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Chapter 202: Grade+1

Chapter 202: Grade+1

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All equipment created from Molds had a prefix added to their grades.

As such, it was obvious whether a piece of equipment had been dropped or created by a Mold.

There were 4 prefixes that equipment from Molds could have: Fine, Superior, Exquisite and Perfect. The gap between each prefix was quite big, with Perfect Silver-grade equipment almost rivalling Gold-grade equipment.

Even the lowest grade of equipment from a Mold was better than normal equipment of the same grade. Of course, it was possible for Silver grade equipment that had been dropped to have heaven-defying stats as well.

The Umbranse’s Staff in Lu Li’s hands had skipped the Fine and Superior grades and was an Exquisite Silver-grade equipment.

The Attack wasn’t that great, but Magic professions didn’t rely on the Equipment Damage. Instead, most of their damage came from their Skill Damage. The staff gave 20 points of stats, all of which were quite useful. This was especially so for Intelligence, which was +16.

What made this staff worthy of its status as an Exquisite Silver-grade equip were its Special Effects.

Magic Critical Chance+13%. In his ‘past life’, Lu Li had seen a Fine Umbranse’s Staff with a Critical Chance of 11%. That meant that for every level of quality, the Critical Chance was increased by 1%.

As for the chance to increase or decrease a target’s Defence by 20%, that was an unexpected surprise.

Lu Li had once read a thread that listed very rare Special Effects and included this one.

Healers or other support-roles could give their teammates a 20% Defence buff, while the 20% reduction to Defence could be used as massive Armour Pierce!

This was the first piece of Lu Li had forged from a Mold. At the very bottom, he carved the golden words: Forged by Lu Li, giving this weapon some history.

Lu Li looked at the words ‘Exquisite Silver grade’ and suddenly thought of something – could this be the effect of the Grade+1?

He never believed that his luck was very good. Although he had put all of his effort into forging this weapon, he never would have expected it to be an Exquisite Silver grade equip.

In fact, he didn’t even dare to hope for a Superior Silver grade.

Perhaps the Grade+1 meant that when creating a piece of equipment from a Mold, its grade would be boosted one higher.

If it was as he thought, then the Grade+1 stat would be completely heaven-defying.

This stat was listed behind the Success Rate+20%. Usually, the further back a stat or Special Effect was, the more powerful it was.

Of course, Lu Li couldn’t confirm if this was true.

“Damn, it’s so good. Can you make me one sometime as well?” Azure Sea Breeze was drooling in envy.

“Sure, if you have a Mold.” Lu Li packed up his things and prepared to conclude this period of training his Trade Professions. He would slowly continue to train them up in future.

“Molds are so hard to come by. Apart from Hachi Chan’s one, I haven’t seen any others.” Azure Sea Breeze was devastated.

In actuality, he was someone who had seen and experienced much. He had achieved various First Clears and records. It was a pity that he had never obtained a Mold before and the quest that Hachi Chan completed would not give the same rewards.

Exquisite Silver grade. Ignoring all of the stats that it gave, the alone prefix was quite impressive.

“The Wailing Cave will drop a Mold,” Lu Li replied.

“Goddamn, why didn’t you say so earlier? Everyone, let’s work hard. There’s still a few a still hours until the game ends today, so let’s enter the Instance Dungeon as soon as possible,” Azure Sea Breeze’s yelled, which hurt everyone’s ears.

“Even if we go into the Instance Dungeon, that doesn’t mean we’ll beat the Boss,” Lonesome Flower said.

“Even if we beat the Boss, that doesn’t mean a Mold will drop,” Wandering added.

“Even if a Mold drops, that doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you,” Hachi Chan also joined in.

“Even if it is suitable for you, you won’t necessarily be able to find the rare materials. Haha, Hachi Chan, I’m pretty good, right?” Remnant Dream laughed uncontrollably.

“Ahem, and even if you have the materials, that doesn’t mean I’ll make it for you.” Lu Li dealt the final blow.

“You’re all bad people…” Azure Sea Breeze whimpered as he crawled away.

“I finished my profession upgrade,” Sesame Rice Ball softly said in the chat.

Most of the time, this shy guy stayed silent or quiet.

However, with his skills and power, he had long since earned the respect from the rest of the team.

Ever since Sesame Rice Ball had joined the Mercenary Group, Lu Li had spent less effort into Alchemy. He only needed to make his own poisons.

Seventh Heaven had funded Sesame Rice Ball’s Alchemy, so his level was much higher than Lu Li’s. Not only could he made Advanced Antidotes, he could also make Intermediate Health Potions, Intermediate Agility Potions, Intermediate Strength Potions, Intermediate Intelligence Potions, Intermediate Constitution Potions and even Intermediate Tenacity Potions.

Seventh Heaven had taken away all of his equipment when he left, but they couldn’t take away his skills.

“Can you make some Potions? I’ll pay in a bit.”

Wandering put himself in charge of logistics. As soon as he heard that Sesame Rice Ball was free, he immediately gave him something to do.

“Make a lot of Advanced Antidotes if you can,” Lu Li added. There were many poisonous monsters in the Wailing Cave and their poison required Advance Antidotes to cure.

“Anything else?” Sesame Rice Ball respected Lu Li a lot and always took his views seriously.

“Some Constitution Potions as well,” Lu Li said after thinking for a moment.

Lu Li made 2 bottles of Deadly Poison then went to find a place to peacefully farm monsters.

Most of the mainstream players of Japan spent their time training and levelling up. In the early stages of the game, level determined everything and no one wanted to fall behind.

As someone who had experienced ‘rebirth’, Lu Li also needed to train and level up.

After farming for more than half an hour, a second person finished their profession upgrade.

“I finished upgrading my profession. Luckily, I met some nice people,” Hachi Chan said, letting out a sigh of relief. Her profession still leaned towards dealing damage and healing. With her amazing set of equipment, she didn’t need to worry about not being able to handle two roles.

For someone like her who enjoyed questing, she needed to develop in such a direction anyways. It wasn’t just for the team.

“Goddamn, are you the system’s daughter? Is this even possible?” Wandering was fighting some monsters, while also keeping up his guard against enemy players. He was feeling quite melancholic.

“Lu Li, where are you? I’ll come find you,” Hachi Chan ignored him and asked Lu Li for his location.

“For what?” Lu Li pretended not to know why.

“My staff, my staff! I’m sure you’re all jealous!!” the little girl loudly yelled.

If Remnant Dream was a silly-cute character, Hachi Chan was an idiot-cute one, who liked to make up things in her head.

She had already imagined that these people were so jealous of her exquisite equipment that they were going to suppress her. The glorious Hachi Chan definitely wouldn’t yield.

Lu Li told her where he was and quickly saw a golden cheetah rushing over.