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Chapter 196: Bombing Indiscriminately

Chapter 196: Bombing Indiscriminately

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“Lu Li, how much are those?”

Wandering felt impressed with himself; he was worried about the costs even at a time like this.

“Over a dozen gold. Throw!” Lu Li responded.

Sesame Rice Ball flicked his hand, released the bomb and watched as the black gadget floated through the air. It was like throwing a handful of gold.

There was a loud explosion which left some coins behind. There was nothing else left.

“This is insane. Insane,” Sakura Memories muttered to herself.

She wasn’t poor – in fact, she could be considered to be quite well-off. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to buy such expensive levelling equipment on her first day.

But even she didn’t dare to believe that the bomb she had just thrown was worth over a dozen gold.

They threw three bombs in total. Even if they were only worth 40 gold altogether, that was still $4000 in real money. The statistics from China Economics Online showed that the national average income was not even 4000 dollars.

However, by the look on Lu Li’s face, it was obvious that he wanted to do that again.

“If you feel like it’s a waste, then make sure you aim it a little better.”

Lu Li knew what their faces meant but calmly waved his hands and rushed back into the Revenant Lands.

In his second attempt, Lu Li pulled the monsters at a faster rate. He had a better understanding of their attack patterns and thus, was able to pull even more of them.

He still refused to show the new players that he could transform into a leopard. You could call him stingy or cautious, but this was just the way he had been brought up.

After doing one big loop, Lu Li transformed back into his original form as he made his way back.

“He’s coming.”

Wandering saw a small black dot in the distance that was being followed by an overwhelming group.

Sakura Memories and Sesame Rice Ball were much more cautious with the bombs this time. They threw them correctly, which caused a splendid explosion.

The monsters were completely wiped out under the force of these two bombs as the EXP bars of each player rushed forwards once again.

This was the kind of EXP that you could only receive after half a day’s work.

“Let’s split the cost evenly.” Moonlight was a PVP player who usually just carried an axe and went around chopping people down. He rarely participated in team activities and felt particularly sorry.

“Yeah. This way of farming is just too expensive. Let’s talk about how we’re paying.”

Wandering was always one to insist on financial clarity, so naturally, he was the first to support the idea.

The others also voiced their opinions. It was okay if they had to spend some money. Every wave required three bombs, which was a few dozen gold coins. If they didn’t contribute and just enjoyed the free EXP, they would feel guilty.

However, they also wanted to know something else.

This was an item that could yield half a day’s worth of EXP in 10 minutes, and was definitely not something that was only worth a few dozen gold coins.

If this bomb was sold, people would pay 100 gold coins for one.

They couldn’t imagine that in Lu Li’s previous life, he had found a Fool’s bomb and auctioned it for 300 gold.

Of course, there were many reasons why he was able to auction it at such a price. The buyer probably had a specific reason for wanting the bomb – he didn’t take it to use for farming.

Players weren’t able to derive a blueprint from a product, but NPCs could. That buyer bought the bomb so he could give it to an NPC, hoping that the Fool’s Bomb blueprint would be produced.

Unfortunately, Lu Li never found out who ultimately developed the Fool’s Bomb blueprint.

“At our level, we can level up in six waves.”

Azure Sea Breeze was filled with emotion. As a levelling madman, he had thought very hard about how to farm more efficiently. However, all of his struggles couldn’t even be compared to a few pudgy-looking black balls.

As he said this, the second wave was cleared out. He was already about level up, so he reached LV20, becoming the second person to do so behind Lu Li.

Lonesome Flower closely followed; he seemed to be about to about to level up as well.

However, Lu Li was already halfway past LV21. The EXP required for him to level up had become greater and greater, but he would easily reach LV22 by the end of the day.

With 36 bombs, they could wipe out 12 more waves of monsters.

To get from LV19 to 20, a player needed to clear out 6 waves.

20 to 21 required 10 waves, 21 to 22 required 16 waves and 22 to 23 required 24 waves. The assumption here was that every wave would not be smaller than the second wave.

Of course, as Lu Li got better at pulling the monsters, the number of monsters increased.

After all the bombs had been used, Lu Li had made decent progress into LV22 EXP bar. The others had all levelled up as well.

Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower were both LV21 now. Other than Sakura Memories, who still needed a little more EXP, everyone else was LV20. They had taken over the leaderboard once again and this time, it was by a significant margin. They now suddenly occupied 9 positions.

The World Announcements had already turned itself upside down in uproar.

Some smarter people related this to Lu Li’s purchase of Starwood, feeling like they had discovered a secret.

Starwood could quickly increase your level!

By eating it?

That was a joke, but it probably had to do with a quest. But where would they find the NPC? How could they find the NPC? How would they obtain the quest? They wanted to ride this rocket too…

Lu Li once again muted the World Announcements. In trying to figure out the function of Starwood, the channel had reached another climax.

He had expected this to happen, as he had only recently acquired the Starwood.

The players who were jealous of him were not in the minority.

Even the 4th player, who was once number 1 and was currently the Chief of Glory Capital – “I No Understand” – was furious with envy.

He really was going mad.

He was the reputation of the guild.

If a player could hold a position at the front of the rankings, it would be good publicity for their guild.

Glory Capital had promised him great riches if he reached the top spot, as both he and the guild would receive significant monetary benefits. The amount was so high that even large guild executives were desperately pushing for it.

However, it was probably best if they just forgot about first place. Lu Li’s levelling was far faster than any ordinary player.

While the top 100 list was filled with players who were LV 18-19, only one person had managed to reach LV21 at this time.

Perhaps they could settle for second. Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower were doing well, but at least there was some hope of overtaking them.

Poor I No Understand…

In order to help him level up, his guild had sent out 12 Mages. They were split into 3 teams that were always killing monsters. There was also a group of players who would pull the monsters in and another group of players that would deliver potions…

If there were more monsters available, there would be even more players doing this.

But seeing Lonesome Flower and Azure Sea Breeze’s recent progress would make any player’s eyes pop out.

Who would have thought that so many people would overtake I No Understand in such quick succession? In under an hour, he had lost the 4th place that he had worked so hard for and dropped to 10th.

Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower, March Rain, Remnant Dream, Sesame Rice Ball, Wandering, Moonlight and Hachi Chan were currently in the top nine. All of them were from Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

Damned Xin Xin Mercenary Group!