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Chapter 199: Forging Day

Chapter 199: Forging Day

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Lu Li, Moonlight and March Rain. A Thief, a Warrior and a Priest – what a wonderful combination.

In all of Lu Li’s experience, he had never seen such a composition before. This composition mainly lacked magical crowd control and damage. Moreover, Priests currently didn’t have many skills, so they might not be strong enough.

However, he still believed that they could pull it off. Moonlight and Lu Li’s burst was high; there weren’t many players who could survive their focused attacks.

This was especially the case for Lu Li, who not only had strong attacks, but high-survivability as well.

“If March Rain can finish her Profession Transfer quest, that would be good.”

Moonlight had already completed his quest. He had purchased the Transfer Scroll with 2000 Glory points, so he had never actually set foot on the quest maps.

Most PVP players completed their Profession Transfer in this way, but comparatively speaking, their need for Skill Points was not as great.

“I’ll go to the outpost and try to finish it.”

March Rain looked gentle but was actually quite fortuitous. She was like Lu Li and would try her best in all the things that she did.

“Alright, let me know when you’re in and we’ll see which map it is.” Lu Li didn’t have a plan either.

A large portion of completing the Profession Transfer was based on luck. For example, you could end up in an easy map, or run into some players that you knew. Azure Sea Breeze smoothly completed his quest because he ran into some Drizzle Court players who he was familiar with.

However, if you got a special map with many enemies, you would have to rely on your own ability.

“Once you’re in, look around to see if there are players from large guilds around. I’ll help you look,” added Moonlight. His connections were wider than Lu Li’s and the people he knew were all experts.

“If that doesn’t work, we can take you into the battlefield. Farming 2000 Glory Points is actually not that difficult,” Lu Li said murderously. Moonlight agreed with him – today was only Wednesday and they still had four days to go. It would be enough time.

As they were off negotiating, Azure Sea Breeze walked over with his chest puffed-up.

“We also want to participate in the competition. Wandering, Sakura Memories and I will form an aggressive team. If you end up facing us in the competition, good luck to you.”

“Huh, you have two Main Tanks. What kind of joke is this?” Lu Li laughed at the thought of it.

“That’s true. If I’m so strong, why do I need Breezy? Breezy you’re out. Everyone, welcome Sesame Rice Ball to our team,” Wandering said.

“You shameless dog,” Azure Sea Breeze raged. “Dreamy, big brother will take you to a competition to earn some gold!”

The little hunter shook her head and said, “No, no, I don’t want to fight. I need to accompany Guo Guo…

Guo Guo was her pet Tiger that had been raised to be plump and strong. It was exceptionally ferocious, but it was too bad that it had such a cute name. If it wasn’t constrained by the system, the tiger would have eaten its master by now.

“Hachi Chan!” Azure Sea Breeze apprehensively looked at the Druid.

“Alright, alright.” With such boundless energy, she was truly the daughter of the System.

“Fantastic. Flower, I don’t need to ask you right? We’re like brothers…”

Azure Sea Breeze embraced Lonesome Flower’s shoulder.

“Oh,” Lonesome Flower sneered, “Not too long ago, you didn’t even consider me and now, you’re suddenly my brother. Sorry, I only have one sister who is about to be stolen away and no brothers.”

“Uhh, but Flower, I treat you so well…”

Lonesome Flower ignored him and started to channel his return teleport.

Lu Li and the others started to head off as well. Those who hadn’t finished their Profession Transfer had to get ready for it, but Lu Li was planning to train his Forging. Hachi Chan was already LV20 and he couldn’t put off using her Mold for much longer.

Azure Sea Breeze, who had also already finished his Profession Transfer quest, decided to prepare for the Shadow Cup. He went into the Warsong Canyon with an axe in one hand and a giant shield in the other.

Moonlight felt a sense of obligation and followed him. Otherwise, this could end badly for Azure Sea Breeze.

Unlike Lu Li, he had no experience of being excessively hunted, so he had not developed his escaping ability. He was currently like a moving bag of Glory that could even drop equipment.

Lu Li emptied his backpack and filled it with Crushed Stones before heading to the Blacksmith to learn Forging.

Although the game’s Blacksmith was bigger than most players would have initially imagined, the number of players who wanted to learn Forging was just too great. There was always a long queue all day long.

Moreover, not everyone could receive a room number to forge in.

The person responsible for registration was a small, grumpy Dwarf.

“15 Silver coins per hour.” The little Dwarf was rather dishonest – his price was very high.

“Why it so expensive? Alchemy only costs 5 Silver!” the player in front of Lu Li cried out. Fifteen Silver coins was already the price of a piece of Bronze equipment. The income wouldn’t be able to cover the costs at this price.

The Dwarf stared at him and curled his beard as he said, “Don’t compare this to such a sissy trade skill; you are blaspheming the Forging Gods. Go to the back of the line.”

Although he was a Dwarf, he still had immense strength, which showed as he grabbed the player’s belt and knocked him to the back of the line.

He landed exactly at the last position of the line, not any closer or any further.

Lu Li obediently took out the 15 Silver coins.

“Brother Dwarf from the Copper Tribe, please open a Forging room for me. I would like to learn the great art of Forging.”

After his history was acknowledged, the Copper Tribe Dwarf immediate put away his contempt for Lu Li. Upon hearing that Lu Li wanted to learn the great art of Forging, he didn’t hesitate. The moment that Lu Li finished the formalities, he immediately handed over the Forging Badge.

The room that was given to Lu Li was also quite good. The fireplace was burning ferociously and was obviously using good coal.

However, Lu Li could only Forge Whetstones, so he couldn’t make use of this flame.

Making a Whetstone was quite simple. There was almost no chance of failure, but it gave less EXP.

Fortunately, Lu Li only needed to get his Forging level to Basic (15) before he was able to Forge something else. Altogether, he forged over 30 Whetstones to complete his goal.

The next thing was the Green One-handed Sword that he had found in the Exchange Hall.

After Lu Li prepared the materials, he stared at the Forging Hammer in his hands.

Cresso’s Hammer (Special): Strength +20, Forging Speed +30%, Forging Success Rate +20%, Grade +1, Lu Li Exclusive, Durability 100/100.

Because of its +20 Strength, it was easy to wave around. Lu Li’s Forging Speed also noticeably increased. As for the increased Success Rate, Lu Li couldn’t really feel it, as the Whetstone’s probability of failure was too low. Out of the 30 Whetstones he had forged, not a single one had failed.

What could Grade +1 possible mean? Perhaps it meant that an equipment’s Grade would be immediately promoted?

That probably wasn’t the case – it was too ridiculous. If a newly-forged equipment was Bronze, the result would be a Steel-grade piece of equipment. If it was Steel, then the result would be a Silver piece of equipment. If it was Silver, then the result would be beyond imaginable.

Regardless, he would know once he forged something. Lu Li was looking forward to wielding the hammer as he smashed it down onto the unfinished One-Handed Sword.