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Chapter 180: Trade Profession Alliance

Chapter 180: Trade Profession Alliance

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Looking at the awe and respect written all over the little Warrior’s face, Curtainfall felt quite pleased. As such, he lowered his guard and still had no idea what was going on even when Lu Li’s Dagger stabbed into the back of his head.

Stunned for 4 seconds…

The little Warrior stared in shock at the masked Thief who had appeared behind his boss, unsure of what to do.

Perhaps he was hoping that his godly Guildmaster would reveal his skills and destroy this Thief in a few hits.

Lu Li looked at this Warrior’s HP and saw that he had 2,600 points, which was essentially the same as most tanks. It seemed that this guy was afraid of dying and had added quite a lot of his stat points into Constitution.

To be honest, Lu Li wasn’t sure if he could finish him off before anyone else came over.

If this guy had average skills and stalled for time, Lu Li would be forced to back off.

After all, he was a Warrior, with Plate Armour and high Defence.

However, Lu Li wasn’t worried. If he couldn’t kill him, he would just run. As the profession with the greatest manoeuvrability, he was confident that he could escape with his life.

Cheap Shot, Backstab, Ambush, Ultimate Skill Slit Throat.

Not only did the max-level Slit Throat deal a Critical Hit, it also triggered a Bleed effect.

Lu Li’s attacks flowed like water. His 2 Daggers continuously flitted through the air, like two butterflies dancing in blood.

It was said that while Mages’ skills were dazzling, Thieves’ skills were poignant and beautiful.

With Curtainfall’s thunderous howls, the scene seemed even more poignant and beautiful.

The little Warrior found that his boss had very limited abilities and couldn’t even retaliate. As such, he Charged towards Lu Li, but was easily dodged by a sidestep.

Backhand Backstab! As Lu Li stepped out of the way, he placed himself in the best position for a Backhand Backstab.

Although it was activated with only 2 combo points, it still dealt over 300 damage.

The Warrior’s HP fell to less than 1/3 of his original. The other players from Very Vulgar Very Violent were all too far away, so most of them had no time to react and rush over. Only about 8-9 seconds had passed, from when Lu Li started attacking to almost reducing Curtainfall to critical HP.

Lu Li had used up all of his skills, but he continued to circle around the Warrior and attack. Although the little Warrior was an absolute noob, being hit by him would be quite troublesome.

When Curtainfall was finally able to react, he didn’t retaliate, but instead took out a Potion.

“Boss, attack!”

The little Warrior was chasing Lu Li around and thought that he had the upper hand. He actually started to direct his boss to help him kill Lu Li.

Curtainfall was a tycoon, so he wasn’t completely useless. In the real world, he had a medium-sized corporation. However, he was an idiot in the game. He simply didn’t know how to retaliate against this Thief who was running circles around him.

Despite this, he still had some sense of judgment. He could tell that if he was able to hold out for a few more seconds, he would be safe once his subordinates hurried over.

It wasn’t that he was wrong, but would Lu Li give him the chance to drink a Potion?

Lu Li’s Dagger in his left hand flashed as he stabbed it towards Curtainfall’s eyes, shocking him. He couldn’t help but quickly turn his head, and as such, couldn’t complete the action of drinking the Potion.

This was the strength of the Manual mode: players could freely exploit their opponent’s weaknesses.

Curtainfall’s equipment was quite good, but he was a tanky Warrior with crappy skills. That was Lu Li’s assessment of him. When he dodged the strike to his eyes and tried to drink the Potion again, Lu Li’s Shadowstrike was once again ready.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 95%, caused 300% Skill Damage, target stunned for 2 seconds.

Lu Li added in a normal attack and with a ‘puchi’, the Dagger stabbed into Curtainfall’s heart. The Warrior with more than 2,000 HP sank to the ground, defeated.

All of the Healers who had rushed over cancelled the healing spells they were preparing. None of them expected that someone could slaughter their boss in a mere ten seconds.

The shock of this was fatal. After killing Curtainfall, Lu Li picked up the equipment on the ground, then entered into Stealth as he left. Surprisingly, no one tried to stop him.

The tens of guild members looked around at each other, like soulless puppets.

Lu Li had completely overturned what they knew about the game. The noobs who thought they were strong had finally met a true expert.

As Lu Li left, he muttered, “A motley crowd…,” which stabbed into their hearts like a thorn. They simply had no courage to make any kind of rebuttal.

They were only good for bullying Trade Profession players.

A few minutes later, a thread appeared on the forums.

The title was very simple: Trade Profession players can get angry too – this is what happens to those who kill Trade Profession players.

The first scene was of the target. Evidently, this video was recorded with the intention of displaying it.

Very Vulgar Very Violent was just a small guild that was only famous because of how shameless its members were.

And now, their Guildmaster had been killed.

After some editing, the clip lasted for 30 seconds in total. The masked assassin in black appeared like a ghost and cleanly killed the Guildmaster, then left with a mocking “A motley crowd”.

Although this clip was quite short, it showed everything that was important: Very Vulgar Very Violent’s guild badge, Curtainfall’s HP and the players who had been madly rushing over to help.

The thread’s views skyrocketed. Even Half-life Crystal, who had uploaded the video, didn’t expect such a massive response.

This was all because of human nature. People all enjoyed watching a good fight, and revenge killings were especially exciting. Moreover, this thread had a video and it was well-shot at that.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Lu Li, but most people just felt as though this Thief was skilled and had high Attack. He wasn’t particularly amazing.

This was mostly because of how poorly Curtainfall had performed. Most people felt that if it was them, they would have been able to kill him too.

They also saw the deeper meaning behind posting this thread.

Hiring Hitmen?

Since when did Trade Profession players become so high-profile?

What was even more shocking was that a new thread had soon appeared.

A player called Half-life Crystal announced that it was her who had hired the Thief to kill Curtainfall, and although this was the first time, it definitely wouldn’t be the last.

Trade Profession players are like sheep that anyone can bully, but we should band together and create a place for ourselves in the game world.

We just want to live!

Countless people reposted this message and soon, it reached 100,000 reposts.

On that day, the Trade Profession Players Alliance, or Trade Profession Alliance for short, was established. It had been established two months earlier than what Lu Li had remembered.

“Thank you for your help.” Despite her busyness, Half-life Crystal made some time to thank Lu Li.

She was indeed a shrewd girl who knew and remembered where all of this had come from.

Before Lu Li’s assassination, even if there were people yelling for Trade Profession players to band together, they would simply be ignored. Only after Lu Li’s assassination did everyone realise that the game could be played in this way.

“If you want to thank me, you can help me find some low-grade materials for Forging,” Lu Li straightforwardly said.