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Chapter 168: Facing a Strong Warrior

Chapter 168: Facing a Strong Warrior

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Lu Li activated the skill. One second, two seconds…

Unlock took 10 seconds to cast.

Those 10 seconds felt like years to him. This was especially so when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The metallic boots made thumping noises as they stomped up the stairs.

Five seconds, six seconds…

Lu Li could already see the Orc Warrior’s savage face and his muscular body. He was holding a gigantic hammer in his hands.

Seven seconds… hurry up, hurry up!

Of course, the moment that Lu Li saw the Orc Warrior, the Orc Warrior also saw him.

Even if the Orc Warrior was intellectually impaired, he would immediately understand what was happening as soon as he saw Lu Li. He stared in shock for a moment, before roaring and rushing towards Lu Li with his hammer raised.

Lu Li remained motionless, as if the Orc Warrior didn’t exist.

Ding! The sound of metal being struck sounded out. Lu Li didn’t have enough time to dodge, so all he could do was rip open the scroll that he had prepared in advance.

5,000 damage was absorbed!


The Orc Warrior’s attack not only dealt damage, but was able to knock Lu Li back.

Before Lu Li could stretch his hands into the treasure chest, he was sent flying. His body heavily hit the clocktower’s stone walls, causing him to take more damage.

The Orc Warrior did not continue to attack him, but produced a whistle and madly blew into it.

From the Orc’s perspective, the Night Elf in front of him had the Light Faction’s Light Shield which was impossible to quickly destroy by himself. As such, he decided to call for reinforcements.

Lu Li took in a breath of cold air.

Goddamit. You’re a LV30 Elite but you’re calling for reinforcements? Do you have any shame?!

Lu Li unhesitatingly activated his Cloak’s Special Effect, which allowed him to instantly appear behind the Orc Warrior and use Cheap Shot!

His dagger accurately stabbed into the back of the Orc Warrior’s head. Because of their level difference, the 4 seconds of stun was reduced to 2 seconds.

Despite the reduction in time, it was still enough.

Lu Li ran over to the treasure chest and grabbed the items inside it.

Luckily, not much time had elapsed. If the treasure chest was not opened within 30 seconds of being unlocked, it would become locked again.

Lu Li didn’t have time to see if any of the two items were the item he wanted. He had to face a furious Orc Warrior, not to mention the reinforcements that were storming up the stairs.

Things had escalated rather quickly.

Anyone else would have simply closed their eyes and given up at that point. After all, the items from the treasure chest would not necessarily be dropped.

However, Lu Li definitely wouldn’t give up.

Part of the reason for this was his stubborn nature. Even if he had to die, he would die fighting.

Another reason still was the fact that he had a quest to complete and had 7 PK Points. If he died, he would drop so much equipment that he would cry.

Lu Li turned and ran, while reaching into his bag.

The Raven Transformation required 30 seconds of channelling and the Child of the Forest was only effective within an altitude of 100 feet. He was at least 300 feet high in the air, so Lu Li could only count on this item to save him.

A kite!

A torn and tattered kite!

Back when Lu Li first entered the game, he had immediately gone to obtain this kite. It was because of this kite that he had obtained the Supreme One Ring, which had paved the way to his current achievements.

He simply couldn’t bear to part with this kite, despite the fact that it took up 3 spaces in his bag.

The Barrenlands were windy all year round. Lu Li held on to the kite as he jumped down. The wind lifted him up, but his descent was quite rocky because the kite was so frayed.

The Crossroads was a major traffic hub, so there were always crowds of people there. At this current stage of the game, its population was at a peak.

The ruckus on the clocktower, as well as the Orcs’ ear-splitting roars, piqued the players’ curiosity. Soon enough, they saw a large kite floating down.

Bystander A: A god has descended!

Bystander B: God my ass, that’s obviously a player.

Bystander A: Bull crap, of course I knew that was a player. It’s a Light Faction dog.

Bystander B: Ah, a Light Faction dog. Why’s he over here on our side? And why did he fly down from the clocktower?

Bystander C: I think that he stole something good. Otherwise, those big thugs (Orcs) wouldn’t be so furious. Haha, what good luck to be able to escape like that.

Bystander B: It’s possible that he won’t escape. There are people everywhere.

Bystander A: Let’s go and have a look. Maybe we’ll be able to get some freebies.

Lu Li did his best to control his direction and steered himself towards a point outside of the Crossroads Outpost.

However, to say that he had successfully escaped at this point would be a bit premature. Not only were there many players trying to kill him, a group NPCs had rushed out from the Outpost, wanting to bring him to justice.

Was this really necessary? It was just a Basic Blueprint that he had stolen.

Even with the kite slowing his fall, he had still quite rapidly descended the 300-400 feet from the top of the clocktower.

The ground came closer and closer, as he braced himself for impact.


Half of his HP bar had been emptied. Lu Li hurriedly drank an Intermediate Potion.

Just as he raised the potion to his lips, a black figure rushed out from the side, stunning him.

Hamstring, Movement Speed Reduction!

Armour Pierce, Defence Reduction!

The third strike of the axe was surrounded by a cluster of red light. This was Slash – a skill that could cause him to continuously bleed.

Lu Li was rather frightened at this point. If he was successfully hit by this, he would be unable to go into Stealth due to the continuous damage. A Thief who was unable to go into Stealth would be ripped apart by these players and NPCs.


Lu Li successfully entered Stealth and stepped back, avoiding the Slash.

After Lu Li disappeared, the Warrior continued to swing his axe. He had previously used this method to force many Thieves out of hiding. It was a pity that he wasn’t successful this time. By the time he had swung in another direction, Lu Li, despite his reduced Movement Speed, had already moved away.


This Warrior definitely wasn’t an ordinary player.

Lu Li closely observed this Orc Warrior, but couldn’t identify him. After all, most Orcs looked the same, so they didn’t need to worry about being identified in real life.

It was an effective destruction of appearance.

Whirlwind had a large AOE and gave the Warrior a speed buff. If Lu Li maintained his current speed, it would be difficult for him to avoid it.

Lu Li unhesitatingly cancelled his Stealth, and used his Gloves’ Special Effect – Sudden Thrust. The instant he activated the Special Effect, he changed direction, dashing away from the Warrior.

Lu Li felt that this Warrior was quite difficult to deal with, but the Warrior was even more shocked by Lu Li’s skills.

The Warrior’s name was Gaze, and was very famous within the Evil Faction.

He had accepted a Bounty Quest, and his target just so happened to be at the Crossroads. As such, he was close by when Lu Li had jumped down from the clocktower.

Seeing that it was an enemy player, Gaze unhesitatingly used Charge to stun Lu Li.

This was the difference between experts and ordinary players. Charge could be used by anyone, but experts like Gaze and Moonlight could accurately hit their target from a distance and maximise the stun dealt to them.

An ordinary Warrior might not be able to catch an opportunity to stun Lu Li, even if he was standing beside them. When Lu Li had been surrounded by the Imperial Secret Service players, none of the Warriors could do anything to him.

Lu Li rushed out of the Whirlwind’s range, but before he could even take a breath, he was stunned by a Warrior who used Charge from behind him.