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Chapter 182: Playing For Both Sides

Chapter 182: Playing For Both Sides

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After about two hours in the Warsong Canyon, Lu Li had managed to gain 200 Glory Points, which increased his total back up to -420.

In doing this, he had not actually killed 245 people. Since the introduction of PVP, many people had managed to advance and receive a title. Even killing a Low-Ranked office would award more a single Glory Point.

On average, killing a Low-Ranked Officer gave about 10 or so Glory points.

Besides Glory Points, he had also accumulated quite a bit of gear from the corpses.

Warsong Canyon doesn’t give EXP or PVP points. As such, the gear that was dropped here was relatively better.

Lu Li’s bag had quickly been filled-up, so he was forced to return to the Outpost outside of the Warsong Canyon. There wasn’t a Storage at the Outpost, but at least there was a Mailbox.

After sorting through the gear in his bag, he mailed most of it to Shen Wansan.

All of the gear that Lu Li mailed-off was decent, with most of it being slightly better than the gear of the Elite Teams in the larger guilds. If he gave all of it to Shen Wansan in bulk, he would be able to sell it at a higher price than at the Exchange Hall, while also avoiding the listing fees.

“Hehe, nice work big guy,” Shen Wansan quickly messaged.

“Yeah.” Lu Li gave a simply reply.

“I sent you the gold from the transaction we made last time. 200 gold,” Shen WanSan said.

“How come they sold for so much?!” Lu Li had only given him 20-30 Steel Grade equips and was surprised by the profit they had made.

“Great god, you are wise beyond comparison. As soon as you said that gold would drop in value, it dropped. I managed to avoid making a mistake because of you, so consider this a small gift of respect.”

Some people were still hopeful and listed their gold at 1:$100 on the exchange forums. They were soon hit with the realisation that the gold value had declined.

“We’re here to help each other. No worries,” Lu Li said.

“It’s mostly the great god that has been helping my business. If there’s anything that Mr. Shen can help you with, don’t be afraid to ask,” Shen Wansan offered, humbling himself.

He wasn’t just being a suck-up; Lu Li had actually given him a great deal of help.

After yesterday’s 3rd system update, Shen Wansan had opened a boutique shop which mainly stocked high-end items. Because of his advertising and the amount of stock, the opening had been extremely successful. They had managed to overpower most of the big companies in Astrana.

More than half the stock was provided by Lu Li; mainly of the Steel-Grade equips he had offered were worthy of being featured.

Most people kept their gear to themselves and didn’t even have spares to sell.

Lu Li thought for a second and asked, “Can you get me rare materials?”

“Rare materials…” Shen Wansan laughed bitterly because Lu Li had asked for the rarest resource in the game.

“No?” Lu Li was disappointed.

“I do have some, just not that many. I’ve been trying to store up on these as well.” Shen Wansan hesitated, then continued, “Great god, if you really want some, I can give you half of mine.”

“Mr. Shen I think you misunderstood me,” Lu Li interrupted. “I only need Amber Crystals, Lava Essence and Jade Statues. If you have any of these, then I’m more than happy to offer a price or negotiate an exchange with other rare materials.”

All Lu Li was focused on was upgrading his ring; he didn’t care about anything else at the moment.

“I only have 1 Lava Essence and I haven’t heard of the others,” Shen WanSan sighed in relief.

He was scared that Lu Li would be greedy and ask for all the rare materials he’d been storing up.

Since he was so sociable and required connection for his business, he already knew about the value that rare materials had.

From a different perspective, it could be said that rare materials were the future currency of Dawn. Common, Bronze and Steel Grade items were all low-tier trash compared to rare materials.

Although he only had one Lava Essence, Lu Li was very pleased.

“Lava Essence is about 80 gold each I think. Do you want money or rare materials for exchange?” Lu Li asked.

“Haha, if this could be of help to the great god, then I’m more than happy to give it to you for free,” Shen WanSan offered generously.

“Don’t. If you could sell this to me it would help me a lot. We should keep business away from our private lives.”

Lu Li was starting to get sick of his flattery. Ever since he had made money off Lu Li last time, he had been trying very hard to get close to him.

“Alright then. I’ll just take it off the money you made from the gear you sent to me.”

Shen Wansan knew when to back down and didn’t force Lu Li to take it for free.

“That works. Please take notice of the three rare materials I mentioned before. Price is not a problem,” Lu Li said and ended the call.

Shen Wan San sat in the break room of his boutique and ordered his employees to mail the goods, while wondering what Lu Li wanted to do with the rare materials.

He had been very specific in what he wanted, so he must have been planning to do more than just stored them up.

To Shen Wansan’s understanding, there were a few Molds that had dropped in Dawn. However, even these only required one or two rare materials to create. The fact that Lu Li was asking for more than three meant that he needed them for something else.

Unbeknownst to him, Lu Li’s plans had been uncovered by a smart merchant.

He was more troubled by the fact that he couldn’t find anyone to kill.

After returning to Warsong Canyon, he had been unable to find a target for ten or so minutes. He could only see players from the Light Faction.

Many players from the Light Faction began to type taunts into the regional chat.

“Where are all the Horde Pigs?”

Lu Li was surprised to meet someone he knew.

This guy had come to the battle field just to brag – Richy Rich.

Not only was he bragging, his words were arrogantly over-the-top. He even included people’s family in his insults.

Lu Li was slightly ticked-off and wanted to chop him up, remembering the days when he had made him leave Star Moon Union.

Unfortunately, there was a rule that prevented you from killing someone from the same Faction in battle.

Lu Li pulled out Deception Orb from his bag.

Undead. Thief. No Name.

An Evil Faction player appeared in the place where Lu Li had been standing.

With the Deception Orb, who cares if you’re Light or Evil Faction? I’ll kill them all.

“There’s a Horde pig over here. Let’s kill him.”

Someone had coincidentally seen Lu Li and shouted for back up from his friends.

Lu Li was only planning on killing Richy Rich; he didn’t expect these noobs to come picking a fight.

Instead of running away, he decided to fight them head on.