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Chapter 169: Orb of Deception

Chapter 169: Orb of Deception

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If Lu Li could see his own face right now, he would be so embarrassed.

Did he use Charge again?!

He had used Charge twice in the span of 20 seconds. Players at this level shouldn’t have been able to do that.

Perhaps it wasn’t Charge…

Rather, this skill was from a piece of equipment, much like his own cloak which had an active similar to Shadow Step. If Lu Li were to learn Shadow Step as well, he would be able to cast the skill twice.

Lu Li didn’t have time to figure out which Warrior equip had the Charge active, and immediately casted Gale Steps.

The animation of Gale Steps played as Lu Li quickly bolted forward, causing the Warrior’s Slash to miss yet again.

Lu Li became invulnerable and proceeded to enter into Stealth.

This caused the slow and the armour piercing effect to both disappear, returning Lu Li to his peak condition. However, he knew that he couldn’t stay around for much longer.

“Can I have your name?” he stopped in his tracks and asked.

“My name is Gaze, who are you? There are a few decent Thieves in the Light Faction but I’ve never seen you before.”

The Warrior knew Lu Li was planning on leaving because they were both evenly matched. The battle would take too long to decide and it was not the right place or time.

For the sake of his pride, he would never gang up on Lu Li with a group of players.

“Lu Li…” Because Lu Li knew this, he wasn’t afraid to reveal his identity.

“So you’re Lu Li. No wonder, some say you’re the best Thief in the Light Faction. It was an honour to battle you today; your reputation is well-deserved,” Gaze suddenly realised. At first, he didn’t care at all about “The Great Thief”, but now he understood why Lu Li was so highly-respected.

“Next time, we’ll decide the winner.”

Lu Li was also more than happy to schedule a rematch against such a formidable opponent.

Gaze wasn’t much stronger than Moonlight. However, because Lu Li had played together with Moonlight so many times, he knew his every move, skills and gear like the back of his hands.

Lu Li helplessly watched as the blood-thirsty Evil Faction players came rushing towards him. After taking one last look at the Warrior to make sure he remembered his face, he activated a speed scroll and the speed boost from his shoes and quickly vanished.

Where had stood just moments ago was bombarded with various spells and attacks.

Hundreds of Evil Faction players swore to kill the invader and furiously began to type out, “Protect home-ground, find Light Faction scum.”

NPCs sent scouting teams around the area, making sure that there was nowhere to hide.

However, they knew that it was almost impossible to catch Lu Li. All he had to do was leave the battle and find a secluded place where he could teleport back to town.

Lu Li did not return to town, however, and instead decided to rest up in a tent that he had found.

Before entering it, he killed the small mobs that were hanging around inside. No one would care to look inside an old and broken tent.

He rested while eating bread and fruit to fill his hunger.

After the new System Update, a hunger feature was added to make the game even more realistic. Players experienced hunger after fasting for a long time, which decreased stats and could eventually lead to starvation.

Lu Li had been completing the Profession Upgrade Quest the whole morning and didn’t have time to eat.

Bread and fruit wasn’t enough to satisfy his hunger, but at the very least, his status wouldn’t decrease.

While he rested, he took out the rewards he had gained from the day.

Blue Print: Beginner Battle Field Maintenance Robot

Field: Engineering

Requirement: Engineering (85)

Use: Teaches you to create Beginner Field Maintenance Robot. Sells Magic Material and can repair damaged items.

Beginner Field Maintenance Robot: Summons a robot that sells materials and food. Can repair damaged items up to 10 times. After 10 minutes, its internal motor fails.

The Field Bot blueprint was what Lu Li had been after.

Robots that were created from engineering were very useful, especially in an Instance Dungeon setting. When players were killed, their gear proficiency would decrease, which required repair. Repairing damaged items can only be done in town, unless if one had a portable Maintenance Robots, which could conduct repairs on the spot.

Maintenance Robot blueprints were extremely hard to find. Lu Li had coincidentally found out that the blueprint could be found at the clocktower near the crossroads. He remembered from his past life that many players would kill for this blue print.

There was also something else.

Lu Li had high hopes for the item, because the Horde Warriors were trying to retrieve this at all costs.

An orb? An orb!

Deception Orb!

Lu Li held his breath as he started trembling.

How could a Deception Orb come out of a treasure chest?!

Normally the chest only contained blueprints, which was known to most players in the game. However, no one knew that there was a chance of receiving a Deception Orb by opening it.

It must have had an extremely low drop rate.

This explained why the Horde Warriors were chasing him. Deception Orbs were an overpowered item that upon equipping, would disguise a player as the other faction and allow them free passage into enemy territory.

Deception Orb (Special): Allows the user to transform into a member of the other Faction for 1 hour. 4-hour cooldown.

Lu Li knew of another method to obtain a Deception Orb from a PVP quest. However, it was a quest item which was given by the quest NPC and was to be used to scout out and assassinate enemy players.

Being a quest item, it had a limited time of use.

However, the Deception Orb that Lu Li had wasn’t the same as the quest item version. The effects seemed to be even better than the one from the NPC.

Lu Li held the Orb in his hands and decided to use it.

System: Item used. Please enter your race, profession and name.

Undead, Thief, No Name.

Lu Li felt his body transform.

After a short while, his flesh seemed to peel away, exposing bone as he became an Undead.

He stood still for a while, completely dumbfounded. The monsters that Lu Li had killed before respawned and rushed towards him. He quickly snapped back into reality and casted his skills in his Undead body.

It worked!

The monsters were quickly taken care of because of the level difference, however, this didn’t matter to him. The most important thing was that he had gained a new identity.