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Chapter 155: Rennesak

Chapter 155: Rennesak

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The other players were also furious. If this matter was spread to the public, the hatred from the normal players would be dangerous.

“Even if your Glory Capital is filled with experts, I still believe that we can kill you!”

“The frick is this? Who would have thought that people would do such disgusting things in a game?” a player cursed, as he threw his helmet to the ground, “This granddaddy has never spent money in a game before, but I’m going to make an exception today. When I go back, I’m going to issue a bounty for Glory Capital players: 10 gold coins per kill, with no limit, until I finish spending my red packet money.”

A rich kid?

Now that the situation had come to this, even Illusory Dream didn’t know what to do.

Killing the 30-40 Light Faction players would be incredibly easy. They would be able to accomplish it even without this new force of 60-70 players. However, the consequences would be hard to deal with.

Killing other players was usually considered normal in games. However, what the Glory Capital was doing was indeed quite shameless.

If you all got along harmoniously, wouldn’t my opportunities be limited?

Lu Li equipped his Steel grade Bandanna. After creeping a bit closer, he instantly flashed behind a Priest from the Evil Faction.

Healers never expected to be assassinated, as they stood behind everyone else. The Healer, who was wearing Cloth Armour, didn’t take many hits, before he said goodbye to the quest map.

“Fudge! Attack!” Illusory Dream stopped hesitating.

As he yelled out the order, a wave of attacks flew at Lu Li and the remaining Light Faction players.

Luckily, they were fairly dispersed, as most of the Evil Faction players were focusing on the 30-40 Light Faction players. Lu Li used Vanish and escaped the scene with half of his health remaining. Thieves truly had the greatest manoeuvrability.

As long as they didn’t try to directly confront a Warrior, escaping would always be a piece of cake.

Although Illusory Dream felt that the attack from the Thief was very suspicious, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to him. Instead, he directed all of his players to massacre the remnants of the Light Faction’s team.

As this was happening, another wave of monsters started to attack.

Without the Light Faction players to use as cannon fodder, the Glory Capital’s players faced attacks from both sides.

Lu Li’s attack had not been a casual one. This was exactly what he had been aiming for, based on his previous experience and observations.

The survival of the 100 or so Glory Capital players was not to his benefit.

A group of 40 Elite-grade monsters, 30-40 enemy players, and 20-30 Followers surrounded the Evil Faction’s players and Followers. The scene under the altar descended into chaos.

Although the 30-40 Light Faction players did not have much HP left and were outnumbered, they were desperate and were not easy to kill. By the time they had all fallen, the Glory Capital had lost approximately the same number of players as well.

“Who was that Thief?” Illusory Dream asked, his face dark.

“We’re not sure. The person who was killed said that there was no system announcement,” someone replied.

“Bullshit. How can there be no system announcement? Are you saying that our Priest attacked him first?” Illusory Dream had been revelling in his success just a few minutes ago, but his plan had quickly come crashing down.

Everything had happened because of that Thief.

“Illusory bro, they dropped quite a lot of equipment, as well as 2 rare materials.”

This was good news, and it cheered up Illusory Dream.

The official website did not provide information regarding players dropping equipment and materials when they died. However, players on the forums had analysed a large amount of data and found that equipment had a higher chance to drop after killing a large group of people. It was more also likely for players to drop things that were equipped, than to drop things in their bags.

Out of the tens of people they had killed, only two rare materials had been dropped.

This was why Lu Li preferred extorting players out of their rare materials, as opposed to killing them.

“Everyone, be careful. After clearing out these monsters, we’ll be able to kill the Boss. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of our guild or not; after we exit, contact me for rewards,” Illusory Dream said, providing the players with some much-needed motivation.

Not all of the 100 or so players were part of the Glory Capital. Some of these Evil Faction players were part of other guilds or were solo players.

Originally, they had felt a little perturbed about attacking the Light Faction players. However, upon hearing this, they felt much better.

Quest items would be received after killing the Boss. After all, it wasn’t as though the only player that obtained Rennesak’s head could complete the quest. Moreover, everyone’s quest items were different.

However, not every participating player would receive quest items.

Only the players in the team that dealt the most damage would receive these. In other words, only a single team could complete the quest.

Light Faction players and Evil Faction players could not form teams, so they simply could not trust each other. Since the remaining players were all in the Evil Faction, there was less conflict, and Illusory Dream was easily able to satisfy them.

The last wave of monsters charged down from the altar. There were nearly 100 of them.

Lu Li ran to a secluded place, turned into a raven and flew into the air.

This map was quite strange – all of the normal monsters were flying spirits. Lu Li’s luck was good and he did not encounter any danger. After a short flight, he landed on the altar, where there stood a single Elf.

He was currently casting a spell with a hexagram, and a serene, magical energy filled the mystical markings. It almost seemed to be complete.

Lu Li inwardly whooped in delight. If he was any later, he would have failed the quest. He had seen a similar magical formation before, and this one was clearly a transportation door.

Looking at the incredibly complicated symbols, it appeared be a long-distance transportation channel.

Profession quests often had similar situations. In other words, if they ran out of time and Rennesak left, they would fail the quest.

Goddamn. You’re a Hunter, but you’re using a transportation channel. This is cheating!

The profession system for NPCs in Dawn was quite messy, as many NPCs had multiple professions. For example, Saar was a Shaman, but many people thought he was a Warrior. Illidan was obsessed with magic, but he was a Demon Hunter…

Lu Li didn’t have any time to recover his HP. He activated Stealth and quickly moved behind Rennesak.

Cheap Shot!

The transportation channel was cut off!

However, the failed transportation channel resulted in a severe backlash from the magic elements.

An explosion erupted on the altar, enveloping Lu Li, Rennesak and his white wolf pet.