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Chapter 165: A Gift From The Heavens

Chapter 165: A Gift From The Heavens

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Lu Li didn’t even pause to breathe and leapt towards the equipment on the ground, afraid that someone else might rush out and steal his spoils of war.

Right after he cleared up all of the equipment, a person rushed out from the thickets with a ‘whoosh’.

He was around 30 years old and looked like a classic ‘uncle’. Lu Li wasn’t sure if he had as much hair in the real world as well, but he had a thick, bushy beard in the game.

Many people made such adjustments to their characters. Even if they couldn’t completely change their appearance, even small alterations like this made them look quite different.

Lu Li waved his hand and said, “Aren’t you the Demon King Green Flag? Why are you here as well?”

Green Flag Wine had been preparing to make a move, but had been unexpectedly recognised by his target. He somewhat awkwardly put away his hammer as he replied, “That’s right, I’m Green Flag Wine. Who are you?”

“Lu Li…”

The other player evidently wasn’t an idiot, so he probably couldn’t get away with lying.

The name ‘Lu Li’ was like a magic spell. Almost everyone in Dawn knew about this name and Green Flag Wine was no exception. Although he was also an expert, he had never achieved anything that was announced on the World Channel.

“So it’s the great thief. It’s an honour to meet you.”

“You’re being too modest. Did you see who killed this monstrous bird?” Lu Li asked innocently.

“You came first…” Green Flag Wine felt speechless.

“I was too late,” Lu Li replied.


Green Flag Wine didn’t believe Lu Li, but they were both experts, so he couldn’t just make a ruckus.

“Have you learned Skinning? You should probably skin it. I’ll be leaving first,” Lu Li said, as he activated Stealth.

Being a Thief was incredibly convenient. You could leave at any time you wanted, as long you couldn’t be seen.

“Ai, I might as well skin it. I guess it’s better than nothing,” Green Flag Wine shrugged, as he began to skin the Wind Wielder. To be able to skin a LV50 monster, it was likely that he had an item that increased his skinning success-rate.

As he toiled away, he suddenly felt that something was off.

Looking up, he found that there was a growing crowd gathered around him.

“Bro, give us a share.”

The players standing around Green Flag Wine all eyed him maliciously.

A single Knight was completely helpless against such a large crowd.

They would be able to coerce him into dropping the things that he had just picked up.

“Screw you Lu Li!”

Green Flag Wine realised that he had fallen into a trap.

Have you learned Skinning? You should probably skin it.

Green Flag Wine knew that word that he had killed a high-level Wind Wielder Boss would quickly spread throughout Dawn like wildfire. No one would believe otherwise, even if he explained until his lips bled.

“You dare to curse at my idol?! Hurry up and take out the equipment you picked up,” a young player embarrassingly said, as he glared at Green Flag Wine.

“He’s not retarded – how can he just take out the equipment? Everyone attack him and take his equipment!”

“That’s right! If he took it out willingly, wouldn’t we just be beggars? If we want something, we’ll just kill him and take what he drops!”

With so many people gathered together, there were bound to be a few scoundrels.

Green Flag Wine was furious, almost to the point of tears. He scratched his beard as he defeatedly said, “I’ll leave this place to you guys. Don’t take this trash too seriously – we’re all from the Light Faction, so just teach them a lesson.”

“Yes sir. Boss Green Flag, leave this place to us.”

Ten or so players stepped forward, all bearing the insignia of the Peerless City.

The Peerless City was a large guild in the Light Faction, and was said to be supported by the multinational corporation Peerless Digital. There were many large corporations investing into the game, with Peerless Digital being one of the largest ones.

Green Flag Wine was one of Peerless City’s top experts, so he was always followed around by a group of subordinates. How could he just walk around by himself?

Lu Li seemed to be a lot more devious than he let on.

Green Flag Wine thought back and realised that the Wind Rider had definitely been killed by Lu Li, who took the equipment it dropped. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have framed him like this and run off.

I’ll settle this with him when I get the chance.

