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Chapter 181: Thief-Style

Chapter 181: Thief-Style

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There were a number low-grade materials that were difficult to buy, not because their price was too expensive, but because it was too cheap.

For example, the low-grade rocks and metals obtained from mining could sell for 5 copper per set of 20. At this price, most players would just throw them away to save inventory space.

Players who had just started Forging could level-up their profession by forging equips. In order to advance, they first had to train by forging low-grade rocks. Since these materials were not available on the market, they had to manually mine them in caves, which was a big waste of time.

Lu Li’s request could not be any easier, so Half-Life Crystal immediately accepted it.

“I’ll put up a quest for low-grade rocks in the Mercenary Hall. Just make sure you get people to do it.” Lu Li decided to continue hiding his identity.

“Alright, if I need help again I can come find you, right?”

Theoretically, there were many other experts besides Lu Li that wouldn’t mind working as a paid hitman. As long as a decent amount of gold was being offered, most players would happily accept it.

For some reason, Half-Life Crystal had developed a strong sense of trust towards her lifesaver.

“It doesn’t matter – I can kill anyone.”

That same sentence had been ringing in her ears, ever since she had heard Lu Li say it.

She felt a sense of safety when she was on his side, which gave her the confidence to fearlessly face any challenge.

“Like I said before, as long as you can afford it,” Lu Li said impatiently.

The newly crafted Maintenance Robot fell apart in his hands again because the material inside had overheated. This was his fourth failed attempt.

“I understand. I’ll have the rare materials ready.”

Half-Life Crystal was not angry. She actually respected the attitude and confidence that only an expert would have.

Lu Li was very anxious because he didn’t know how to break the news of Lu Xin’s sickness to her.

His attempt had failed again.

“No wonder there were barely players that specialised in Engineering. Goddamn useless profession,” he thought.

Lu Li decided to stop trying and take a break.

In the meantime, he chose to go and clear his PVP points.

He had gained 4 PVP points after helping Half-Life Crystal, but was able to get rid of one point while being online.

Three PVP points could easily be cleared through a PVP quest, so he decided to enter the Warsong Canyon.

There were many players, NPCs and large monsters in the Warsong Canyon. The drop and EXP rates seemed pretty decent.

Lu Li decided to train here and use up his double EXP time for the day.

A team Evil Faction players were fighting Evil-Eyed Antelopes, which were the most common monster in the Warsong Canyon. However, it was unclear whether they were fortunate or not to be facing a pair of Elite Grade Monsters.

Two LV20 Elite Grade Monsters would be a headache for a small team of 5 players.

Even Lu Li would probably avoid them most of the time.

Luckily, the five players had superior gear and decent skills. After fighting for a while, they successfully defeated one of them, leaving the other at half HP.

At this very moment, the healer who was standing at the back screamed. Everyone turned to look, only to be met with the scene of their healer being slain by a masked Thief.

The attacker had managed to kill a healer in two hits?!

Even though the healer was damaged from the monsters, it was still unbelievable that someone was able to do that.

With the healer gone, the Thief who was wearing a black bandana quickly turned his attention towards the Warlock. He activated his Shadow Cloak and tanked the incoming damage from the Mage and Druid as he killed him.

This mysterious person was Lu Li, who had been hiding nearby for a while now.

After killing the Healer and Warlock, Lu Li picked up their gear and Gale-Stepped into Stealth.

Tanking the damage from an Elite Grade Monster without healing was almost impossible and the Protection Paladin followed his team members’ fate.

The aggro of the Evil-Eyed Antelope quickly switched onto the Mage, who was dealing the most damage.

The poor Mage was decimated before he could even apologise to the Elite Grade Monster.

Just like that, the 5-man party was quickly demolished like a piece of cake. The remaining Antelope recklessly charged towards Lu Li and was eliminated as well.

The gear he had picked up was average at best and could be sold for some pocket money in the Exchange Hall. However, the EXP he gained was surprisingly high.

Besides that, Lu Li also gained Glory Points.

Having negative Glory Points, he was unable to accept rare quests such as “Destroy the Supplies” from NPCs. He was therefore determined to make his Glory Points positive again.

A player was being chased in the forest nearby. He was clearly a skilled expert, but it was too bad that he was being attacked by people from the Light Faction.

If he wasn’t so skilled at escaping, he would’ve died earlier.

The people that were chasing him were determined to chop him into two.

A shadow flashed past and before he could react, his was hit in the back of his head and was stunned immediately.

Goddamn, what kind of speed is this?!

Lu Li’s speed boost came from his cloak active, which also allowed him to teleport behind his target.

It didn’t matter how skilled he was; a low-HP Berserker stood no chance.

This was a frustrating way for him to die. However, the most frustrating thing was that his Two-handed Axe, which was his most-prized possession, had been dropped.

The people in pursuit caught up and were left with nothing but a corpse.

Warsong Canyon had unique terrain with vast, sweeping grounds that could be used for larger-scale team battles.

A Shaman confidently screamed out a number, as he pulled his claws out from his opponent’s body. It was the 6th person he had slain so far, and he expected many more to fall at his hands.

But before he could even react, he felt a sharp pain in his back.

Bloody Thieves, all they do is backstab people.

Situations like these were perfect for Lu Li.

He would pick on the weaklings and target those who could easily be killed within a few seconds. Why would he bother wasting time fighting difficult opponents?

Hit and run – Lu Li never gave his opponents an opportunity to seek revenge.

He was a merciless killer hiding in the shadows, ready to strike.