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Chapter 191: Finally Being Able To Make Bombs

Chapter 191: Finally Being Able To Make Bombs

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As for taking off his equipment, Lu Li simply didn’t dare to do that.

Even with his equipment on, being caught in an explosion reduced his health down to about 1,000HP. If half of his HP would be blasted away with his equipment on, he would probably be instantly killed if he took it off.

When Lu Li finally upgraded his Engineering to Intermediate Level (135), nearly all of his equipment was red.

Equipment turned yellow when its Durability became low, at which point the system would prompt players to repair it. After becoming red, the equipment’s stats would be affected and if the player still didn’t repair it, there was a possibility that it could be permanently damaged.

Repairing his equipment costed 7 gold coins.

Having equipment that was too good was also a problem. The repairing fees were incredibly damning.

In total, it had cost Lu Li 60-70 gold coins to raise his Engineering from 128 to 135. As for the 10 or so fireworks he had made, they were practically worthless, so he decided to give them to Remnant Dream and the others to play with.

It was nearly the Mid-Autumn Festival and there were quite a few events in the game. When the time came, using fireworks could allow one to win prizes.

Although Ordinary Sightscopes were more difficult to make and required more expensive materials, there were no dangers in creating them. Lu Li wouldn’t have to take each step with fear in his heart.

Lu Li had spent his entire day in front of this workbench.

Azure Sea Breeze and the new teammates had actually somehow cleared the Difficult-level Instance Dungeon without Lu Li and Lonesome Flower.

They acquired a piece of equipment suitable for Lu Li: a LV15 Steel grade hat.

Berserker’s Horned Helmet (Steel): 15 Armour, Agility+8, Special Effect: After activating, Detection+5, has a certain chance to detect traps, Level Requirement: 15. Durability: 35/35.

Although this piece of equipment’s stats were not overpowered, the Detection stat was quite useful.

In PvP battles, Detection could help a player detect Stealthed creatures, such as Thieves, Druids and pets. In PVE, it was also useful for detecting Stealthed monsters and hidden traps.

Lu Li’s current hat was LV10 and Steel-grade, without any Special Effects.

Although there was still room for improvement, his body was covered with exquisite equipment. It was a set of godly equipment that would have been impossible for him to acquire in his ‘past life’!

The 2 Daggers and his long-ranged Bow were all decent Steel-grade equips with Special Effects.

Berserk Fang (Steel): 16-24 Attack, Agility+6, Special Effect: Has a certain chance to trigger the Berserk effect, increasing Attack and Attack Speed by 10%, Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 35/35.

Bayonet of Vengeance (Steel): Damage 20-28, Agility +8, Strength +4. Special Effect: On hit, there is a chance that the target will gain a bleed effect that deals 20 damage per second for 5 seconds. Level Requirement: LV15. Durability 35/35.

Broken Skull (Steel): Damage 20-28, Agility +6. Special Effect: There is a certain probability of dealing Piercing damage to the target. Equipment Requirement: Level 10. Durability 32/32.

His clothing equipment was slightly worse.

Concealing Chest Armour (Steel): 18 Armour, Agility+6, Constitution+2, Special Effect: Has a certain chance to absorb 20% of damage, Level Requirement: LV15. Durability: 28/28.

Spellbreaker’s Leather Pants (Steel): 10 Armour, Strength+4, Critical Chance+10%, Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 25/25.

Snake Skin Shoulderpad (Steel): Defence 15, Strength +6, Agility +4. Level Requirement: LV10. Durability 32/32.

[Swift Leather Boots] (Steel): 8 Armour, Agility+4, Special Effect: Swiftness- when Stealthed, Movement Speed+10%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown Time: 120 seconds. Effects cannot be stacked. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 30/30.

Light Belt (Steel): 16 Armor, Agility +8. Special Effect: Certain probability to deal 20% extra damage. Level Requirement: Level 10. Durability 16/32.

