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Chapter 186: Breaking In The New Party Members

Chapter 186: Breaking In The New Party Members

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“Dammit. Stop asking if it’s true. You’re so young and you’re thinking about things like this.”

Wandering was furious and slapped the top of Hachi Chan’s head.

Tears began to well up in Hachi Chan’s eyes.

“Just say it; you don’t have to hit her.” Lu Li couldn’t bear to watch this little loli cry.

“What, do you think this is real life?” Wandering indignantly grabbed Lu Li by the collar and said, “And you! You seem like a good person, but you really aren’t. You left such an infuriating task for me.”

“You should have said something then. Is there anyone else more reliable to delegate to?” Lu Li asked.

“Whatever. I took one piece of Magic Cloth and now I have to do a bunch of work for you. You could have set it up so that only players with rare materials could get into contact,” Wandering contemptuously spat.

“Alright, I’ll change it when we get back.” Lu Li rubbed his nose, feeling a little guilty.

“Don’t dig around for excuses if you can’t do a job properly,” Azure Sea Breeze sneered. These two had become accustomed to verbally attacking each other.

“Hachi Chan, hold on to this. Wandering, take a look and work out how many rare materials this is worth.” Lu Li took out the Silver Cloak that Richy Rich had dropped and handed it to Hachi Chan.

“Oh wow,” was all that Wandering managed to say.

“Use some of that experience that you have rather than staring at it blankly like that.”

Azure Sea Breeze continued to attack him. He had followed Lu Li for so long that he had seen all kinds of good equipment. Although this Silver Cloak was indeed strong, it wasn’t enough for him to lose control over.

“You fool. Have you seen a cloak better than this?” Wandering couldn’t just allow himself to be attacked.


Just as everyone thought that Hachi Chan was going to talk about the cloak’s attributes, she rubbed it and exclaimed, “This cloak is so fluffy and soft! It feels great!”

“Let me try, let me try!” Remnant Dream pushed in to rub it.

“Hachi Chan can heal as well with this cloak,” March Rain enviously said.

She had pretty good equipment already, but nothing improved her healing as much as the Forest Ravings.

“It also increases her damage output. It pretty much increases everything,” Sesame Rice Ball added. He now understood why Lu Li let Hachi Chan into the Instance Dungeon and not him.

“I’m going to make two potions. You guys get ready quickly,” Lu Li urged.

He hadn’t found the time to learn the Deadly Poison recipe that Hachi Chan had given him.

Deadly Poison dealt some damage when triggered, but would then go on to deal damage over time and could stack up to five times. For Thieves, Deadly Poison was inappropriate for PVP, as they had many Crowd Control spells that could be interrupted by their target taking damage. This kind of damage over time would only be a liability.

However, this was of no concern when fighting a Boss, because the chances of applying Crowd Control on a boss were far too small.

Some said that the Thief Profession was made up of two limbs – their Ultimate Skill and Poison.

So far, very few Poison recipes had been released in Dawn, much less than Intermediate Health Potions. As such, most Thieves did not use Poison. Even if they had a bottle or two that they obtained from a quest, they would wait for a critical moment to use them.

Although Poison was also hard to create, the Deadly Poison recipe required inexpensive materials.

Furthermore, it was also quite convenient to make. He managed to make two bottles in less than three minutes.

Each bottle could be applied to a weapon five times over a 30 minute duration, which was just enough for Lu Li to use. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to distribute the Poison, but that it was exclusive to the Thief profession.

Lu Li wasn’t particularly interested in doing the Death Mines again.

They had already cleared the Difficult Level, so what surprises could the Elite Difficulty hold?

However, the other members of the party were in high spirits, especially Hachi Chan. This was the first time that she was going to fight an Instance Dungeon Boss, so she was curious about everything.

There were two new members to the party, so they had to introduce their roles and skills before the fight began.

The player with the most skills surprisingly turned out to be Hachi Chan and not Lu Li.

After counting the number of Skill Points they had, she only had three less than Lu Li.

It should be mentioned that Lu Li had already completed his Profession Upgrade and had gained an additional five Skill Points.

“Are quest players really this powerful?” March Rain was interested.

Although she was actually quite a good player, she would inevitably have some crises because she was always surrounded by experts.

“Not really.” Hachi Chan bit her lip before sadly saying, “I did a quest before telling my classmates about it. They did the same quest that I did but they didn’t get the reward. So, they called me a liar and said that I was intentionally not telling them the full story.”

After speaking she sighed sadly. She was still young, so she didn’t realize that her small problem was laughable.

“The process of doing a quest can only be used as a guideline. Dawn’s quests are very flexible and thus the lack of a reward is quite normal. If you are interested, you can go and pick up some quests to do. The rewards won’t be the same, but you can still learn from the methods used to complete them,” Lu Li said.

“Hachi Chan, can you take me to do a quest later?” March Rain asked.

“Of course. You don’t know how hard it is for me to do these quests. I always get lost. Dreamy doesn’t want to do them with me either – she hates doing quests.” Hachi Chan immediately felt like she had found a partner.

“Well, if you want to do quests, you can follow Hachi Chan later. But for now, our main objective is getting past this Instance Dungeon. Wandering, this Boss should be solely targeting you. Make sure to use your damage reduction skills well. Don’t use them too early,” Lu Li instructed as he began to apply poison to his daggers.

“I’ll try.”

Wandering had excellent technique, but his equipment wasn’t nearly as good as Azure Sea Breeze’s. As such, the party had died here a couple of times yesterday.

“Hachi Chan, pay attention and heal him when he reaches three stacks of Armour Pierce. We are the party that defeated the Difficult level of this Instance Dungeon. This is but only the Elite Difficulty, so it should be quite easy,” Lu Li reassured everyone.

“Mhm.” Hachi Chan clenched her Magic Staff and solemnly nodded.

“On my signal, the three players can start dealing damage, but Wandering should move up now. One, two three!” Lu Li waited for Wandering to draw aggro before he engaged.

If Azure Sea breeze was here, there would be no need to wait until the count of three. A warrior’s ability to draw aggro was stronger than a Paladin’s, even though a Paladin’s defense was higher than a defense Warrior’s.

Compared to when they had last fought the Piercing Heart Wolf General, Lu Li’s equipment was now considered to be overpowered.

Lu Li’s Rager Equipment Set triggered frequently because of the level difference. As such, his total damage output was higher than Lonesome Flower’s.

“I’ll go. You guys are strong, but won’t you draw aggro?” Wandering saw the stats and felt a little inadequate.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m keeping track,” Lu Li responded.

“Let’s see how you fight these monsters.”

Lonesome Flower was completely relaxed. The last time they had come here, it was only him doing damage, while Wandering was yelling. The party just didn’t have enough DPS.

“As long as we don’t deal excessive damage for a long period, it’s unlikely that we would draw aggro. Do you notice that Flower and I are alternating our damage rotations?” Lu Li explained.

After thinking back, Wandering realized that it had been just as Lu Li said.

Originally, Wandering had thought that Lonesome Flower and Lu Li’s damage was comparable, but it had actually been controlled by Lu Li this whole time.