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Chapter 192: Receiving Materials For Free

Chapter 192: Receiving Materials For Free

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Blueprint: Ivy’s Fool Bomb

Field: Engineering

Requirement: Intermediate Level (150)

Use: Teaches you to create “Ivy’s Fool Bomb”

Ivy’s Fool Bomb: A fool bomb that can be used by any adventurer who knows nothing about Engineering. Will hit the target almost every time! Deals 2000 Fire damage to tall targets within a radius of 5 yards.

Lu Li had slaved away for so many days, not doing Instance Dungeons, not killing other players and not levelling up, all for this.

As soon as he learned the blueprint, he rushed to the Exchange Hall.

The materials that the Fool Bomb required were quite complicated. Broken down into its constituent parts, a Fool Bomb had a Bronze shell, activation mechanism, detonator, and explosives.

The Bronze shell was made up of Copper ore, Tin ore and Iron ore. The activation mechanism was made from a fuse and a metal transformer. The detonator required cloth, flame particles and fuel oil, while the most important element, the explosives, were the easiest to make. Back when he had started learning Engineering, Lu Li had made a lot of explosive powder. He would be able to use them after some purification.

Although the things listed above would cost him quite a lot of money, it was still within an acceptable range.

However, when he looked for ‘Starwood’, he was dumbfounded.

It wasn’t because it was too expensive, but because the prices were ridiculously low. The lowest price was 1 silver coin, as there wasn’t much of it.

The results for Starwood in the Exchange Hall didn’t even make up a full page and they were all listed separately.

Lu Li counted and found that there were 12.

The cheapest was 1 silver coin while the most expensive was 5 silver coins.

Starwood was only used for making Fool Bombs, so no one paid much attention to it, both in his past and present lives. Everyone just thought of it as a useless material.

Since it was a useless material, it couldn’t be sold for much money.

Some people just threw them into the shop, others left them forgotten in their storages, and some smarter people left them in the Exchange Hall. After all, there were no fees involved.

Lu Li bought all of the Starwood in the Exchange Hall.

If everything went well, these 12 Starwood would allow him to create 12 Fool Bombs.

Things had turned out a little differently to what he had expected.

Twelve was definitely not enough. Lu Li wanted hundreds, if not thousands of bombs so he could repeatedly nuke large mobs and Bosses to rapidly increase his level.

What could he do to quickly gather more Starwood?

Lu Li thought for a moment before writing a sentence in the World Channel.

Lu Li: Buying Starwood, 20 silver coins each. Only requesting 20. Send it to my mailbox, pay on receipt.

Pay on receipt meant that the seller could set a price that had to be paid before an item could be retrieved from the mailbox. After paying the money, the buyer could retrieve the item and the money would be sent to the seller.

He said that he only wanted 20 Starwood because he was worried about being taken advantage of.

What if the other players realised how important Starwood was to him and started to charge astronomical prices? This sort of thing was not uncommon and he simply didn’t want to risk it.

When he sent the message to the World Channel, the World Channel that he had muted came to life again.

A world of prosperity was opened up to him.

Even though it costed 10 silver coins to send a message, many people simply couldn’t help themselves.

1 Slash 1 Kill: Gangnam Royals, don’t push people too far. This isn’t one of those games where you can bully people as you wish. If you really push us too far, then be prepared for a life and death struggle.

Pepsi: Am I seeing things? This is so rare – great god Lu Li actually appeared to us in the World Channel. Everyone, gather around.

Cute Bookworm: Gathering around.

King: Great god Lu Li, long time no see. Take me to fly.

Ancient Sword Green Fish: Gathering around.

Marquis of Linghu: The Brotherhood of Righteousness is currently recruiting, $100,000 salary. Lean against a big tree for shade – the Voyage Shipping Group will create the most beautiful home for you in the game.

Holy Thunder: Great god, I have one. Can you tell me what it’s used for? I’ll just gift it to you.

Rabbit Fork: I’ve never heard of it. Who would have thought some people actually have it? Someone please enlighten me as to why the number 1 expert would ask for it in the World Channel.

Staring Right Eye: Haha, number 1 expert.

Passionate Mango: I have one as well. I got it from an NPC as a reward for completing a quest. I couldn’t find a use for it though. Great god Lu Li, I’ll give it to you for free if you add me as a friend.

Immortal Doer: I had that those things from ages ago, but I could never work out what they were for. I’ve asked more than 300 NPCs, but still don’t know. Great god Lu Li, please be merciful and tell me how to use them.

Prisoner Number 8: I have one, but it’s useless to me, so I’ll gift it to you. Check your mailbox.

Lord Of The Flies: Everyone’s being so generous? I have one too and I’ll give it to you for free as well. Don’t you dare give any money though- otherwise you’ll be looking down on me.

Nipple Assassin: ^

Tang City: Can you not all be like this? You’re making it impossible for someone like me to increase the price. Forget it. It’s just some silver coins. Check your mailbox.

Great God Dudu: Wuu, I finally know what a real great god is like. So jealous and envious~

Dragon City: That’s to be expected. This is our faction’s great god. No matter if it’s the Level Rankings or the Instance Dungeon records, we’re on top of the Evil Faction. Why’s that?

Please call me Son-In-Law: Look at my name.

Showgirl Chunnie: Esteemed father-in-law, please accept your son-in-law’s respects…

At the start, there weren’t many people who had seen Lu Li’s message, so it was easy to tell what they were saying. After a while, the World Channel exploded with excitement and just looking at it caused Lu Li’s head to spin. Only then did he regret posting in the World Channel.

He went to his mailbox and looked inside it.

Swish, swish swish. Ten or so messages flooded in and there were still more coming. After opening them, Lu Li found that they were all Starwood.

Mail only stopped coming in after half an hour. In total, there were 43 packages.

Out of these 43 mail packages, only 6 of them were pay on receipt. All of the others had been given to him for free.

Lu Li paid all of the pay on receipt mail. In the end, no one had tried to take advantage of him. After all, Starwood didn’t have much use and even most NPCs didn’t know how to use it.

Out of the remaining 37 mail packages, one even contained 2 Starwood.

He had received 38 Starwood in total.

Lu Li didn’t really owe these people a favour, as the Starwood wasn’t worth much to them.

But then again, it had to be. After all, these people had simply mailed him the goods without asking for any payment.

What’s more, these things were only worth a couple of silver coins, so who could be bothered to sell them? Most people would probably just forget about it in their storage.

This was quite problematic. Lu Li scratched his head in frustration.

In the end, he simply couldn’t bear to take the Starwood without paying, so he added all of the players who had given it to him for free as friends.

He wasn’t an ungrateful person.

Added by Lu Li as a friend!

No one had expected this.

All of the people who had gifted Lu Li the materials did so because they respected him, and didn’t expect to use this opportunity to get closer to him.

Why would a great god who dealt in tens of gold coins become friends with you over a few crappy materials? Although there were tens of millions of players in the Light Faction, the number of people who he added as friends could be counted on a single hand.

As such, the group of people were completely dumbfounded when they saw the friend request from Lu Li.

Lu Li originally expected that after adding these people, he would be harassed and annoyed by them. Who would have thought that after preparing himself, not a single person said anything?

Lu Li exhaled in relief and counted his Starwood. He now had 56 in total.

After this, he bought large amounts of the other materials from the Exchange Hall, which dropped the gold he was carrying down to single digits.

However, he had no choice. Engineering had used up a majority of his gold and he was planning to make 56 Fool Bombs. Each of them costed a few gold coins to make, which cooled off his excitement from earlier.

Using these bombs to level up was simply pay-to-win.