Green Flag Wine was a very open-minded person. Despite knowing that he had been conned, he didn’t become angry.

By now, Lu Li had run across half of the Warsong Canyon. It was not until he knew that he was absolutely safe did he stop to have a look at the equipment he had obtained.

Tempest Leather Boots (Silver): 25 Armour, All Stats+10, Movement Speed+5%, Special Effect: Escape. After activating, you instantly appear at a location within 15 feet. Cooldown Time: 180 seconds, Level Requirement: LV25. Durability: 50/50.

Looking at his own tattered Boots, Lu Li couldn’t help but praise the system.

Swift Leather Boots (Steel): 8 Armour, Agility+4, Special Effect: Swiftness- when Stealthed, Movement Speed+10%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown Time: 120 seconds. Effects cannot be stacked. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 30/30.

The Swift Leather Boots were a piece of LV5 equipment that gave only 4 points of Agility and heavily lacked in Armour. Despite this, he had never replaced them.

This was because the Movement Speed+10% effect was too rare. No other special effect, whether it was LV10 or LV15, could compare to that of the Swift Leather Boots..

However, these Tempest Leather Boots were different. Although the All Stats+10 wasn’t as good as a simple 20 points of Agility, it was still much better than that which the Swift Leather Boots offered. Moreover, with another 10 points of Constitution, his survivability would be significantly increased as well.

Although the 5% Movement Speed it gave was less than the 10% of the Swift Leather Boots, there was a significant difference. The Tempest Leather Boots gave a permanent, guaranteed 5% Movement Speed, whereas the Swift Leather Boots only provided the 10% Movement Speed as an active skill that lasted for 10 seconds.

Finally, there was its Special Effect – Escape.

For players like Lu Li, who relied on speed and positioning, the best type of shoes were Flying Shoes. There were two types of Flying Shoes, with the first being the Escape Type. By activating the Special Effect, players could be instantly moved to a random position within a certain distance. The other was the Flash Type, which allowed players to control their teleportation.

Flash was a core Mage skill, so shoes with this sort of Special Effect were incredibly rare. In Lu Li’s ‘past life’, no more than 10 people had the Flash Type Flying Shoes, even after the game had been opened for 3 years.

Most people would already be ecstatic to have the Escape Type.

The only pity was that this pair of shoes had a high level requirement. Lu Li had just levelled up, and was only LV21. If he wanted to equip this pair of shoes, it would probably take him at least a week.

All he had to do was be patient; he would be able to equip them sooner or later.

Apart from these exquisite Silver-grade Flying Shoes, there was also a Silver-grade Wind Ring for Shamans. Apart from increasing stats and damage, it had a Special Effect that increased Totem-type Magic by 10%, and another that reduced the Equipment Requirement level by 30%.

As he examined the Ring, Lu Li suddenly realised that his Permanent Party was lacking a Shaman.

With the Ring and a Bloodthirster Totem, the entire team’s damage would skyrocket.

The final Special Effect was also quite extraordinary. The Ring could normally only be worn at LV30, but with the Special Effect, it could be worn at LV21. This kind of stat made equipment incredibly valuable.

Apart from these two pieces of equipment, there were also two Steel grade equips. However, their stats were far too inferior and could only be equipped at LV40. Lu Li decided to just throw them into the Exchange Hall.

The level of equipment dropped by Bosses corresponded to the players’ levels, in addition to some other factors. Normally, the higher the grade, the lower the required level. Silver-grade equipment was usually LV20-30, Steel-grade equipment was usually around LV40, and if there was any Bronze grade equipment, they would be LV50. Luckily, the system hadn’t screwed him over by giving him LV50 Bronze-grade equipment.

Lu Li had also obtained a rare material, which was a Darkplate Scale. It could greatly increase HP Regeneration when using it to forge Dark Gold-grade equipment, which made it quite valuable. In time, it would sell for 100 gold or so. However, Lu Li wasn’t so dumb as to sell it for 100 gold.

This haul was truly a gift from the heavens. Lu Li patted his full bag, feeling overjoyed.