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Chapter 189: Buggy

Chapter 189: Buggy

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9am in the real world.

This was normally the time people went to work or school, but Lu Li had just finished a 10-hour session of gaming.

After lying on the bed for so long, he felt like his bones were starting to rot.

He put on some exercise clothes and walked out of the building. The air in the district was quite fresh and was suitable for running.

Lu Li’s looks were quite average, but he had a silent and calm air about him, which attracted the attention of girls. This was particularly so for the schoolgirls from the Clear Lake Campus.

Even the scars on his body seemed quite cool and mysterious.

Lu Li didn’t like being looked at like that and the gazes made him feel as uncomfortable as the condescending stares he had been given in the past. Just as he was about to return to the residence and go to the gym, he heard someone call his name.

“Lu Li, Lu Li…”

Looking over, Lu Li couldn’t help but frown.

There were a few people calling out to him from across the district’s security gates. They were all younger than 30 years old – the youngest was about 10 years old – and were dressed like hooligans. Anyone could tell that they were not from a good background.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to go in and find Lu Li, but they couldn’t pass the security.

“How did you know that I live here?” Lu Li asked as he walked over.

“Someone saw Xin Xin nearby.”

The leader, who was a skinny and tall guy walked out. Although they were separated by an electronic fence, he didn’t seem to feel very safe and he stood in a hunched position.

“Were you following Xin Xin?” Lu Li’s voice became louder.

“Big bro Li, don’t misunderstand,” the skinny and tall guy explained, “We didn’t disturb Xin Xin and didn’t even dare to talk to her.”

“Don’t come here in the future.”

Lu Li didn’t bother wasting more time on these people and turned to leave.

“Big bro Li, please wait. Us brothers have a request.”

Seeing that Lu Li had no intentions of listening to them, he started to yell, “Big bro Buggy was caught. Please, big bro Li, save Buggy.”

Lu Li stopped walking, and slowly turned around.

“Big bro Buggy offended someone and might be sentenced. Big bro Li, we heard that you turned your life around, so please save him,” the tall and skinny guy pleaded loudly.

A few minutes later, Lu Li exited the district and stood in front of them.

“Blacky, did Buggy ask you to come?” Lu Li asked.

“Big bro Buggy didn’t let us come,” the tall and skinny guy replied, “I made this decision. At least, for Aunty Niu, please save big bro Buggy.”

“It’s not like he hasn’t been in jail before.”

Looking at the woods outside the district, Lu Li couldn’t but help but think back to the poor alley he had grown up in.

He had only been gone for a month and yet he felt that he now lived in a different world.

“This time they framed big bro Buggy and said that he raped someone. He might get 10 years.”

Blacky lowered his head and everyone else stood extremely still, like wooden puppets, not daring to say anything.

“10 years.”

Lu Li sighed inwardly.

Buggy wouldn’t even be able to make it to the end of the sentence. Not long after he was sent to jail, he was accidentally killed by a warden.

“Big bro Buggy wouldn’t do that sort of thing, he…” Blacky hesitantly said.

“I know. What does the other side want?” Lu Li cut him off.

“They want us to give all our territory to them as well as $100,000.”

Blacky gritted his teeth and everyone else looked furious as well.

They were just some hooligans from the Slum District. Their income was originally quite poor and if they lost their territory, they would be in a situation worse than dying. Moreover, it would be impossible for them to pay $100,000.

“Tell them to release Buggy first and you’ll give them all of the territory. As for the $100,000, that’s impossible. If they don’t want a lose-lose situation, I can give them $20,000 for their efforts,” Lu Li said after thinking for a moment. “If they don’t agree, tell them that Buggy’s my bro, and we’ll see what they do.”

“Big bro Li, why would you give them money?”

The others were utterly confused.

“Since they have the upper hand, you can only compromise. Otherwise, what are you going to do? Start a rebellion?” Lu Li looked at them and the blockheads all quickly looked down.

“Big bro Buggy definitely won’t agree to giving them all the territory. There are tens of us who need to make a living,” Blacky retorted.

“Someone’s about to lose their life and you’re worried about that? Since you’ve come to find me, just do as I say. Otherwise, just let Buggy rot in jail. He angered Aunty Niu to death and I cut off ties with him ages ago.”

Aunty Niu was Lu Li’s original neighbour and Buggy was her son.

When Lu Li was younger, Aunty Niu cared for him and his little sister. She treated Lu Xin especially well.

For anyone who treats my little sister well, I’ll treat them well.

This was the philosophy that Lu Li held since he was young.

He had grown up together with Aunty Niu’s son, but Buggy began walk on a different path. He began to do more and more extreme things, causing his mother to die of anger. From then on, they had been strangers.

In his ‘past life’, Lu Li had always been furious towards him and didn’t take any action regarding Buggy’s situation. As such, the mastermind was able to do as he pleased.

After experiencing rebirth, Lu Li put all of his efforts into his little sister, so he felt less towards the incident with Aunty Niu.

Although Buggy’s actions back then were despicable, Lu Li didn’t want him to die.

“Okay, as long as big bro Buggy stays safe, we’ll do anything,” Blacky nodded, looking ashamed. “Sorry big bro Li. We couldn’t find anyone else so we could only come to you.”

“Are all of your followers still with you guys?”

Lu Li felt annoyed whenever he thought of Buggy’s troupe of followers.

They were a rag-tag bunch and although they weren’t unforgiveable sinners, none of them were good people. Their livelihoods would be a big problem.

“Including me, there are 42 of us who are waiting for big bro Buggy to come out. There’s not a single useless coward among us,” Blacky proudly said as he patted his chest.

“Big bro Li, if you’re with us, we definitely won’t be bullied,” blurted one of the people behind Blacky who couldn’t hold their tongue.

Everyone else felt the same way and looked at Lu Li in expectation.

Their big bro Buggy valued loyalty, but it was a pity that he was too reckless and was often toyed around with.

Lu Li gave his contact details to Blacky, then gently shook his head as everyone else stared. “I’m different to all of you.”

Indeed, I’m different to you guys, not just because I have a little sister.

After getting back from his run, Lu Li took his little sister to the hospital to have an examination.

This time, it was a full examination. The Number 1 City Hospital attached great importance to her case and the hospital’s best doctor carried out the examinations himself.

Less than 2 hours after the examination, the results were placed on the consulting room’s table.

Apart from the Number 1 City Hospital’s experts, there were also some experts in attendance from the Number 2 City Hospital, the Military Medical University’s affiliated hospital and some other hospitals.

The consultation confirmed the donor’s blood type and a series of other data.

It was a pity that during the consultation, they were unable find a suitable donor in the national donor database.

Lu Li and Lu Xin could only hope that a suitable donor would soon appear.

However, many of the experts agreed that Lu Xin’s illness was still in its early stages, so it was possible to use other methods as well.

Lu Li spent the day with his little sister and after arranging everything for her at night, he entered the game.