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Chapter 185: Struggles Of The Heart

Chapter 185: Struggles Of The Heart

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“It’s a high-end transplant, a treatment that has only recently been released. As long as the surgery is successful, there will be no side-effects on Xin Xin.”

Lu Li not only said this to comfort them, but also to comfort himself.

“Will the cost definitely be very high?” Willow calmly asked.

Lu Xin started to cry again.

“The surgery costs a million dollars, but I’ve already earned that amount.” Lu Li tried to console his sister.

“What about the follow up?” Willow was unrelenting.

With an organ transplant, the bulk of the money wasn’t spent on the surgery, but the recovery. Various complications might also appear during the recovery period.

“At the rate that I’m making money, I believe that it’ll be enough for the medical expenses,” Lu Li confidently said.

He truly believed that he had been reborn to save his sister.

“You believe? What makes you believe you can do this?”

The grumpy Dou Jing Jing almost poked Lu Li in the face, while the other land-ladies’ faces also showed that they didn’t agree.

“Do you have no brain? What if you don’t make enough? Do you think the hospital will give you a grace period? I know that you care for your sister, but you are refusing our help because of your manly ego. You didn’t have any plans of telling us right?” Willow poisonously spat.

“This is my problem,” Lu Li said stiffly.

They couldn’t understand the despair that he had been through to raise money for the treatment. He had given up all of his dignity. He had begged old uncles and aunties. He had sold everything that he had, valuable or not.

He asked everyone he knew, hoping that he would receive some mercy.

However, he had been thoroughly disappointed.

Other than Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering, who had raised a few ten-thousand dollars, no one else had lifted a finger to help him.

The others all branded him as a liar and he was even targeted by some players. They had cheated him out of equipment that he could have sold for extra money, which took away his final hope.

When Lu Li experienced rebirth, he had been desperately making money and trying to prove a point.

Even if no one else would help him, he would still be able to save his sister.

But these land ladies who they had only known for a few days?

Why would they lend money to him?!

“Xin Xin, I’ll lend $200,000 to you. If it’s not enough, I’ll ask my grandfather for more. You can return it if you don’t use it.”

Dou Jing Jing was the first to offer. She held onto Lu Xin tightly and was firm in her decision.

“The surgery will be a million dollars, but it’s hard to say how much the recovery will cost. It might be expensive, or it might not even cost a single penny. For now, let’s just say that it will cost 1.5 million dollars. Dou Dou has already given $200,000. Huan Huan’s money is tied up in the studio, but she has relatives that can easily lend 3 to 5 hundred thousand dollars without a problem. I will lend the rest…” Willow asserted, promising to lend $1.5 million to them.

Someone who could live in this kind of mansion would definitely not come from a poor home.

However, these girls had to get this jaw-dropping amount money from somewhere else. They were still in university, so it had to come from their families.

“Thank you.”

Lu Xin didn’t dare look at her brother’s dark expression, as she continued to hug the sisters and cry.

“Xin Xin, don’t feel bad. You are so cute that you’ll definitely recover,” Dou Jing Jing wiped away her tears as she consoled her.

Lu Li was very touched, but he still didn’t feel like he needed to take their money.

“You. What do you think?” Willow was blunt towards Lu Li. He couldn’t utter a single sentence without feeling ashamed for it.

“First, she’ll need to do another thorough check-up, followed by an expert consultation. Then, we will just have to wait for a donor. The number one expert in the hospital has promised me that he will find a donor as quickly as he can,” Lu Li responded.

“My grandfather and Hospital President Zhao are close. I will go talk to him,” Dou Jing Jing said as she raised her hand.

“I have an uncle working overseas. I think he’s working in a medical institute. I can ask about this to see if he can find a suitable donor,” Zhou Huan Huan added.

The more compatible the donor, the less likely the body was to reject the organ during recovery.

“I will make and submit a web page so that the public might be able to support us.”

Willow snapped her fingers and said, “Xin Xin, follow us. You’ll sleep with us tonight.”

After she finished speaking, she and Dou Jing Jing guided Lu Xin away.

Zhou Huan Huan followed them for a little bit before she ran back to Lu Li and said, “Don’t worry too much – medical science has come a long way. Xin Xin will be okay.”

“Yeah, nothing will happen to Xin Xin,” Lu Li firmly said.

“You keep making money in the game. Great master, I believe in you.”

Zhou Huan Huan smiled before waving at Lu Li and running off.

When he returned to Dawn, Lu Li felt fully reinvigorated.

“How are you guys going on that Instance Dungeon?” he asked as he entered the Mercenary Group Chat. “Today, we have to complete the Elite difficulty. Tomorrow, we will do the Difficult Level and the day after, we will go the wasteland’s Howling Caves.”

“Those Drizzle Court girls haven’t come online yet,” Azure Sea Breeze said in a depressed tone.

“Keep waiting for them then. Wandering, what about you? How are you going?” Lu Li asked again.

“We don’t have enough DPS to get through the Piercing Heart Wolf General’s armor pierce stacking,” Wandering replied lazily.

“Dammit, you clearly couldn’t tank it,” Lonesome Flower impolitely rebutted. To say that there wasn’t enough DPS was to say that he wasn’t good enough.

“Everyone shut up. This time March Rain, Flower, Wandering, Hachi Chan and I will do it as a five man party. Riceball and Dreamy can go find a place to train.”

Lu Li was too lazy to listen to their squabble and gave them instructions directly.

“Sure.” Riceball didn’t mind.

“Wandering, have you recruited someone?” Lu Li asked.

“You know that mysterious Berserker out there? When the time comes, we can just let that guy in. How about that?” Wandering and Lu Li had a similar idea. They were also both very patient.

“That works. Moonlight’s technique is very good and he has quite a few skills. As for his equipment… we’ll talk about that when the time comes.” Lu Li didn’t dare to guarantee that he had good equipment. Moonlight spent all day killing other players in the Warsong Canyon, so it would be no surprise if he had dropped some of his equipment.

“All we have left is this Silver Shaman Ring, so we will only be looking for Shamans. Countless people have applied to be a part of the group, but many of them are incompatible…” Wandering said.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense – Wandering has selected some beautiful girl. He even went into the arena to assess her.” Azure Sea Breeze was filled with contempt.

“What?! What beautiful girl? Is she prettier than me?” Wandering was furious.

“Why were you so enthusiastic? You didn’t even see if she had good technique, nor did you notice that she was only LV16.” Azure Sea Breeze continued to fearlessly attack him.

“Oh, I understand now. Brother Sea Breeze must have seen Brother Wandering walking closely to a beautiful sister. They must have also gone into the arena together and now Brother Sea Breeze is jealous. Am I right?”

Wandering: …

Azure Sea Breeze: …

Everyone else: …

“Hachi… don’t say anything if you have nothing good to say?” Remnant Dream was becoming a little impatient towards her. She was afraid that the partner she had brought in was going to be dismissed.

“I, I have no restraint sometimes.” Hachi Chan’s voice became softer.

“Keke… okay then. If no one else has any further questions, then get ready. Anyone who had their name called should meet at the Instance Dungeon in five minutes.”

Lu Li broke the tension and started announcing their next course of action.

“Wait… so is it true?” Hachi Chan weakly asked.