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Chapter 154: Infighting

Chapter 154: Infighting

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The main leader of the group was the Glory Capital’s Mage, Illusory Dream. He was somewhat famous in the gaming circles, and only an expert from a large guild like him could exert control over a group of players from both Factions.

The saying ‘there is strength in numbers’ was proven to be true. After being attacked by so many players, the LV28 Apocalypse Guard couldn’t even counterattack before it was killed.

However, the quest was not that easy. They would not be able to complete it in this fashion.

The sound of a horn rang out, and a row of 10 or so Apocalypse Guards began to march towards the group of players. They were all large, powerfully-built and wielded massive swords, which instilled a sense of fear in the players’ hearts.

The leader’s face fell, as he cursed inwardly.

You goddamn monsters. Aren’t you meant to just stand there and wait to be killed by us?! Why the hell are you grouping up into a formation?

It was the first time that the other players had seen an NPC army, and their morale was low.

The tanks at the front continuously retreated. In order not to lose EXP, some of them simply turned and ran. After all, this group was just a motley crowd.

“Tanks, stay calm. Healers, keep healing. Do you want to complete this quest? Raise your spirits, otherwise we’ll all be finished!” Illusory Dream, roared. This was his first time seeing an NPC formation and his hands were sweating, but he had to stay calm.

His yells were somewhat effective. A few tanks with decent equipment continued to bear the brunt of the Apocalypse Guards’ attacks.

The Healers healed as quickly as they could, while the other players stood behind the tanks, desperately attacking.

Lu Li was hiding nearby, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this. What he was worried about the most was that these people would give up. No matter how overpowered a person was, they wouldn’t be able to face so many Apocalypse Guards alone.

The quest for upgrading one’s profession was difficult for everyone, but not to the extent that even 200 players working together couldn’t clear it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be many players who would have upgraded their professions, even after 2 months.

In order to encourage competition, games would often allow some players to become experts. The game would only be exciting if there were experts to chase after. However, if normal players couldn’t even upgrade their professions, that would be the end for Dawn.

After all, no one wanted to play a supporting role.

At this stage of the game, no one except for Lu Li knew a secret.

This secret was that the difficulty for profession quests had limits. For example, this kind of S-Ranked map had a difficulty of 100.

Out of these 100 points, the marsh area was worth about 30 points, while the remaining 70 were assigned to this area.

The Apocalypse Guards were incredibly difficult to kill; this group of 200 people would lose members while fighting against only 10 of them. Lu Li estimated that they would count as approximately 50 points, leaving a total of 20 points.

This meant that Rennesak would be easy to kill. He was likely only a bit stronger than the Elite-grade monsters.

Lu Li only knew this because he had experienced rebirth. The poor players who were struggling with the Apocalypse Guards probably thought that the Boss would be ridiculously overpowered.

Lu Li continued to wait. With so many Apocalypse Guards and Fallen Elves on the altar, he would be slaughtered before he could even Rennesak.

The sound of the horn became even louder, as a team of 20 Apocalypse Guards and another team of Fallen Elf Mages entered the battle!

This was bullying!

“Great God, what should we do?” The Light Faction’s temporary leader’s face went green. He helplessly looked at Illusory Dream, hoping that he had a good idea.

“What else can we do? If there are more enemies, we’ll just have to kill them. Surely you’re not thinking of giving up?” Illusory Dream yelled out, “If you Light Faction players are all wimps, move over and let our Evil Faction players show you how to be real men.”

At this, players from both sides were spurred into action as they fought valiantly, not caring about death anymore.

Lu Li stood at the side, coldly laughing. From where he was standing, he could just about see the entire battlefield. He could see that most of the players who were dying were from the Light Faction. Although the Evil Faction also suffered some casualties, they were mainly solo players.

The Glory Capital’s main force had barely lost any players.

If he guessed correctly, there would be many Glory Capital players hurrying over, or even hiding in ambush behind them.

Although Illusory Dream was not an outstanding leader, his skill in maintaining his own forces, while whittling down his enemy’s, was exceptional.

It was incredibly difficult for the 200 or so people to deal with the 40 monsters. Almost every clash between the two forces resulted in deaths on the players’ side. The Fallen Elf Mages’ Pyroblasts were terrifying and could be stacked. Only the Knights who had high Magic Resistance could resist them for a longer period of time.

Although there were many people, not everyone was immersed in the battle. Some of the smarter ones began to retreat.

However, it was a pity that they had made this decision too late – they were met with Blizzards from a group of Mages. A wave of damage figures rose up as the Glory Capital’s players destroyed the alliance.

The alliance, which was marked by a lack of trust, did not last for even half an hour.

The Light Faction’s leader heard roars of anger and turned around to see a shocking scene. He furiously walked over and grabbed Illusory Dream’s collars, shouting, “What have you done? What the hell have you done?!”

“We have to be harsh with deserters,” Illusory Dream bluntly replied.

“Where did those people come from?”

Anyone who was able to lead a team was not an idiot.

It was the well-equipped Mages in the newly-arrived group of 70-80 players, who had carried out that execution. They would be more than enough to take out the remainder of the Light Faction.

“Screw it, let’s go,” the Light Faction leader said. The remaining 30-40 players changed their focus from attacking the Apocalypse Guards and Fallen Elves to protecting their teammates.

Including the players killed by monsters, the Light Faction’s original number of 100 players had dwindled to less than half.

“We haven’t completed the quest yet, so why are you leaving already?” Illusory Dream coldly laughed. In his eyes, these people were no longer teammates or enemies, but pieces of equipment that could be distributed to the Evil Faction players.

“It’s impossible for us to complete this quest, so are you sure you want to keep us here?” the Light Faction leader angrily roared, “I only have a second-rate guild, but I vow that if you don’t give us a way out today, our guild will do nothing but specifically target your Glory Capital’s players.”