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Chapter 156: Stealing Food From A Tiger’s Mouth

Chapter 156: Stealing Food From A Tiger’s Mouth

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Perhaps it was because he was an Ancient Elf, but Rennesak’s stats were quite strange. With his Mage and Hunter professions, he had an incredibly high resistance to stuns. While Lu Li was still recovering, he had already jumped up.

He immediately grabbed the bow on his back and shot out an arrow. At the same time, his white wolf pet sprang towards Lu Li.

It was impossible for such a commotion on top of the altar to remain unnoticed by the people underneath. Illusory Dream inwardly cursed, but continued to encourage his players. “What are you all so shocked about? It’s just a few Thieves up there. Do you really think they can kill the Boss?”

Everyone else thought about it and realised what he said was true. There was only a single path to the altar, and with so much fighting happening underneath, it was impossible for many people to get up there. Disregarding whether they had a Healer or not, it would be impossible to kill the Boss in a short amount of time.

They still had a large group of monsters to kill, but once they finished them off, the accomplishments of the people on the altar would become theirs.

“I bet this is the other side’s last act of desperation,” a player joked.

“These Light Faction players are idiots; they might as well wait until we fight the Boss to cause trouble for us.”

Other people also joined in the mocking, feeling no pressure at all.

Illusory Dream felt a bit of regret. He shouldn’t have said those words so confidently. After all, what if…

On the altar, Lu Li was about to fulfil that ‘what if’. He casted Shadowmeld just as the arrow was about to hit him, which allowed him to dodge it.

The white wolf never made it to him. Lu Li’s Druid Follower changed back into his original form and used Vines to bind it. They wouldn’t need to worry about it for 2-3 seconds.

After coming up with a plan, Lu Li had directed his Druid to go around the large wave of players and come up to the altar. Perhaps it was because no one had expected it, but it actually succeeded in coming up.

Druids had quite a few ‘restriction’ skills. These included Vines, Cyclone and Summon Mud Golems, which could help Lu Li restrict Rennesak’s pet.

With an Elite-grade Druid Follower behind him, Lu Li felt much more confident.

He appeared next to Rennesak and landed a Shadowstrike.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 95%, caused 300% Skill Damage, target stunned for 1 second.

He couldn’t help but marvel at his own skills. To be able to hurriedly cast a Shadowstrike which dealt 300% Skill Damage and caused 1 second of stun was a godsend.

However, the damage he dealt was quite pitiful. The 300% Skill Damage only caused Rennesak to lose 120 HP. Luckily, he only had 3,000 HP.

Indeed, he had even less HP than most Elite-grade monsters.

Lu Li looked at Rennesak’s stats and saw that he had an inconspicuous debuff.

Curse of Weakness: Traitors should be punished. In the name of the Moon Goddess, lower all of Rennesak’s stats by 99%.

This was a powerful curse, and was no less than expected from the Moon Goddess.

It was said that the Moon Goddess dearly loved her pet raven. After finding out that the raven demigod Aviana had fallen, she had personally collected her feathers and allowed her to be reborn from the Moon Well.

The poor, traitorous Rennesak could only wait for his death because of this.

Even though all of Rennesak’s stats had been lowered by 99%, he was still able to deal 3-figure damage to Lu Li. If Lu Li wasn’t careful, he could be insta-killed.

Moreover, Rennesak wasn’t a pure Hunter – when he was attacked at close range, he would cast magic.

Fortunately, Lu Li had his Shadow Cloak, as well as Kick. Otherwise, the situation would have been quite troublesome for him.

Lu Li had the confidence to kill Rennesak, but he had to do so before the players below rushed up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t just be facing a weakened boss, but also a mob of furious enemy players.

Lu Li cleared out Rennesak’s 3,000 HP in less than a minute. This was only possible because Rennesak’s pet had been restricted by Lu Li’s Follower the entire time.


Lu Li could already see the Glory Capital players hurrying towards him. He picked up the items that the Boss dropped and tried to use Collect on the corpse.

It was impossible for things in the game to be the same as in real life. Players were not expected to chop off Rennesak’s head by themselves. Any collection-type Trade Skill could be used to obtain quest items.

Lu Li’s face fell. Although he had calculated and planned everything perfectly, there was one thing he had forgotten about.

In his ‘past life’, his collection skills had been levelled up to the max. Currently, even his Herbalism was only an Intermediate level.

“There have already been 20 maps where the players have failed their quests. It turns out that the quests have time limits. Luckily, someone’s already started the Boss for us, so I think we still have some hope,” Illusory Dream cheerfully said.

“Illusory bro, Illusory bro…” a player beside him nudged him, sounding a little worried.

Illusory Dream looked at the player in annoyance. Why couldn’t he just be more direct?

“Illusory bro, the Boss has been killed!” a group of players shouted out, waking Illusory Dream up from his daydream of being promoted to General Manager, then CEO, then marrying a beautiful wife.




Illusory Dream disappeared.

“Illusory bro, Illusory bro…” the player beside him looked bewildered.

“It wasn’t me; Illusory bro suddenly disappeared.”

“He probably logged off. Someone give him a call. Hearing that probably took quite an emotional toll on him. I hope…” I hope he doesn’t die of anger. Such a thing couldn’t be said out loud.

“What should we do then?”

The hundred or so players left looked at each other. Their leader had been shocked into logging off and the Boss had been killed. They had gone through hell for another person to reap their reward.

“Mess him up!”

The mob angrily rushed towards Lu Li.

Lu Li’s forehead was covered with sweat and his hands began to tremble.

The players were only 40 feet away… and he only had two more chances.


Collection failed!

Was he really going to fail because of something like this?

Escaping from these people would be no problem at all for him. However, if he left and they were unable to use Rennesak’s body to complete the quest, they could destroy it. This would prevent him from completing the quest as well.

The angry mob looked quite fearsome. Those with ranged professions already had their weapons out and were preparing to attack.

Lu Li couldn’t accept this!

He glared at them, preparing to use Vanish and leave.


Lu Li suddenly remembered something.

Aiya, I can’t believe I’m this dumb.

He hastily unequipped his main-hand weapon and sent an order to his Druid Follower.

The Druid, whose sole purpose was to follow Lu Li’s commands, stood between Lu Li and the Glory Capital’s players, bearing the brunt of most of the attacks.

Lu Li held Cresso’s Hammer in his right hand, and casted a final Collect on the corpse with his left.