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Chapter 153: Fallen Elves

Chapter 153: Fallen Elves

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The Warrior walked away in low spirits, leaving an excited Lu Li by himself. A Blackwater Scale, a Lightning Mark, and a Strengthening Stone – these were the spoils of his first robbery.

These were a very handsome reward!

Lu Li currently had 7 rare materials and 4 Strengthening Stones on him. Even completing the Difficult-level Death Mines hadn’t given him this much material. Under normal circumstances, a player coming out from the marshes with a single rare material would be considered quite good.

Killing Normal grade monsters was quite hard for an average player, let alone the Elite grade monsters that dropped rare materials. Meeting two Elite-grade monsters usually meant death for the average player. The Warrior had only gained his rare materials and Strengthening Stone by killing other players.

No one else had thought of Lu Li’s method, which was to use their Follower as bait to kill monsters.

Now, he had found a new way to obtain rare materials.

In his ‘past life’, he had always been the one being robbed. However, this time it would be different. Lu Li excitedly begun his robbing adventure.

It was possible not to see anyone in the marshes for over an hour. Even after exiting the marsh, there would only be a few more players. In an hour, Lu Li had only found four groups of players.

Two of them were full teams. After following them for a few minutes and not finding an opportunity to attack, he could only give up.

He then found a single player who was quite poor. After reducing him to critical HP with a few hits, he had given up his only rare material to preserve his life.

Following this, he ran into a group of two players. They both had their Followers and refused to give in to Lu Li because of their numbers advantage.

Lu Li could only show them the meaning of the saying, ‘a wise man submits to his circumstances’.

Adding on their Followers, it was a 2v4 fight, which was difficult, even for Lu Li. He tried to hold back, but still ended up killing one of the players.

The other player immediately changed his mind and obediently handed over 2 rare materials.

Continuing onwards, there were no players who were travelling by themselves. Even if there were, either the player or their Follower would have a stealth skill. In such a large map, it was difficult to find them.

The others all formed small parties.

Because they now had safety in numbers, there were less fights breaking out.

As such, Lu Li had to temporarily stop his robbing adventure.

His destination was the Fallen Elf Village, which was a gathering point for monsters in the map. Confronting Rennesak would not be easy – he had to trek deeply into enemy territory.

The Fallen Elves were all LV20 or above Elite grade monsters and were all quite fierce.

Lu Li saw a team of 5 people being quickly annihilated by 10 or so Fallen Elves, so he didn’t rush in. Instead, he quietly hid and waited at the entrance of the village.

Being opportunistic was something that Thieves liked to do.

More and more players arrived, all of whom had entered the map to upgrade their professions in the morning.

Although they were all competitors and wanted to kill each other, no one dared to act against anyone else. At least before the Boss appeared, they all held back.

Players from different Factions couldn’t form parties, so it was impossible for them to work together. As such, they were divided into two clear groups that stood far away from each other. It seemed that they were going to enter the village from different places.

When the Evil Faction had gathered 40 or so players, they couldn’t wait any longer.

A Mage assumed leadership, and they all sat down as they began to discuss their strategy.

As for their sincerity, that didn’t need to be worried about.

After all, there was safety in numbers and their speed in clearing monsters would greatly increase.

Equipment would sometimes drop, and would be distributed fairly on a rotational basis by the temporary leader.

Lu Li even saw the Warrior who he had first robbed standing next to the Mage.

This Mage was from the Glory Capital, which explained why he could order around this group of 40 people.

Lu Li entered into Stealth as he followed behind the Evil Faction players, looking for an opportunity. There were also quite a few other players doing the same thing.

Perhaps they had chosen to do this because killing players from the enemy Faction not only gave them Glory, but also reduced the guilt that they felt.

There would occasionally be incredibly strong LV25 Elite grade monsters. They didn’t have much HP, but had high Attack, and could nullify half of the damage taken from players. The 40-player team’s numbers soon started to fall.

A Thief suddenly appeared behind a player with critical HP and killed him. However, he wasn’t strong enough to get away.

Lu Li face-palmed; this player gave Thieves a bad name.

Despite this, he didn’t have any plans to prove himself.

The Evil Faction players were going to fight more Elite grade monsters, and needed to defend against the enemy Faction players behind them. As such, they advanced quite slowly.

Lu Li knew that the Light Faction players were probably in the same situation as well.

The two sides reached the Fallen Altar at almost the same time. This was the grand location of the Fallen Elves’ ‘Village Committee’ and had a radius of at least a few thousand feet.

Apart from the Fallen Elves, there were quite a few Apocalypse Guards standing around the Altar.

They were the lowest level of cannon-fodder in the Burning Legion, but to the players, they were like massive walls.

The leaders of both sides immediately dispelled all thoughts of fighting; they had no choice but to work together and clear out the Apocalypse Guards. The glory of their respective Factions didn’t matter at all in this moment.

Just in case something went wrong, they decided to wait for more players to arrive.

Lu Li stood on fairly high ground as he carefully observed the Fallen Elves around the Altar.

The quest description had briefly mentioned Rennesak. After taking into account the different positioning of the monsters, Lu Li quickly found his objective – an ancient-looking Elf.

He would be quite handsome without his wrinkles, but his eyes were incredibly cruel and cold. A white wolf lay at his side, and he was holding a Horned Bow.

The Horned Bow was quite long, which meant that Rennesak wasn’t a Ranger.

Rangers had short bows and knives, and were skilled in both melee and ranged battles. The Elf Clan’s Rangers struck fear into everyone’s hearts, and were just as famous as the Priestess of the Moon.

The most famous Ranger in Dawn was Sylvanas Windrunner, who was also one of the Evil Faction’s most well-known Bosses. Not only was she extremely powerful, but she was also indescribably beautiful.

After seeing Sylvanas, many Light Faction players had almost wanted to join the Evil Faction. However, they had never been able to find a way to change Factions.

Since he wasn’t a Ranger, Rennesak was most likely a Hunter – an expert at ranged battles, but weak in melee fights.

As Lu Li was examining the scene, more than 200 players had gathered. They all began to charge towards the Apocalypse Guards.