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Chapter 164: Throwing Caution to the Wind

Chapter 164: Throwing Caution to the Wind

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Lu Li was surprised – an attack on the wound had resulted in such a strong effect.

Of course, not every attack would result in a wound.

He had five combo points but Slit Throat was too hard to complete due to the Wind Wielder’s size. Instead, he cast a Backhand Backstab directly onto the wound.


At this rate, there was still hope of victory.

The Wind Wielder recovered from its dazed state and swung a claw at Lu Li. He was immediately knocked away into a tree with considerable force.


After what seemed like half a day, he got up and checked his HP. What he saw shocked him; he could have been instantly killed.

Lu Li was now LV20 and had significantly better equipment than when he was at LV10.

His constitution had not been increased, but he still had over 1800 HP due to the bonuses from his equipment. This was significantly more than other Agility Professions. Even if another Thief had some additional constitution, they would still look like an anemic patient to him.

Even so, Lu Li was left with less than 100 HP after being hit.

He knew that the Wind Wielder would be strong, but not this strong.

The Wind Wielder wanted to get up and finish off Lu Li, but after failing to do so, it helplessly fell back onto the ground and started to foam at the mouth.

It only had two thousand HP left!

The huge wound caused by the crossbow was still dealing damage to it.

However, this loss was slowly decreasing and the Wind Wielder’s HP began to stabilize. In a few minutes, its regenerative ability would quickly restore its HP.

Lu Li faced a tough choice.

To kill or not to kill?

If he chose not to and walked away, he would obviously have nothing to gain.

If he tried to kill it, he might not have the ability to finish the job.

Even if he brought his whole team, he wasn’t sure if they could do it.

In his past life, Lu Li was just a second rate expert, so he never had the opportunity to join a strong guilds. He always saw these kinds of giant monsters from afar, so he didn’t know how strong they really were. If this Wind Wielder was in its normal form, it would actually not be much weaker than a flying dragon.

There weren’t many people who dared to provoke a pseudo-dragon like the Wind Wielder. It was better to try and fight a Griffin.

However, it wasn’t as though Lu Li didn’t have a plan.

He was currently carrying eight scrolls which were supposed to be used for the ‘Destroy the Supply’ quest. With these scrolls, he would stand a good chance of killing the Wind Wielder.

Lu Li’s expression fluctuated, before he let out a sigh and turned away.

He was afraid that it would be a wasted effort. If he used the scrolls and was still killed by the Wind Wielder, then he would also fail his original goal…

After taking two steps away, he suddenly stopped andslapped himself in the face.

Lu Li, you’re a coward!

How big was the probability of finding a dying Boss? Out of the millions of players in Dawn, only a few would face such a situation.

He threw his head back and downed an Intermediate Health Potion. After thinking about it for a moment, he also drank a Basic Agility Potion. The bonuses weren’t huge, but it was better than nothing.

Lu Li ripped open one of the scrolls!

A lavender shield appeared around his body. This shield could absorb 5000 points of damage for 60 seconds.

Then, he ripped open a second scroll!

His attack power was increased by 200% and his critical chance was increased by 10% for 30 seconds.

After this, he used his Shadow Cloak’s effect to instantly appear behind the Boss.

His grand exit could have been seen from the back of the monster.

Cheap Shot!

Cheap Shot didn’t result in a stun this time, but he received two combo points nonetheless.

Lu Li’s eyes turned red, as he stabbed the dagger into the wound with all his might.



This attack was a critical hit. With the 200% attack bonus, the damage that resulted was simply insane.

Suddenly, the enemy before him vanished. The Wind Wielder flapped its battered wings and turned to face him, launching a dark ball of flame from its mouth.

Lu Li reacted quickly. He waved the dagger in his left hand to block the attack as he pressed forwards!

The dark flame ball then exploded.

-102, -115, -89, -126…

It seemed that even near-extinguished sparks still dealt a lot of damage. A few dozen of these sparks landed on Lu Li, dealing over 2000 damage.

Such was the nature of an offensive skill. If the Wind Wielder had used a dark-flame-ball instead of its tail for its first attack, Lu Li would have already died.

Fortunately, he had a shield that could absorb 5000 points in damage. Otherwise, he would have died here as well.





The Wind Wielder had now sustained a lot of damage. Knowing that its life was at stake, it extended its claws and slashed at Lu Li three times in a row.

-814, -789, 1152!

Lu Li’s shield was flickering and was about to be extinguished.

By now, it had absorbed over 4000 damage and no matter how optimistically he calculated it, it wouldn’t last the next wave of attacks.

Lu Li got out his second Protection Scroll and put it in his mouth, ready to tear it open. However, he didn’t immediately do it.

Even though he had used one of his Protection Scrolls, there was still hope for completing his quest. However, if he used both of them, there wouldn’t be any hope left.

As such, he gambled on his last attack.

Slit Throat!

Lu Li jumped as high as he could and swung his dagger at the long throat of the Wind Wielder.

His attack angle wasn’t great and he couldn’t aim at his target properly, so his Skill Completion wasn’t very high. Despite this, Lu Li felt confident in this attack, as his dagger was cut through the Wind Wielder’s muscles.

This was a mysterious feeling and was one that couldn’t be empirically determined.

He even put away the scroll that he was ready to tear.


The Wind Wielder let out a whine and its half-lifted, sharp claws dropped onto the ground.

Lu Li’s body flashed white. He had even levelled up!

This monster had made a LV20 Lu Li directly level up from half EXP.

What level could the monster possibly be?

From the start of the battle to the end, Lu Li couldn’t work out what grade or level it was.

In fact, he had only received 20% of the Wind Wielder’s EXP. After all, when the Wind Wielder had fallen, it only had 2,000 of its original 130,000 HP remaining.

A Wind Wielder was 10 levels higher than a Griffin, and couldn’t even be compared to the Troll Archers.

Lu Li had just killed one of the Paladin’s strongest mounts. A standard LV50 Boss.

If Lu Li didn’t have the scrolls and it wasn’t already significantly weakened, it wouldn’t even have to fight back. Lu Li’s weak attacks would have been mitigated by its innate regeneration.

Lu Li couldn’t afford to take a moment to breath. He immediately dashed to the dropping equipment, afraid that someone might rush out to take these trophies.