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Chapter 183: Seeing a Lot of Money Once Again

Chapter 183: Seeing a Lot of Money Once Again

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Lu Li didn’t want to shamefully run away, so he could only push forwards and meet him with his dagger.

The Druid that was approaching Lu Li was very worked up, but the Thief that he faced remained calm.

Previously, when most players didn’t have very many skills, Druids were considered to be very strong. They could attack, resist, heal and had many crowd control abilities. After learning Bear Form, Druids would even become resistant to crowd control.

However, Lu Li wasn’t a player who only had a few skills. Compared to most other players, Lu Li’s skills were numerous and ridiculously strong.

As the Druid, Rising Bloody Ocean, charged forwards, Lu Li disappeared with Shadowmeld.

Before he could even turn his head, he was placed into a stunned state by an attack from behind. By the time he was able to cancel his transformation and recover from the stun, Lu Li had already moved behind him to stun him again with Shadowstrike.

Druids could use their Transformation skills to recover from stuns, but they were still subject to a cooldown.

Experts would require a three second cooldown, while other players might require four to five seconds.

What shocked Rising Bloody Ocean was that during this three second period, Lu Li had taken a quarter of his HP without using his ultimate ability.

A Thief’s Ultimate Skill dealt incredibly high damage. When other players with PVPed with a Thief, they would be most afraid of the Thief’s Ultimate burst damage. If the Ultimate Skill managed to critically strike, you could only pray that you had enough HP to withstand it.

These Ultimate Skills were a core part of the Thief Profession. If Lu Li was still holding onto his Ultimate Skill, Rising Bloody Ocean wouldn’t be able to relax.

A fireball then flew over and exploded into a shower of sparks on Lu Li, dealing over 70 damage.

Magic Attacks had some force, so Lu Li was unable to cast Shadowstrike with a high skill completion.

He glanced at the two other approaching players calmly, then cast Gale Steps and vanished from sight.

“Be careful everyone – this is an expert Thief. He must be lurking in the vicinity, looking for an opportunity. We should stand back to back,” shouted Rising Bloody Ocean.

The three players stood back to back for a few hours in fear.

However, his statement was completely self-asserted. Lu Li had long since left, after seeing that they had taken up this impenetrable formation.

It was crucial for a Thief to remain calm and patient. Despite this, a Thief should not waste time on an insignificant issue.

Although contradictory, the former described quietly finding opportunities, while the latter encouraged selecting the right targets.

This was a simple idea, but of course, its application depended on the player’s objective.

Killing was one objective. Killing for money was another.

Lu Li didn’t really hate this group of players; he really only wanted to take their dropped equipment and make some money. However, this would have taken too much time, so he chose to go to his alternative target instead.

It would be easier to kill a single cruel player, Lu Li thought, as he raised his head to see “I Am Richy Rich”. He seemed like a good target. His body was carrying some ridiculously overpowered equipment, he was at a good level and he also had seven or eight followers behind him.

They were probably a ten-man party. The missing two players were most likely Thieves or Druids in Stealth.

Lu Li couldn’t take on a team like this, so he had to wait for an opportunity.

Like a true Thief, he patiently followed behind them.

I Am Richy Rich had been born with a silver spoon, so he had no respect for others. In contrast, Lu Li was disciplined from an early age by his parents.

A party of five Evil Faction players entered into the view of I Am Richy Rich’s party. When they saw that they had numbers disadvantage, they turned and attempted to leave.

With a five-player difference, it was simply a hopeless battle.

“Go, do not let them leave.” I Am Richy Rich was clearly excited, as he waved his hand tyrannically.

The five-man party’s Shaman Healer flashed as he was successfully Sapped by a Thief. After this, their Mage was Sapped by the same Thief. Finally, a separate Thief Sapped their Paladin.

It turned out that they had two Thieves who specialized in casting Sap.

Of the five members, three of them were stunned. The rest of the members immediately began to attack the Thieves with all their strength.

If they could kill one, they would break even. If they could kill two, then all would not be lost. They weren’t going to go down without a fight.

10 against 5!

This was destined to be a doomed battle, even if the five players’ skill was above average.

But who would have thought that a new variable would appear? Lu Li was that new variable. He appeared behind the Light Faction’s Priest and reversed the tides of the battle.

I Am Richy Rich must have thought his chances of success were guaranteed, because he didn’t leave anyone behind to protect their Priest.

This gave Lu Li the means to deal a fatal blow.

This Priest wasn’t weak at all and his response to Lu Li’s attacks was quite quick. He managed to mitigate some of Lu Li’s Skill Completion. It was too bad that he was up against a 3-year PVP Thief expert. Although the Priest’s original dodge reduced Lu Li’s Skill Completion, it left his back wide open.

Blood sprayed everywhere and he was left stunned for two seconds.

A nearby player attempted to support the Priest with a Shadow Bolt that hit Lu Li for over 100 damage.

This time, Lu Li didn’t retreat and instead activated Shadow Cloak. He planned to kill the Priest, even if he had to tank a hail of arrows.

The moment the five-man party saw Lu Li, their spirits were immediately lifted.

However, their hopes were quickly dashed as they realized that Lu Li was only one person. They were still at a numbers disadvantage.

What Lu Li did next was completely beyond their expectations. They had no idea how he had done it, but he quickly took the Priest down to critical HP.

Could they let them save their Priest?

Of course not!

One of the Evil Faction Warriors threw his shield aside and Charged at a Warlock that was attacking Lu Li.

Lu Li wanted to kill the Priest, while I Am Richy Rich’s followers wanted to kill Lu Li to save the Priest. Meanwhile, the Evil Faction players were interrupting the players who were attacking Lu Li. The three parties were engaged in a tug of war.

However, this didn’t last for very long, as the Priest’s HP was simply too low.

When Lu Li Kicked the Priest to interrupt his Healing, his desperate struggle finally came to an end.

After the Priest died, I Am Richy Rich’s party lost their healing ability.

Despite this, they still had a numbers advantage.

Lu Li’s next target was Richy Rich. He activated his cloak’s effect and immediately appeared behind him

Richy Rich was a Magic Druid, otherwise known as ‘a chicken’.

This kind of Druid had high Attack and strong Crowd Control, but weak Defence. Lu Li’s Ambush dealt more than 300 damage, which caused Richy Rich to start running and shouting for support.

There were definitely some second-generation kids who were experts, but Richy Rich wasn’t one of them.

Experts would have had large amounts of experience in battle. They would have teetered upon the balance between life and death to train themselves in the art of battle. Take Water Fairy for example – she had spent a significant amount of time PVPing with other people.

The kind like Richy Rich, who would spend their time ordering others to help them, would have no skill whatsoever.

To Lu Li, killing him felt like slaughtering an escaping duck.

While he was attacking Richy Rich, he also conveniently managed to Crowd Control a few other players.

As such, the Evil Faction was finally able to regain control of the situation.

The two sides fought fiercely, suffering losses on both sides.

After killing Richy Rich, Lu Li walked over to pick up the equipment and left the remaining players to fight.

He had dropped a Silver equipment with really strong attributes!