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Chapter 176: The Amazing Hachi Chan

Chapter 176: The Amazing Hachi Chan

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With a Mold that could forge Silver equipment, even the worst possible Forging outcome would be an entire grade better than any Instance Dungeon drop. If the player was lucky and forged a high or perfect quality equip, it would be comparable to Gold-grade.

The only problem was that Molds were very rare and were single-use.

Upon seeing the name ‘Umbranse’s Staff’, Lu Li immediately knew where the Mold had come from. Umbranse’s Judgment!

“Umbranse’s Judgment” was a difficult quest in which the player had to face a LV20 humanoid Boss.

Before attempting it, one would have to complete dozens of pre-quests to gather enough of Umbranse’s Poison. The boss could only be killed with this poison. This was one of the most tedious, low-level quests.

Without completing these pre-quests, the only way to beat it was by brute force in numbers.

Even so, this LV20 Boss had considerable strength. Facing a large guild, let alone Lu Li’s party of ten, would be child’s play for it.

Umbranse’s drops were usually very strong. In addition to a Mold for a Silver equip, there was also a very small chance of a Gold weapon called ‘Fate’ to drop.

It also dropped a few recipes…

“You’ve killed Umbranse; did it drop a Poison recipe?”

Lu Li held his breath, fearing a disappointing response.

“Poison…” Hachi Chan looked confused for a second before suddenly responding, “I think there was a recipe called Deadly Poison. I haven’t had the chance to sell it.”

“That’s great. How about you sell it to me?” Lu Li was overjoyed, as she did indeed have the Deadly Poison.

It seemed that Hachi Chan had stockpiled a treasure trove. Lu Li was glad that he had accepted her.

Hachi Chan rummaged through her backpack for a while before producing the recipe.

“Does your backpack really have that many things in it?” Sesame Rice Ball had always been curious, having seen Hachi Chan rummage through her backpack like that more than once.

“Yeah, there’s so much stuff. I have 4 backpacks with 16 spaces that are all full. I can’t fit anything more into storage either.” Hachi Chan looked depressed.

Sixteen-space backpacks?? How frustrating. Lu Li and the others were still using the 12-space backpacks that March Rain had sewn, which already put them ahead of the regular players. However, all of their backpacks combined wouldn’t have been enough for the quest expert.

“Aren’t you afraid of losing your equipment?” Sesame Rice Ball asked with concern.

“Nope, I did a quest that awarded me with an attribute that prevents items from dropping,” Hachi Chan replied with pride.

“She’s child of the System, she has to be,” Lu Li thought to himself.

There was a very humble NPC called Cerellean Whiteclaw who resided by the Black Sea Coast. Despite his docile nature, he wasn’t one to be underestimated, as he was one of the first Elite Druids to be trained by Malfurion. When the Well of Eternity exploded, Cerellean lost his beloved and had never recovered since. If he eventually managed to move past his sorrow, he could become as strong as Brother Frandral Staghelm.

If Lu Li remembered correctly, there would be a day when Cerellean Whiteclaw would suddenly emerge.

In two years, Cerellean Whiteclaw would fight the Dark Dragon Princess Onyxia, on a day that would become known as Twillight Gloom. In the end, the Druid would be wounded, giving the Dark Dragon Princess an opportunity to escape.

He was the one that could give players the attribute that would prevent any items from dropping upon death. This included anything the player was wearing or storing in their backpacks.

Unfortunately, this attribute was only given to certain players. After Lu Li left the Novice village, he had tried to gain it, but was rejected, because he was not a Druid.

“You’ll need two rare materials. I only have Jade Spider Webs with me.”

Lu Li only had two Jade Spider Webs left, but he no longer had a use for them apart from helping out Hachi Chan.

“Ah, I’ve already prepared the materials. Let me find them,” she said, before frowning and diving back into her backpack.

“Show me if you have any other rare materials; I still need quite a few of them for an equip,” Lu Li said.

“Alright, if you need them, you can have them.” Hachi Chan was also a generous person.

“Can everyone not look at me like that? I’ll pay for them.”

Lu Li broke out into a sweat. Everyone was staring at him as though he was cheating this little girl.

“Ah, I found the Jade Spider Web. I remember now – I traded Variant Scorpion Eggs for these.”

Hachi Chan proudly held out the Jade Spider Web.

“What? You traded Variant Scorpion Eggs for a Jade Spider Web?!” Lu Li almost threw-up blood.

“Little girl, can you please be a little more rational!?”

Jade Spider Webs were a fairly uncommon, low-level Instance Dungeon drop, so they were worth about 10 gold each. Variant Spider Eggs on the other hand were completely different. There weren’t many scorpion bosses, nor were there any Instance Dungeon that dropped them. Their value was so high that as of now, a single egg was worth 200 gold. Lu Li also needed Variant Scorpion Eggs for his Supreme Ring upgrade, so one could only imagine his reaction when he heard that she had traded them for Jade Spider Webs.

“Are they valuable?” Hachi Chan thought for a moment before continuing, “I think a lady gave one to me for helping her catch a scorpion… Hey, I think I still have another!”

She then buried her head into her bag again and continued rummaging.

The others had incredulous expressions on their faces.

Meanwhile, Lu Li was torturously asking himself who it was that really experienced had rebirth? His achievements almost seemed tiny when compared to hers.

“I’ve been holding onto this for too long,” said Hachi Chan, as she handed the Variant Scorpion Eggs to Lu Li. “My backpack still contains a few more rare materials; do you have any other special requests?”

“Take them all out and I’ll help you appraise their value. If you ever want anything, tell me and we’ll work something out. Never, ever trade rare materials for it. There are some rare materials that are more valuable than Silver equipment.” Lu Li felt heartbroken for her, upon seeing her simple-mindedness.

“Actually, I don’t trade often. I just wanted the Jade Spider Web to make the equipment,” Hachi Chan weakly rebutted, as she accepted Lu Li’s offer and began to take out her rare materials.

All her cloth-related items were given to March Rain, as she was a Tailor.

All her meat-related items were split between them all, as most players would end up learning Cooking.

Everything else that was left behind would need to be individually analyzed.

“Arcane Branches – these must be pretty good. I also bought some ores and gems; you can have them.” Hachi Chan gave these directly to Lu Li. They were supposed to be ingredients to be used in forging Umbranse’s Staff.

“I’ll buy the other ingredients and work out the payments after the equipment has been made.”

Lu Li took a moment to calculate that they already had the two, most important materials. The other materials were quite inexpensive and would only cost a few gold. Altogether, the materials for this Silver Magic Staff would be worth 20 to 30 gold.

The price gap between a Steel and Silver equipment was quite obvious.

“When would be a good time?” Hachi Chan was looking forward to receiving her new equipment.

“I haven’t learnt Forging yet, so it’ll be a few days,” Lu Li responded.

“You haven’t even learnt it yet and you’re promising to forge someone else’s item? Are you drunk?” Azure Sea Breeze immediately began to insult him. Wandering seemed to agree as well. If they both agreed on something, then it had to be true, right?

Lu Li ignored them and continued to expectantly watch Hachi Chan, as she rummaged through her backpack.