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Chapter 193: Life and Death

Chapter 193: Life and Death

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Lu Li realised that using the bombs to level up was extremely costly.

However, even if the costs were high, he still needed to level.

Many people didn’t even know how to use their money effectively.

I No Fully Understand from the Evil Faction had gone to the extent of hiring people to help him level. He hired people to carry out specific tasks, such as luring and gathering monsters together.

Everyone was doing all that they could to level up as fast as possible.

The top of the Level Rankings had been filled with LV18 players a couple of days ago. Today, there were more than thirty LV19 players, who seemed to have given up on Instance Dungeons and were now focused solely on levelling up.

Lu Li prepared the material required to upgrade the bombs.

As he was about to start, he remembered something.

The explosion from making fireworks dealt a few hundred points of damage. What would happen if he upgraded the bombs?

He was terrified. What if he was killed instantly?

“What are you guys doing right now?” Lu Li decided not to risk it and private-messaged March Rain for help.

If he died instantly from the explosion, March Rain could revive him on the spot.

“We’re all training; it’s getting so hard to level up. Why don’t you come and level with us?” March Rain quickly replied.

“Let Hachi Chan heal them. Come back to town and help me,” Lu Li said.

“Ok, I’ll be right over,” March Rain replied without a second thought.

“What’s this for?” She was evidently confused by all the tools that were involved. Her profession was Tailoring, which was a lot simpler than Engineering.

Engineering was extremely complicated, as it involved all the other professions in one way or another.

“I’m making bombs; it’s very dangerous,” Lu Li said seriously. “You’d better stay far away in that corner. Yeah, even further. Prepare to heal and shield me from afar.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it sounds awesome,” March Rain joked.

“Hope you won’t get too scared,” Lu Li said, as he readied himself to start.

The first time was an experimental trial, so Lu Li’s expectations weren’t very high. There was a very low success rate and before the bomb was assembled, it exploded.


With a flash of light and a loud explosion, Lu Li was sent flying.

March Rain quickly healed him and finally understood what he meant before. This wasn’t just dangerous – it was life threatening.

Lu Li patted his chest and said worriedly, “Put a shield on me. Otherwise, I might die from the explosion.”

Luckily, the game prevented tools from being damaged during crafting. Otherwise, Lu Li would have to pay for the repair fees.

On his second attempt, Lu Li got lucky and the bomb powder was successfully made without exploding.

However, when he poured the bomb powder into the bronze bomb shell and slowly placed the detonator inside, it exploded again. This time, Lu Li received even more damage.

Even with the shield, he was at a critically low HP.

No wonder the bomb experts like Ivy had all died. This was way too dangerous.

“Let’s stop this – it’s too dangerous.”

March Rain didn’t understand why Lu Li was doing all of this. Did all Engineers go through this process?

“It’s fine. Even if I die, it doesn’t matter.” Lu Li wiped away the dirt on his face from the explosion and continued, “Don’t forget – it’s a game and we can be revived.”

March Rain was impressed with his determination.

Lu Li rested for a while before making the third bomb.

It’s fine to make mistakes, but it’s unacceptable to make the same mistakes.

Learning from his previous mistakes, he managed to successfully craft one.

System: Successfully crafted “Ivy’s Fool Bomb” Engineering EXP +5.

Lu Li was so excited that he almost threw the bomb in his hand.

Ivy’s Fool Bomb: A fool bomb that can be used by any adventurer who knows nothing about Engineering. Will hit the target almost every time! Deals 1600 Fire damage to tall targets within a radius of 5 yards.

It was stated in the blue print that it would deal 2000 fire damage. However, Lu Li knew why there was a difference.

In order to increase the success rate, he had purposely decreased the amount of explosive powder that was added.

Less explosive powder meant less power.

It would be much easier now since he had the experience.

Despite this, accidents continued to trouble Lu Li.

After his 3rd failed attempt, his gear was in such a terrible condition that he had to borrow 50 gold from March Rain to repair it.

When the success rate increased, Lu Li decided to add more explosive powder to increase the power.

Lu Li was blown away by the next failure and landed on the ground as a corpse.

He was quickly revived by March Rain and continued, undeterred from completing his suicidal mission.

“Ok, finally finished.”

Lu Li placed the last bomb carefully onto the table and let out a sigh of relief.

In reality, a successfully crafted bomb wouldn’t explode unless it was activated. Nevertheless, he was still careful with it because he had put in so much effort.

“Why did you craft so many of these? Are they for killing monsters?” March Rain finally asked.

Lu Li simply smiled and gave the bomb to her.

“My goodness! Why is the damage so high?!” March Rain was surprised.

Such an overpowered item shouldn’t even exist!

A LV20 monster usually had around 3000 to 4000 HP. This meant that they could easily be killed with 2 bombs.

The main problem was the radius of 5 yards!

March Rain immediately imagined the satisfaction of throwing the Fool’s Bombs into a large group of monsters and watching them as they disintegrated.

“It’s too bad that the success rate was so low.”

Lu Li’s face and hair was black and burnt from the explosions.

He had started with 50 or so material sets, but only 36 attempts had been successful. However, he had gained a respectable amount of Engineering EXP and was now Intermediate Level (167), with only 13 more levels to reach Advanced Level.

Advanced Level Engineers could make Goblin Jumper Cables.

Unlike Beginner Maintenance Robots, Goblin Jumper Cables can be sold for a high price. The demand for these things were very high, especially for experts. In Lu Li’s past life, almost every expert had a Goblin Jumper Cable in their inventory.

Imagine dying in the wild and dropping your best equipment.

Of course, you could risk it and pray that it was still there by the time you go back. If not, then you could only feel happy for making someone else’s day.

However, if you had a Goblin Jumper Cable in your inventory…

All you had to do was activate it and have a chance to revive on the spot.

“Are you going to use these to level up?” March Rain was envious.

“Yes, but not alone. I need the whole team, so gather them up. I know a great location – we can level up together,” Lu Li corrected her.