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Chapter 195: Pulling the Monsters

Chapter 195: Pulling the Monsters

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After his explanation, Lu Li gave the Bloodstained Badge to Azure Sea Breeze before bending forwards to drink a Basic Agility Potion. He then rushed off into the empty wasteland.

“Are there really monsters here?” Sakura Memories asked, confused.

“If he says so, then yes.” Azure Sea Breeze had known Lu Li for the longest, so he trusted him the most.

“If there are ghost monsters, then it’s very possible.” Conversely, Wandering was more inclined to use his mind to analyze the problem.

“Why is it possible if they are ghosts?”

“In Dawn, you cannot pass through each other. I’m sure you’re all aware of that? Wandering glanced at Azure Sea Breeze with contempt.

“Of course.” Everyone knew this to be true.

“Ghosts are the exception to this rule. They don’t have a physical body, so they are unrestrained by unit collision,” Wandering sighed. “As such, the Fool’s Bomb can only be a great farming tool if it’s used against ghosts.”

One could only admire Lu Li’s eccentric way of thinking.

If it was any other kind of monster, they would only have killed a couple dozen in half a day’s time, even if they were perfectly packed into a 5-yard radius.

A dozen people killing a couple of dozen monsters in half a day wasn’t efficient at all.

However, because Ghosts had no body, they could be infinitely stacked.

Theoretically, a small area could accommodate an infinite number of ghosts.

Theoretically, one bomb could yield several levels of EXP…

But of course, these were all considered in the theoretical realm.

There were abandoned houses strewn all over the Wilderness. These houses had been severely beaten by the wind.

When Lu Li rushed past, his clothes ruffled in the wind and awakened the sleeping presence of the land.

A translucent shadow amongst the ruins turned its head and saw Lu Li’s silhouette. This shadow was quiet for a moment, before it threw its head back and let out a soul-piercing wail.

This wasn’t a normal cry – it was Soul Shriek. Ghosts which had this skill could use it to summon companions.

More ghosts started to appear.

They all followed Lu Li closely with the intention of tearing him apart.

Before long, a Death Mark appeared above his head.

He was now the equivalent of a guiding light that the monsters would incessantly chase. Lu Li could finally increase his speed.

He turned into a Leopard and dashed about chaotically in the wilderness.

Even his journey back wasn’t without its dangers.

These ghosts did not have bodies, but Lu Li wasn’t like them. Their attacks could easily cause his movement to be interrupted.

Moreover, these ghosts could also cast Slows.

Once afflicted by a Slow, his movement speed would be greatly reduced.

Lu Li told the others that they couldn’t farm here for this very reason.

There weren’t many people who were faster than Lu Li. Even a Druid with the Cheetah transformation was still slower than Lu Li’s Child of the Forest.

The ghosts behind him continued to wail and summon more ghosts, thus increasing his number of pursuers.

He didn’t dare to stop for even a single moment, afraid that they might cast a Slow onto him.

In his previous life, he once had the privilege of witnessing the Evil Faction’s top guild ‘Stellar Union’ kill the Revenant Lord. However, this was a bit of an exaggeration for the Stellar Union – they didn’t actually see the Boss.

Their group of over 400 players were all submerged in the boundless Sea of Death.

From that point on, ‘Life Exclusion Zone’ was no longer just a name, but a reality.

Lu Li was currently in the periphery of the outskirts of the Revenant Lands. Even so, he was frightened by the flood of monsters following him. He gave up on his plan to continue pulling and turned a corner to leave, not knowing how many ghosts he was bringing with him.

“Lu Li, are you done yet? Flower and I have been waiting for ages,” Azure Sea Breeze pleaded in the chatroom.

“Just finished. There are quite a few monsters, but you must stay calm.”

Lu Li was concerned that they wouldn’t know how to react to this situation, so he quickly addressed it.

“Relax, I’ve experienced all kinds of storms with…”

“Shut up, don’t start now. Everyone stay alert and get ready!” Wandering interrupted Azure Sea Breeze’s boasting.

There were definitely too many monsters.

From their perspective on the high ground, they could see the overwhelming number of monsters chasing Lu Li. The monsters were almost transparent, with hideous and pained faces.

Lu Li rushed over.

Lonesome Flower hastily threw a Blizzard down behind him.

Lu Li didn’t dare to enter into the fray, as he ran around the perimeter to congregate and herd the monsters together

The bomb’s radius was very small, but every extra monster killed was worth it.

“Can I throw it now?” Sakura Memories’ palms were becoming sweaty upon seeing Lu Li perilously dodging in and out of the Ghosts’ claws.

Mother didn’t need to worry about Lu Li any longer.

If it weren’t for this inappropriate moment, she would have immediately expressed her admiration for Lu Li.

“Wait. Wait for my command.”

Lu Li cancelled his Leopard form in the distance. His speed was slower, making his situation more dangerous, but his eyes remained focused on the monsters. He then quickly activated the swiftness effect on his shoes.

“Lu Li!” Wandering was standing up quite high, so he could clearly see a white, ring-like slow come out of a ghost’s claw and into Lu Li’s body.

Lu Li heard his call and didn’t continue to stand idly as he activated Shadow Cloak.

Magic Immunity!

“Good.” Wandering was relieved’ his timing was just right.

The ghosts were continuously packed into a small patch of ground and eventually, there were thousands of them huddled together.

“Do it!”

When Lu Li saw that the monsters had gathered and that his Shadow Cloak duration was almost up, he quickly issued the blast command.

The Fool’s bomb was called the Fool’s bomb because it was easy to operate.

Once the player triggered the activation mechanism, the bomb would prime and explode after three seconds!

Sesame Rice Ball and Sakura Memories were both technically good players. They didn’t dare to delay when there were this many monsters and both immediately threw the bombs.

Lu Li quickly crawled behind some cover and sat down.

The Fool’s Bomb exploded with much more force than it had in his lab. There was a flash before a fiery shockwave was sent out in a five yard radius. The explosion was ferocious…

Any units that were in the area of effect were subjected to a fixed amount of damage.

Even these peculiar ghosts were affected.

Ghosts weren’t a commonly-farmed monster, as they were immune to all physical damage and most magic damage.

There were only two kinds of players that could farm them – Paladins and Light Priests.

However, there were no issues with using the bomb. Lu Li could continuously hear the sound of himself gaining EXP as he joyfully looked at his EXP bar visibly filling up.

“Why are there still so many!?”

Wandering’s shout caught Lu Li’s attention. He was surprised to discover that there were still hundreds of ghosts on the field that had not yet died.

“Paladin, go and keep them occupied. Hachi Chan and Memories, you guys are responsible for DPS. March Rain heal. Sesame Rice Ball, get another bomb ready.”

After observing the situation, Lu Li resolutely decided to use another bomb.

There were several hundred monsters that were over LV20, so there was no way they could clear them out with conventional methods.