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Chapter 162: Engineering Blueprints

Chapter 162: Engineering Blueprints

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“I hope this is the case. Thank you for your help.”

Lu Li knew why Sesame Rice Ball had left Seventh Heaven, so he understood the effort that was required.

After this PVP match in which there was no actual fighting, Lu Li logged off in a hotel room.

He had no intention of logging off in a prison to reduce his PVP value; it just wasn’t worth it.

If he logged off in a hotel room for six hours, he would receive a one-hour double EXP bonus for the next day. Being a high efficiency farmer, he would be able earn as much EXP in that hour as a regular player would after farming for half a day.

Lu Li continued to work hard with the Forging Hammer in his hands. He wanted to build the Fool’s Bomb.

He could just imagine the situation that would unfold once he had created the bomb. He would find a place that was particularly dense with monsters and use it in the double EXP hour. With this technique, he would be able to farm a day’s worth of EXP in an hour.

When he logged on the next day, his main focus was upgrading his engineering.

His engineering had now risen to Intermediate (87). ‘The World Is So Big’ no longer gave EXP upon completion, so Lu Li had to go into the Exchange Hall to find a new blueprint. He also wanted to sell some of the ‘The World Is So Big’ that he had made.

He searched the trading panel for ‘The World Is So Big’, as he needed to determine the current market price.

28 gold!

Lu Li became a little dizzy when he saw this price.

There were only two ‘The World Is So Big’ on sale in the Exchange Hall; they were being sold for 28 and 30 gold.

People were selling something that cost 20 silver to make for 28 gold. How dare they mark such a high price?!

‘The World Is So Big’ was really fun to use and there were all kinds of girls who would pay a lot of money for them. However, 28 gold was just way too much.

Was he about to make it big?

These days, he spent all of his free time into engineering. Even though many of his attempts were failures, he still had a small portion of successful products. Lu Li had exactly 70 successful products on hand.

However, ‘The World Is So Big’ wasn’t as universally useful as Snake Trust Grass. The market was much smaller and 99% of people couldn’t afford it.

With 28 gold, he could buy a full set of Steel equipment.

Seeing as he knew that there would be some people who would buy them, Lu Li didn’t hesitate to throw two of them into the Exchange hall.

He priced them at 27 gold each.

He didn’t want to put them all in at once. If he inflated the market with them, they wouldn’t appear as precious. They would appear as though someone was trying to sell garbage for 20 to 30 gold. That was more than 3000 dollars.

Next, he needed to find new blueprints.

The drop rate for engineering blueprints were just too low. Lu Li discovered that most of the engineering blueprints were at least Intermediate (100) and had expensive material costs. The most critical point of this operation was to find something that didn’t cost too much to make.

Would he have to make Rifles?

Upon reaching Intermediate (80), the System would award the player with a Rifle blueprint.

This was an exclusive equip for Hunters, which sounded great, but unfortunately was only Bronze-grade. Level 10 Bronze equipment was rarely found in the market; these were only bought by miserable people who were very far behind.

A LV10 Bronze Rifle was worth about 40 silver coins in the Exchange Hall.

The material for it cost a little more than one gold. They were also hard to find and would often be out of stock in the Exchange Hall.

The worst part about making rifles was the time that it took. Two minutes for a single item was already considered to be long, but a single rifle took over 50 minutes to craft.

Low level engineering blueprint…

Wait, there was another way.

If he remembered correctly, Lu Li knew a place to find good engineering blueprints.

More accurately speaking, this place was a Steel Treasure Chest.

However, its position was quite awkward. There was a low probability that regular players would be able to open it first.

Yet, if one was an Evil Faction player, it would be fine.

Lu Li needed to sneak into the Evil Faction. In fact, he needed to sneak into a heavily guarded post—the Crossroads Outpost.

Past the front lines of the Evil Faction in the Grey Valley and the Warsong Canyon was a barren land. The Crossroads Outpost could be found in the middle of this barren land.

Thousands of Orc Wolfriders were based in this Outpost; they were tasked with protecting the supply and transportation line of the Grey Valley front line.

Additionally, the Taurens’ home was not far from here. If the Crossroads Output let out a distress signal, a steady stream of Tauren warriors would come over to support it.

This was where Light Factions players would die.

After Lu Li thought about it for a while, he decided to take the risk.

He didn’t go straight in, instead heading to the Silverwing Outpost first to look for NPC quests.

The Silverwing Outpost was a Light Faction post at the forefront of Gray Valley that protected supplies going into Warsong Canyon. It even provided an exchange for some PVP equipment and items.

The last time Lu Li that was here, it was empty apart from the NPCs. Now, there was a sea of people.

The game was going to continuously expand its maps, but as more people flooded out of the newbie villages, it was going to become overcrowded.

“Young fellow, come here!”

Outpost Officer Vinda Nightwing pushed aside the other players who were attempting to talk to him and walked straight towards Lu Li. He had even put on an Elven etiquette.

“Who is this? Why is he skipping the queue?”

The nearby players felt it was unfair.

“Yeah, we’ve been waiting for so long. It should be first come first serve.”

Everyone had been patiently waiting, so a sense of dissatisfaction quickly spread among them.

“Shut up, that’s Lu Li. The number one player. Did you not see the NPC salute him?”

Those who recognized Lu Li immediately started correcting the crowd.

“Who decided that he was the number one player?”

Some people just couldn’t be pleased.

“Wild doesn’t claim to be number one. Who is he to?”

Wild was the master of the Blood Red War Flag. He was quite good at PVP and completing Instance Dungeons. He would often take parties with him, so he had many fans in the game.

Lu Li glanced at these players before saluting back at Vinda Nightwing.

“I’m here to pay tribute to the Warriors at the front. I hear that our resources are getting a little tight. As an Elf, I am willing to contribute the little strength I have.”

“So, what can you do then?”

“I have found a message that the Evil Faction has stored up a lot of fodder…” Lu Li said softly.

“You are correct, our spies have also discovered similar information. But, we do not know exactly what they are storing up.”

Vinda Nightwing waved his hand and two individuals came out from their cover.

This was definite a trigger in the plot. To the other players, Lu Li was definitely receiving a hidden quest.

“I know where it is. Please allow me to go and burn it down.”

When Lu Li volunteered for the job, he started to feel some confidence in being able to obtain the blueprint.