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Chapter 184: Life’s Most Important Person

Chapter 184: Life’s Most Important Person

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Richy Rich had dropped a Silver equipment with really strong attributes!

However, this cloak was unlikely to be better than the one Lu Li already had.

Lu Li was confident in thinking that this was the first Silver Cloak in the whole game.

Cloaks were harder to obtain than other kinds of equipment, and a good cloak was even more so.

Forest Ravings (Silver): Armour 15, Intelligence +10, Constitution +5, Cooldown of nature-based spells reduced by 20%, Effect of nature-based spells increased by 20%, Healing Effects increased by 10%. Exclusive to Druids. Level Requirement: level 15. Durability 45/45.

This was clearly equipment that was perfectly suited for a Healer Druid.

The Tree of Life Form was one of the Druid’s Transformation spells. After undergoing transformation, they would appear like a cute, young tree.

However, this little tree was not to be underestimated. When in the Tree of Life Form, Druids had 15% increased Healing and 120% increased Armour. They were also immune to the Mage’s polymorphing spells.

Additionally, some of their Healing spells would have an increased effect.

With this cloak, a Heal Spell that was cast in the Tree of Life Form would first be increased by 15% and then by an additional 10%.

Lu Li had been in Warsong Canyon many times, so there was no longer any difference between Light Faction and Evil Faction players to him.

All of them were simply walking pieces of equipment.

Lu Li mailed the equipment to Shen Wansan and logged off.

After he woke up, it was already night and time to go back online.

But this time, Lu Li didn’t hurry to log on. Instead, he turned off the lights in the living room and sat down quietly.

Ever since his rebirth, he had been busy making money without a chance to take a break.

He was seldom able to just sit peacefully.

The last time he was in such a daze, he had desperately tried to remember his parents, but the only memories he could muster-up were vague, almost non-existent shadows.

He was only 23 this year. If he counted the years of his rebirth, he would still only be 26. Yet, he had experienced much more than the average 30-year-old.

As he recalled the past 20 years of his life, his mind was filled with memories of his sister.

He was given opportunities to be adopted by rich families when he was young, but he refused because he wasn’t alone. He had his sister.

When he was growing up, he could have mixed around with bad company. But he didn’t, because he wasn’t alone. He had his sister.

He was actually quiet smart and would have had opportunities to study abroad and start anew. But he didn’t, because he wasn’t alone. He had his sister.

For the rest of his life, he would continue to support and depend on his sister.

Lu Li couldn’t see his own face in the darkness, but he had quite a calm expression.

The doorbell rang as Lu Xin came in with a bag slung over her shoulder. She turned on the light to see that her brother was sitting on the sofa.

“Brother, haven’t you gone to work?” Lu Xin insisted that his video games were his work and that he wasn’t unemployed.

“I haven’t gone online yet because I have something to tell you. Why are you home so late today?” Lu Li glanced out of the window to see that it was already completely dark.

“A new student had their birthday today, so we all celebrated with a barbeque,” Lu Xin guiltily confessed.

“Is it a boy?” Lu Li’s eyebrow lifted. She was growing up now and would soon be at the age where she would attract the attention of other boys.

“It’s a girl! She doesn’t live very far away, just in the neighborhood,” Lu Xin hastily explained.

“Barbeques aren’t good for you,” Lu Li impatiently said.

Her diet was very important, having a severe heart condition. There were many things that she would like to eat that had to forbidden.

“But it tastes so good,” the little girl said playfully. Previously, they couldn’t even have a proper meal with rice, let alone a barbeque. She was only able to enjoy these different foods because they had finally left the Common District.

“Don’t have it again next time,” Lu Li sighed.

“Sorry brother, I promise I won’t do it again,” Lu Xin cowardly apologised.

“Lu Xin, there’s something I need to tell you. Can…”

Lu Li didn’t know how to tell her.

He needed to tell a young girl that she had a very rare illness and required a very complicated treatment which also costed an astronomical amount of money…

This was just cruel.

“Brother, what is it? Didn’t we promise to not hide anything from each other?”

Lu Xin sat down next to Lu Li and grabbed his arm.

“The medical examination results came out and… the results are serious.”

Lu Li steeled his heart and decided to come out with it.

“Oh, uh…” Lu Xin panicked.

Her brother had earned a lot of money playing the game. They had moved into a big house and everything seemed to be fine. Who would have thought that she would hear such a message from her big brother’s mouth?

“Xin Xin, don’t be scared, it’ll be okay.” Lu Li held his sister tightly.

“How serious is it?” The little girl’s voice was tearful.

She didn’t ask which of them it was. They were basically inseparable, so who it was didn’t matter.

“It’s very serious, but you have to believe your brother. I will definitely make sure you are healed. I promise it,” Lu Li said firmly. “No one will take you away from me unless I die.”

“Big brother, I’ll listen to you.”

Lu Xin leaned against Lu Li’s body weakly. She couldn’t stop her tears from dripping down her face.

“First, you will need to undergo a comprehensive inspection. If required, you might also need to take a year off school.”

Lu Li quickly calmed down. He had been preparing for this day for a very long time.

“Sorry brother.” Lu Xin’s tears were now flooding out from her eyes.

Was it really so serious that she needed to take a year away from school?

She felt like she was a burden to her brother. He had made so many sacrifices for her and she could only passively accept them. Just as things were looking up, she had become a burden again.

“Silly girl, what are you saying?”

Lu Li saw his sister’s panicked tears and could only casually wipe them away.

“Are you guys okay?” a voice called out. They must have bothered Zhou Huan Huan.

Willow and Dou Jing Jing also heard the sounds.

The scene that they came to was the siblings crying over each other’s shoulders.

“It’s nothing,” Lu Li said, as he instantly calmed down. Other than with his sister, he had never really learned to show emotion with other people.

“Sister Huan Huan, I…” Lu Xin pulled free of Lu Li and ran over to her to quietly whisper, “Can you lend money to me? I’ll return it to you when I’m older.”

The three land-ladies were left with their mouths open. They had no idea what was happening.

Were these siblings in some kind of fight?

“Xin Xin!” Lu Li raised his tone, visibly displeased.

“Ignore him Xin Xin, what happened? We will help you.”

Dou Jing Jing pulled her close and they stood against Lu Li together.

“I’m sick and it might cost a lot of money. Can you guys lend some money to me? When I start working, I’ll return the money to you. Otherwise my brother…” Lu Xin started crying again onto Dou Jing Jing.

She wasn’t worried about her treatment – she was worried that her brother would be very tired.

“Lu Li, how did this happen? Xin Xin is sick? Is it serious?” Zhou Huan Huan asked seriously, as she got everyone to sit down on the living room sofa.

This young and beautiful little girl was actually sick.

Lu Li was a poor boy, so he never really let the small issues bother him.

However, this sickness must have been very serious.

The land-ladies were very fond of Lu Xin, so the thought had grabbed their attention.

Lu Li tried multiple times to pull Lu Xin back, but this was to no avail. The three land-ladies were unrelenting, like mother hens. He could only helplessly explain some of the details.

“I can solve Xin Xin’s issues myself. We don’t need your help. Xin Xin, get back over here,” he said seriously.

“No, I don’t want you to work yourself to death.”

Lu Xin held onto Dou Jing Jing like she was a lifeboat.

“So you actually want to do a transplant?” The three girls were dumbfounded.