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Chapter 161: Massacre

Chapter 161: Massacre

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The Thistle Village covered a wide area with monsters that refreshed quickly. Additionally, there was a chance for the monsters to drop some Alchemy recipes. This was the reason that the Imperial Secret Service wanted to take over the area.

However, this large area had quickly become a nightmare for them.

There was a ghostlike Thief, whose whereabouts were unknown.

“Dammit, that’s the seventh one. Brightly has been killed as well. This guy only picks people with good equipment to kill. How shameless.”

The Imperial Secret Service members were angry, but they couldn’t find the target of their anger.

“Did you guys grow up eating feces? How can a few hundred of you be afraid of one Thief? Those who were killed, who killed you?”

“It didn’t show a name. Maybe he has a special item. Maybe its Lu Li…”

“Lu Li? We aren’t even hunting him anymore! How dare he show his face here!”

Lu Li obviously didn’t know what these people were talking about. Even if he did, he wouldn’t care. He was too immersed in killing people and taking their equipment.

He now had a PVP value of nine, and would be finished after ten.

He had to stop… He definitely had to stop…

Realizing that he had just gained another 5 PVP points, he solemnly vowed to stop.

“Lu Li, I ran into Drizzle Court players. Haha, I’m pretty lucky right.”

Azure Sea Breeze’s unique laughter filled his brain, allowing him to sober-up from his killing frenzy.


Lu Li picked up his speed, as he quickly finished off the people in front of him. He gathered up the dropped equipment and immediately casted Gale Steps, before a group of long-ranged professions could attack him.

“If you stick around with Drizzle Court, you’ll have no problems with your Profession Upgrade Quest. Your map’s point of difficulty is the Boss, but with the rank 1 Main Tank, it should be a piece of cake,” Lu Li elaborated.

He opened up his character attributes and saw an impressive PVP value of 14.

It seemed as though Lu Li had a demon in his heart, just like in his previous life. The demon had enticed him into indulging himself in the pleasure of killing, and he couldn’t seem to break free.

He suspected that he might have some kind of mental disease.

Moonlight was probably even more afflicted by this mental disease.

Some of the players on the Glory Rankings had over 1700 Glory points. There were a large number of people who placed before Lu Li on this list.

It was probably time to go and practice his Trade Skill.

“Lighty, what are you doing?” Lu Li rented a laboratory and began to make ‘The world is so big’. His Engineering was almost at the Intermediate (80) level, which led him one step closer to making the Fool’s Bomb.

“Killing some people.”

Lu Li knew that only Moonlight could say something like that so casually.

“The PVP rules have changed and you’re still killing people.” Lu Li was bored, so he decided to talk to Moonlight. However, he was also curious about his mentality when he PVPed.

“I don’t have a single PVP point. What’s there to be afraid of?” Moonlight disagreed.

“Are you PVPing in Warsong Canyon?”

Lu Li remembered that game had certain areas that were specifically made for PVP. Killing players in these areas wouldn’t increase a player’s PVP value.

“Why? Do you have a PVP value?” Moonlight asked.

“Yeah, 14 points. There were some people trying to take over an area, so I killed a dozen or so of them,” Lu Li sighed.

“The solution is simple. Go to the Mercenary Hall and take a few Bounty Quests to clear out your PVP value. With your level of skill, it shouldn’t be a problem right?” Moonlight didn’t really understand Lu Li’s predicament.

“It’s not about the PVP value. Have you ever felt like you go into a killing frenzy when you start killing players?” Lu Li asked.

“Of course. There’s no pleasure in killing monsters. I play games for the pleasure,” Moonlight said and continued impatiently, “Alright, I gotta go. There’s someone coming. I want to try and use Whirlwind to kill multiple people at once.”

“Remember to do your Profession Upgrade Quest if you’re free,” Lu Li quickly added.

“Nah, that’s too troublesome. You can buy a Profession Upgrade scroll with 2000 glory.”

Moonlight didn’t appreciate Lu Li’s reminder.

“Alright… bye…”

He really was a simple, PVP madman.

Playing games for his pleasure!

Lu Li thought about this phrase. He had mixed feelings about it and was unsure what that felt like.

He would have liked to indulge in his pleasures, but his sister’s issue has always been on his mind. He also needed to plan for the future; he wanted his sister to enjoy a wealthy life.

Lu Li reminded himself that he was a professional player. It was best that he didn’t offend other people.

Realistically, not everyone would be friendly to him, even if he was patient. There were also some things that he simply couldn’t be patient about. People taking over areas were an example; the feeling of being told to go away was unbearable.

But he had experienced rebirth!

Before he had experienced rebirth, he wasn’t this affected by this. For some reason, rebirth had made him more susceptible to it.

Lu Li spent his entire afternoon working in the lab. At first, his emotions were in a mess, but he slowly calmed down as he refined his items. During this period, Azure Sea Breeze and sixteen other players completed their Profession Upgrade Quest. This caused quite the commotion among the players, which was different to when Lu Li had succeeded. He was alone and his name had been concealed.

It was a great achievement for sixteen people to complete the quest together.

All the members of the core party had succeeded, even if they didn’t end up taking Lu Li’s advice.

In reality, Azure Sea Breeze had actually only narrowly completed the quest. There were initially two to three hundred Light Faction players, but after a battle with the Evil Faction players, their numbers had been reduced by 50%. Out of the hundred remaining players that fought the boss, only sixteen actually completed the quest.

The EXP that he gained was also a lot less. Azure Sea Breeze and Lu Li were originally not too far apart, but he was now a whole level behind.

Although this quest was available to LV15 players, it was recommended to wait until LV20 to attempt it.

After LV20, most players would be able to complete their Profession Upgrade Quest.

When the evening came, Lu Li met up with Hornet’s Nest.

Hornet’s Nest was dumbfounded when saw Lu Li’s level.

“You’re already level 20!”


Lu Li looked at his opponent, who was only LV18. How weak.

“I worked myself to death with a team of a dozen players from the morning until now so that I could gain a single level. But you’re already level 20. You must be cheating!”

“You can report me to the System if you want.”

Lu Li didn’t express any opinion. Did Hornet’s Nest want an apology for levelling up too quickly?

“You must be the first person to successfully complete the Profession Upgrade then?”

Hornet’s Nest didn’t want to fight anymore, and he sat on the ground. This was a common acknowledgement of defeat; the outcome didn’t necessarily need to be decided by the death of a participant.


Lu Li put away his daggers.

“Did you get reward skills?”


Lu Li also sat down.

“Are they good?”

“Gale Steps…”

“My God!”

“Did you get some Skill Points as well?”

“Quite a few.”

Lu Li wasn’t so open as to tell him everything.

The skills didn’t matter, as they would be revealed sooner or later. However, Skill Points couldn’t visibly be seen.

“Well, Sesame Rice Ball is one of you now. There won’t be anyone looking for trouble with him, at least, no one from Seventh Heaven.”

Hornet’s Nest wasn’t angry; he knew that he had lost the bet. Although he would become very aggressive when provoked, he was still an open and honest person.