out, Avena would sometimes take the form of a mortal and guide the humans and elves who were being chased by the Apocalypse Guards.

At this time, a traitor appeared. His name was Rennesak.

No one knows why Rennesak became corrupted, but that didn’t matter. He used his ability to determine the whereabouts of Avena and quietly passed this information to the Apocalypse Guards.

A large demon force then concentrated their attacks on the messenger Demigod. An Apocalypse Guard’s spear eventually pierced the body of Avena and sprayed her blood over the earth. Those of the Burning Legion that came into contact with Avena’s blood also fell.

This single person had almost destroyed a demigod.

Lu Li’s goal was to kill the traitor and return with his skull.

After entering the vicinity of Mother Tree G’Hanir, the environment around Lu Li changed from a muddy swap to the heart of paradise.

He carefully entered Stealth with the Druid, as they slowly and quietly advanced.

“Make your follower heal or everyone is done for!”

“He’s out of mana, let’s run away…”

“Hey, Light Faction kids, don’t even think about leaving!”

He finally heard some voices. Lu Li had seen a few corpses on the way here, but he was now able to see the fight that had left them there. There were three members of the Light Faction and two members of the Evil Faction engaged in fierce combat. Although the Light Faction players had a numbers advantage, they were actually getting beaten down by their opponents.

The Evil Faction side consisted of a Thief and a Warrior with Thief and Paladin Followers, respectively. This was a typical aggressive combination.

Just as Lu Li arrived, the Thief-Warrior team killed an opposing player. Once the player died, their follower immediately disappeared.

The remaining two Light Faction players wouldn’t stand a chance. It was a hopelessly one sided situation.

Lu Li didn’t go up to help. He wasn’t a saint – why would he help these strangers? For the glory of their faction? That sentiment only motivated fools. In reality, of the players killed on these maps, 80% of them were within the same faction.

Yet, another Light Faction player had been killed and the Evil Faction players were still alive. However, the Thief only had a bit of HP remaining, while the Paladin probably didn’t have any mana left. He hadn’t seen him use any heals; he had only been using his hammer to help deal damage.

The final Light Faction player was also a Paladin. Although he was actually very resistant in PVP battles, seeing his two friends die before his eyes had broken his spirit. He just stood there as he was slaughtered.

The Evil Faction players were completely unaware of Lu Li’s presence. It was now time for him to clean up.

Lu Li touched the Evil Faction’s Thief and cast Cheap Shot.

The two Evil Faction players weren’t standing close together to protect each other. The only thing that they were focused on was increasing their scores.

Lu Li didn’t even finish his rotation of skills before he killed the Thief, who dropped a weapon.

The Warrior retreated two steps when he saw Lu Li. He had been very conservative in this battle and his Paladin had been slowly healing him. His HP was almost full, so he was ready to fight.

“Thank God, I’ve been saved. My HP is low, so let me go. I’ll leave this guy to you,” the Light Faction Paladin said as turned away and escaped. With this new Thief present, the Warrior couldn’t chase after him. As for the Thief, his goal was clearly someone else. He was also a Light Faction player like him.

However, what he thought was wrong. The moment that he turned around, Lu Li’s ghost appeared behind him, casting Backstab and Shadowstrike.

“Dammit, are you not human? You don’t kill the enemy faction but choose to kill me instead!”

The paladin couldn’t do anything due to the stun and could only shout abuse at Lu Li.

He had originally been surrounded by two people with less than half HP. As such, Lu Li was able to quickly take him down with a few skills. He received two points and left the area.

The Warrior wanted to chase him, but he wasn’t too keen on it. By the time he had finished hesitating, Lu Li had already finished the fight.