VanCleef’s Grip (Silver): 20 Armour, Agility+12, Strength+4, Special Effect 1: Critical Chance+5%, Special Effect 2: Sudden Thrust, instantly dash to a target within 8 feet, causing 150% Weapon Damage, Cooldown Time: 120 seconds. Level Requirement: LV15. Durability: 45/45.

Shadow Cloak (Steel): 12 Armor, Agility +10. Special Effect: Emerge from the shadows (stealth) behind a target, gain 50% movement speed for 2 seconds. Level Requirement: LV15. Durability 32/32.

Rager Bracer (Steel): Amour 15, Agility +6, Critical Hit +5%, Level Requirement LV10. Durability 32/32. (Part of the Rager Equipment Set, exclusive to melee professions)

Lu Li also had a necklace that formed the Rager Equipment Set with the bracers.

Rager’s Pendant (Steel): Hit+10%, Reduces Ice Magic Damage by 5%, Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 32/32. (Part of the Rager Equipment Set, exclusive to melee professions)

Bloodstained Badge (Silver): Constitution+10, recover 1% HP every 3 seconds when wearing the badge. Has a certain chance to activate 30% damage conversion. Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 40/40.

The Bloodstained Badge was currently being used by Azure Sea Breeze, as it was more suitable for him. After finding a replacement, Lu Li planned to give it to him permanently.

As for his rings, one of them was the Sharp Tooth Ring.

Sharp Tooth Ring (Steel): Damage 6-8, Strength +6, Agility +3. Level Requirement: LV10. Durability 30/30.

The other ring was Lu Li’s only Gold-grade equipment: the Supreme Two Ring.

Supreme Two Ring (Gold):



Critical Chance+20%


Special effect: The Lord of the Forest, Cenarius, gave this ring special powers. You can learn three Druid transformation skills, as well as two skills for each of those transformations. Equipment Requirements: None. Durability: None.

Although Lu Li had a set of exquisite equipment, some of the pieces were still LV10 or worse.

This was especially so for his Shoes and Pants – they were still LV5. It wasn’t that he didn’t have better Shoes, but that he could only equip the better pair when he was LV25.

However, Lu Li’s equipment set would definitely sit far above that of any other player’s.

This was especially so when considering his Special Effects. Almost every piece of Lu Li’s equipment came with a decent Special Effect. If anyone saw them, their eyes would definitely pop out.

Back when Lu Li had been ‘farming’ equipment at the Warsong Valley, he had obtained quite a few pieces of LV15 Steel-grade equipment with decent stats. However, none of them were exquisite enough for him to want to equip them.

Almost all of his equipment could be called perfect.

Even his pair of LV5 shoes would attract a crowd of people fighting to buy them.

Moreover, his LV5 Pants gave 10% Critical Chance. A piece of equipment that gave 5% Critical Chance would be considered a treasure, so these Pants were simply priceless. Furthermore, he had the Rager Equipment Set, which was the best equipment set for melee professions under LV30.

In terms of stats, Lu Li had added all of his stat points into Agility. After levelling up 21 times, he had added a whole 105 points into his Agility. All of his Strength and Constitution came from equipment, but since his equipment was so good, these stats weren’t that much worse than anyone else’s.

Of course, Lu Li wasn’t so arrogant to think that his equipment was the best it could be.

At the very least, his clothing, shoulderpads and rings could be a little better. As for the other LV10 equipment, he would immediately replace them if he found any LV20 equipment with Special Effects and decent stats.

His goal was for all of his equipment to be at least LV20 by the time he was LV30.

He still had a badge space that was empty. If he gave the Bloodstained Badge to Azure Sea Breeze, he would have 2 free spaces.

Although he knew of methods to obtain badges, the quests were a bit bothersome and random. He decided to take Hachi Chan to complete them when they had the time. With Hachi Chan, he wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to complete the quest.

However, he would leave all of that for later.

After a whole day of work, Lu Li had finally upgraded his Engineering to Intermediate Level (150). He fought back the tears as he finally learned the Fool Bomb blueprint.