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Chapter 170: Setting the Barracks on Fire

Chapter 170: Setting the Barracks on Fire

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The Deception Orb enabled Lu Li to do things that he couldn’t do before. No one would suspect that an Undead or Demon character was in fact Lu Li in disguise.

This way, he wouldn’t have to stay hidden on the Level Rankings.

Hiding his name on the Level Rankings allowed Azure Sea Breeze to cover for him. Many people argued over whether Lu Li or Azure Sea Breeze was the best PVE player in the Light Faction.

Besides the commander, the heart and soul of any team was the Main Tank. The Main Tank, without a doubt decided how far a team would be able to progress.

Ever since the second system update, many players on the Level Ranking had become anonymous, leading some people to believe that Azure Sea Breeze had become the top player on the rankings.

On the other hand, many people argued that Lu Li was on top of the rankings because he was the core of the team and was even able to solo bosses.

A Thief as the core?

This statement was seen as a joke.

Soloing bosses wasn’t anything new or noteworthy either. The expert Hunter Glacial Autumn could do it as well.

The people who actually knew Lu Li’s level, such as Hornet Nest, wouldn’t bother spreading the news anyway.

Lu Li didn’t want to appear boastful, because he was worried about the safety of his teammates and his real-life identity. Even though Internet Security was now very advanced, which deterred most criminals from committing crimes, he still didn’t want to risk anything.

With the Deception Orb, he could finally bring out the real potential of a Thief.

Lu Li played the game with a clear goal – to make money and provide his sister a better quality of life. Because of this, he had been constantly under stress was worried about everything.

Decisive and reckless: that was the way Lu Li had played the game in his past life.

He was friends with troublemakers, drank the strongest alcohol, killed people from big guilds, stole bosses from whomever he pleased and became hated by everyone.

However, in the end, he regretted everything because he had been selfish and neglected his sister.

Lu Li was a good kid at heart. Even though he had several altercations with the Imperial Secret Service and other guilds, he was still focused on making money. He was still focused on taking his team to new heights.

No Name, on the other hand, was a Thief, who walked in darkness with blood and death by his side.

As the effects lasted for an hour with a cooldown of four hours, he could have a new identity up to four times a day.

He felt his skeletal face and put on his bandana. Now he could easily complete the quest ‘Destroy the Supply’.

The Evil Faction had set up camp on a mountain near the crossroads and stored most of their supplies there.

Lu Li casually strolled into the camp site. The two Orc Warriors that were guarding the door saw him but didn’t think much of it.

The camp site was extremely messy with hay and armour strewn everywhere. There was also some marinated meat, which was the staple food for Orc Warriors. As well as this, there were some Human slaves in there and some other players.

“Oi, little skeleton guy, get me some fresh meat,” an Orc Commander demanded, as he whipped the ground before Lu Li.

Lu Li had no choice but to stop and ask, “What kind of meat?”

“There are some lion and wolf packs nearby, but if you could hunt some raptors that would be even better,” the Orc mocked, with his pungent breath.

System: Quest Received “Fresh Meat”.

Lu Li was confused; the Deception Orb’s effect was bizarre.

The system had allowed him to accept quests from the other Faction.

In his past life, when he had used the Deception Orb for the PVP quest and tried speaking to NPCs from the other Faction, they would simply ignore him.

Lu Li was actually planning on escaping when he saw the LV40 Orc Commander.

“What are you waiting for? hurry up and go. Goddamn skeleton scum.”

The Orc Commander impatiently whipped Lu Li. It hurt slightly, but didn’t deal any damage.

“As you please.”

You idiot, can’t you tell I’m an imposter? Lu Li turned around and saw the pack of lions that had spawned.

The lions were LV15-16 monsters and were a piece of cake for Lu Li.

Lu Li used harvest on the corpse and received Fresh Meat.

After inspecting it closely, he found that it was a quest item and could not be consumed.

Lu Li quickly obtained 40 pieces of Fresh Meat.

He found the Orc Commander again and gave him the quest items.

Perhaps it was because of how fast Lu Li had completed the quest, but the Orc was extremely pleased. “Soldier of the Horde, War Chief Thrall is grateful for your efforts.”

Lu Li was rewarded with a pathetic amount of EXP. However, he didn’t care and proclaimed excitedly with his hands on his chest, “For the Horde, Victory for Sylvanas!”

Lu Li had a passion for acting.

“For the Horde!” the Orc exclaimed as he thumped on his own chest.

The Evil Faction didn’t think that they were evil, especially the Orcs who called themselves the Horde. On the other hand, the Light Faction was an alliance between many races, hence the name Alliance. This was otherwise known to the Evil Faction players as Light Faction dog or Alliance scum.

Lu Li wandered around the camp site for a bit, gathering information about the area. He set the four explosive bombs while nobody was looking.

All he had to do was activate them and the whole campsite would become a sea of fire.

He felt slightly sorry, but it was a game, after all.

Lu Li ignited the bombs and bolted away in his Cougar form.

After a few seconds, the bombs were set off and an explosion appeared behind him.

System: You’ve defeated Horde players, received 117 Glory points.

System: You’ve defeated Horde NPC, received 1450 Glory Points. EXP rewarded.

System: You’ve defeated Alliance NPC. PVP points increased by 27. 2700 Glory Points deducted.

The first two system notification made him very happy. However, the last notification was totally unexpected.

The EXP wasn’t so bad. Lu Li’s EXP bar increased by 14% at LV21.

He had been rewarded 1567 Glory points, but was also deducted 2700 Glory Points.

He had 468 points to begin with, which dropped to -665 after the explosion. All the effort he had put in was completely wasted.

It wouldn’t have been as bad if he had only lost Glory Points, however, his PVP points had also increased by 27 points. He had put in so much effort to decrease his PVP points to 7, but this had been completely undone.

His PVP points were so high; when would he be able to clear them out?!