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Chapter 177: Sesame Rice Ball Is Also Pretty Smart

Chapter 177: Sesame Rice Ball Is Also Pretty Smart

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Lu Li ignored them and looked at Hachi Chan expectantly as she continued to rummage through her bag.

Hachi Chan was a treasure trove, a real-life version of Doraemon.

The materials that Lu Li needed were far too rare and were required in too great a quantity, so it would take a long time to gather them. To suddenly find someone who had quite a few rare materials filled him with hope.

It took Hachi Chan a whole half an hour to take out all of her rare materials.

Apart from the Variant Scorpion Egg that she had given Lu Li and the 2 rare materials that could be used to create the Magic Staff, she had taken out another 7 rare materials.

This meant that she had obtained 10 rare materials just from doing quests. There were a few people bragging about receiving rare materials from quests, as they all felt that they were very lucky. However, that was because they hadn’t met Hachi Chan.

This girl was completely dedicated to her quests.

No wonder why Dawn was so acclaimed – one could achieve great things through any way of playing.

Of the 7 new rare materials, 2 were the same grade as the Variant Scorpion Egg and could be sold for 100-200 gold. The other ones were more common and would fetch around 20-30 gold each.

The three rarest ones were worth about 150 gold each, while the others were worth about 30 gold each. That meant Lu Li needed to pay Hachi Chan nearly 600 gold coins.

Lu Li was actually unable to purchase them all immediately.

Hachi Chan never thought that her materials would be so valuable.

“No way, are they really worth this much?” Wandering felt a bit dizzy.

“If you want to make equipment with a Mold, you’ll definitely need at least one or two materials. For example, the Jade Spider Webs can be used to make Silver grade equipment, Gold grade equipment, and maybe even Epic grade equipment. Otherwise, why do you think the big guilds would want to hoard these things?” Lu Li explained.

Rare materials didn’t have levels or grades – this was a common saying. However, there was another saying that rare materials were simply priceless!

“Let’s pay for it together. How can we let you take all the goodies for yourself? We won’t take any of your 26 rare materials though,” Wandering said.

By saying this, he acknowledged that it was fine for Lu Li to privately keep what he had already.

“Sure, but we’ll put them together. In future, if anyone needs anything, just take it,” Lu Li agreed.

“Half price, half price,” Wandering hurriedly corrected him.

“Big brother Lu Li, is there nothing you need?” Hachi Chan felt a bit disappointed. She felt that she had quite a few rare materials, but he unexpectedly didn’t need any of them.

“Didn’t you give me the Variant Scorpion Egg? If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have even known where to find one. Thank you, Hachi Chan,” Lu Li said as he patted her head joyfully.

“What else do you need? Tell us and we’ll look out for them,” Wandering asked.

“I need two Lava Essences, one Jade Statue and one Amber Crystal,” Lu Li replied. After doing some mental calculations, he felt a bit scared.

“What on earth are you making to need so many rare materials?” For the rest of the party who had only learned what Molds were today, none of them could understand why Lu Li needed so many rare materials.

Two Lava Essences, one Jade Statute, one Variant Scorpion Egg, five Eternal Frozen Shards, one Plague Shard, one Barbaric Blood, one Amber Crystal and a Steel grade Magic Staff as a Magic Vessel. These were the materials Lu Li required to upgrade the Supreme One Ring to LV3. Any ordinary person would shiver upon seeing those requirements.

In Lu Li’s ‘past life’, Azure Sea Breeze hadn’t been able to upgrade it to LV3 even after a year.

In contrast, Lu Li had superhumanly managed to gather more than half of the materials in a month.

“To make a really strong piece of equipment. And yeah, it does need quite a lot of materials.”

Lu Li thought for a moment before deciding to reply ambiguously.

The fact that he couldn’t completely trust everyone was only a small part of the reason. The main reason was that he wanted to have two identities, so the less people knew, the better.

“Rare materials are incredibly hard to find and I haven’t even heard of the ones you listed before.” Wandering turned to look at Sesame Rice Ball and asked, “Rice Ball, did your guild have these things?”

“I didn’t really pay attention to these sorts of things, but I think they had a Jade Statue. It was quite beautiful, so I still remember it.”

Sesame Rice Ball apologetically smiled.

“I’ll see if I can win one from Hornet’s Nest next time,” Lu Li said as he licked his lips. He was almost tempted to find Hornet’s Nest and fight him immediately.

However, he knew that the possibility of this was extremely small. Although Hornet’s Nest liked to fight, he wasn’t an idiot. How could he have any hope of winning against Lu Li who was superior in skills, equipment and level?

“I have an idea for you to get rare materials.”

Although Sesame Rice Ball had stayed silent, he had been paying attention the whole time and gave his opinion now.

“Oh, do you have a way?” Lu Li was quite curious.

“You can issue a quest at the Mercenary Hall. You can trade with money, equipment, boosting, helping with quests, helping with levelling up. Anything, really…” Sesame Rice Ball paused before awkwardly adding, “Actually, most people don’t even know what rare materials are used for.”

Lu Li felt as if he had suddenly been shocked awake and he slapped the table as he stood up.

He could issue out quests for rare materials!

To be honest, he couldn’t be blamed for overlooking this fact. In his ‘past life’, he had joined the game half a year after its release. By that time, almost everyone knew what rare materials were used for, so no one would simply give them to anyone else.

However, it was completely different now!

Even those who were at the top of the level rankings weren’t very sure about how to use rare materials. This was even more so for ordinary players.

Although it wasn’t very likely for rare materials to drop, there was still a certain chance.

Doing quests like Hachi Chan, opening treasure chests, fishing and spin-the-wheel lotteries all had a probability of giving rare materials.

“Thanks everyone.”

Lu Li couldn’t wait to post up the quest and he quickly said, “Sea Breeze, go help the Drizzle Court with the Instance Dungeon. I’ll go and issue the quest, then clear my PK Points. The rest of you can go and clear the Elite-level Deathmines Instance Dungeon.”

There were still six other members apart from him and Azure Sea Breeze. As for how to organise the remaining six of them, that was up to Wandering. Without Lu Li around, he would be in charge of leading the team.

However, Lu Li wasn’t strict about them clearing the Instance Dungeon. After all, they still needed time to adjust to each other.

After exiting the Tavern, he headed straight for the Mercenary Hall. He spent one gold coin to hang up a quest and paid a fee of two gold coins per day to list it at the top.

If he wanted to be even more extravagant with his money, he could even spend 50 gold coins to broadcast it hourly in the World Channel.

Quest: Can help clear Private Instance Dungeons and guarantee 100% success. Can help clear Wilderness Bosses with team with the option of buying any exquisite equipment. Requested Reward: Rare materials (quantity and type negotiable), long-term quest, Publisher: Lu Li.

Lu Li was going all out for rare materials. He only lacked a sign: “Selling body for rare materials”.

After listing the quest, Lu Li contentedly went to receive some Bounty Quests.