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Chapter 163: Wind Wielder

Chapter 163: Wind Wielder

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“Are you sure?” Vinda Nightwing was a little moved before, but now he was shocked.

Not only did Lu Li know where the storage was, he was also willing to go and take the risk of burning it down. This completely subverted his understanding of adventurers, who would always try to get the maximum reward for every bit of effort they put in.

Take the ‘Killing the Undead Alchemist’ quest for example. This adventurer was the only one to over-fulfill its requirements.

Now, he was standing before him once again, offering to go to a dangerous place to complete a quest with a slim chance of survival.

“Yes, for the glory of the Moon God, I am willing to do my best to complete this quest,” Lu Li said zealously.

In reality, it wasn’t actually as dangerous as it seemed to be. He just needed to know the flow of the quest. Additionally, he would be given a one-use item by the NPC, which would guarantee his success and safe passage.

The most critical point was that the NPC would present him with a one-use item. This was why Lu Li had waited until he had more than one reason to take this task.

Vinda Nightwing stared at Lu Li for another moment before nodding, “Young man, you are a brave elf. You will grow into a great warrior. We truly do not have enough manpower on the frontlines to reassign to this task, so I will assign this quest to you.”

“I am willing to serve you,” Lu Li’s heart jumped for joy, as he quickly agreed.

“I have something that might help you. I hope you will return safely.”

Vinda Nightwing handed Lu Li several scrolls, before the System prompted him that he had received the ‘Destroy the Supply’ quest.

Conceal Scroll x2: Strengthens Stealth, reduces the probability of detection by 30.

Accelerate Scroll x2: Gives Movement Speed increase of 100% for 20 seconds. Immune to all Crowd Control during acceleration.

Protection Scroll x2: Provides a shield that absorbs 5000 damage for 60 seconds.

Strength Scroll x2: Increases attack power by 200% and critical chance by 10% for 30 seconds.

There were a total of eight scrolls, which were all quest items. Upon completion of the quest, they would vanish, even if they were unused. If the quest could not be completed, the scrolls would vanish after six hours.

After Lu Li received the items, he ignored the clamoring of the people who wanted to know how he got the hidden quest as he turned invisible and left. His destination was the Warsong Canyon.

The Warsong Canyon was one of the two PVP maps currently available in the game. This map was a PVP player’s paradise, and they would fight here until they bled and sweat.

There was no innocence or mercy here.

This place operated under the sole philosophy of kill or be killed.

Lu Li didn’t even want to use his crow transformation, because the air was packed with air combat units.

Airships, Griffins, High Hawks…

The Troll Archers were very proficient. They could shoot down anything, even a mosquito.

There were also countless dangers on the ground, but at least he would have sufficient time to deal with them.

If he met an NPC that he couldn’t beat, he could use the scrolls to help him offensively or defensively. As for the hostile camp later, he hadn’t even considered the possibility of failure.

A white-feathered Griffin dove from above to grab a player into the air and drop them.

The player screamed, before instantly turning into a glowing, white ball. PVP maps didn’t leave any corpses, otherwise this place would have been completely covered in bones.

There was a Troll Archer shooting arrows atop a gray raptor that dashed about wildly. It was a LV20 Elite NPC with astonishing lethality; every arrow it shot felled a Light Faction player.

As it galloped through some woods, a large spell flew towards it.

This Troll Archer could no longer dash about. It fell off the raptor and was engulfed into the spell.

Lu Li carefully avoided the dangerous areas, carefully exploring each location. He didn’t want to provide himself with any opportunity to be killed.

System: Kill the hostile camp players, Corporal Rank, Reward of 5 Glory points.

Lu Li bent over and picked up a piece of equipment left by his prey and quickly re-entered Stealth. By the time his prey’s companions realized what had happened, not a single hair was left to be found.

There was one property that Lu Li didn’t have from his set of LV15 Steel equipment – Toughness. Not only did this increase defense, but it also reduced the probability of being critically hit. This kind of attribute belonged to mainstream PVP equipment that would be quickly snatched up if put into the Exchange Hall.

PVE players could grind this kind of equipment by doing Instance Dungeons.

However, PVP players who didn’t have guild support would need to spend money at the Quartermaster, if they wanted equipment with Toughness. The price wasn’t too high; they just needed to have a certain number of Glory Points.

PVE players could become rich in one lifetime, but PVP players would remain poor for three generations. There was some truth to this statement.

Lu Li once again killed a hostile camp player. As he turned around, he found himself stunned by the amazing scene in the sky.

A huge Wind Wielder was hit square in the chest by a Dwarf’s crossbow and staggered, before falling into the hillside forest.

Wind Wielders were of the Wyvern genus, but were not real dragons. They were at most a pseudo-dragon, and were one of the Evil Faction’s most common flying monsters. However, the scary thing about them was that they all looked like Bosses.

Fortune favours the bold!

Lu Li quickly looked around, before turning into a Crow and flying towards where the Wind Wielder had fallen.

Despite other people seeing the Wind Wielder fall, they would not be able get there before Lu Li. The ground of the Warsong Canyon was steep, which made it difficult to go uphill and presented a risk of falling.

Lu Li didn’t have these issues; he just needed to worry about getting shot down or encountering other air units on the way there.

Lady Luck had always smiled on him and this time was no exception. Lu Li landed and threw his head back to gulp down an Intermediate health Potion, before immediately going back into Stealth.

The Wind Wielder was not very far ahead. It was still not dead yet and was struggling in the trees.

This flying creature was of a dragon-descent, so it had amazing regenerative abilities. Although it was badly bruised and vomiting blood, it would regenerate to its original form if given some time.

He had to be quick!

Lu Li rushed up and cast Cheap Shot to stun it.

The level gap was so big that the original four second stun only lasted a little more than a second.


He knew that it would have high HP, but not 120,000-high. Even the Death Mines’ Bosses at Difficult-level had 60-70,000 HP at most.



Lu Li went pale. He had always thought he was very strong.

Who knew what level of defense he was up against here?

The Wind Wielder had already suffered a serious injury and was almost defenseless…


Seeing that the Wind Wielder was just about to wake up, Lu Li cast Ambush on its huge wound.