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Chapter 203: Hachi Chan’s Fujoshi Habits

Chapter 203: Hachi Chan’s Fujoshi Habits

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This was the first time Lu Li had seen Hachi Chan transform. It turned out that she had also learned the Child of The Forest.

Lu Li’s equipment was not much better than Hachi Chan’s, especially after he handed over the Exquisite Silver-grade Staff.

“Did you get any rewards from finishing the profession upgrade quest?” Lu Li wasn’t sure how many Silver-grade equips this girl had.

“Don’t even mention it. The rewards were so bad – a Steel grade equipment, a Skill Point and a Skill Book. The equipment was worse than what I already had and the Skill Book was something I’ve already learned,” the system’s daughter dissatisfiedly complained to her father.

Receiving a Skill Point was already amazing. Most people only received a Steel-grade equip when they completed the quest.

“Oh, what Skill Book was it?” Lu Li asked.

“Stealth. I’ve already learned it.” Hachi Chan played around with her Staff, looking at it with fond eyes. However, Lu Li simply wouldn’t praise her.

“Give it to me then,” Lu Li said as he stretched out his hand. He felt that it wasn’t too good to just take something from a little girl so he added, “I’ll give you 10 gold coins.”

“I’ll give it to you as a gift. Thank you for making me such an excellent and pretty piece of equipment,” Hachi Chan casually replied.

“I’d be pretty happy if you took off the bit after ‘excellent’,” Lu Li annoyedly replied. The Staff had extraordinary stats and Special Effects, yet she valued its looks the most.

However, he was very interested in the Skill Book.

As more and more Molds were found, Dawn’s ‘Forging Alliance’ would suggest recommended prices and very soon, these received the support of all Blacksmiths.

They believed that if the Forging failed, the Blacksmith should compensate the owner of the Mold for 20% of the value of the materials used. Of course, they could also privately agree otherwise.

If they forged a Fine grade equip, the would pay Blacksmith a small fee, or even no fee at all.

Forging a Superior-grade equip would result in the Blacksmith taking a fee worth 10% of the materials used.

Forging an Exquisite-grade equip would result in the Blacksmith receiving a fee worth 20% of the materials used. In reality, most Blacksmiths took more than this standard. Usually, the owners of the Mold were more than happy to pay some extra money in exchange for the Exquisite grade equipment.

As for Perfect-grade equipment, there was no way to set a standard price, and neither was there a need to. After all, most Blacksmiths would never be able to forge a Perfect-grade equip/

Umbranse’s Staff was an Exquisite Silver-grade equip.

According to the standard prices, Hachi Chan would have to pay Lu Li far more than the Stealth Skill Book she had just gifted him.

Lu Li had wanted this Skill Book for a long time.

Although the Druid Cheetah Stealth Skill Book wasn’t very rare, the demand for it was far too high. Lu Li couldn’t spend all of his time at the Exchange Hall waiting, so he had never been able to obtain one.

After handing over the Staff, Lu Li went to continue farming monsters. He still had half an hour of double EXP left, and every second of it was incredibly precious.

When she received her Staff, Hachi Chan didn’t immediately leave. Instead, she used her skills to help Lu Li farm monsters.

Lu Li could only add her into his party.

“When are we going to throw bombs again?” Hachi Chan felt quite bored of farming like this.

“Starwood is pretty hard to obtain and I have to collect some more.” There was nothing Lu Li could do. After all, he wasn’t so thick-skinned as to ask for Starwood on the World Channel again.

One Starwood in exchange for a favour – he couldn’t make too many of those deals.z

Moreover, many people already had their suspicions about Starwood. When he went to the Exchange Hall, he couldn’t find a single one.

Most of the Starwood Lu Li had was given to him by players who respected him. These were all personal favours that needed to be paid back – he couldn’t just throw them a gold coin in exchange.

“You can’t make any without Starwood?” Hachi Chan pitifully asked.

Since she had entered the game, she had completed many, many quests. She had seen hundreds, if not thousands, of rare and strange things, but she had never obtained a Starwood before. Perhaps its drop rate was too low.

“There will be people selling it,” Lu Li confidently replied.

Starwood had a low drop rate, but with tens of millions of players, it was impossible for it not to drop. The people who currently had Starwood were probably trying to investigate how it could give them EXP, but most of them were doomed to fail.

When they failed, they would naturally throw those ‘useless things’ into the Exchange Hall.

“Hachi Chan, you’re doing it wrong.” After they had farmed for a bit, Lu Li couldn’t take it anymore.

It wasn’t because he liked to teach other people, but because he had played as a Druid in his ‘past life’. He simply couldn’t stand watching Hachi Chan play like that.

“I think I’m farming pretty well.” Hachi Chan blinked in confusion.

“No matter if it’s attacking or healing, a Druid Mage should be using damage or healing over time…” Lu Li blabbered on for a few minutes before he paused and said, “You should try to understand your skills more instead of just using them casually.”

“Ah…” Hachi Chan opened her mouth, with a silly expression on her face.

“What, you can’t understand it?” Lu Li frowned. In order to cater to her intelligence level, he had already explained things quite simply.

With intelligence like that, Lu Li wondered how she usually did quests.

Hachi Chan looked as if she was an adventurer who had just discovered a new continent. Unable take her eyes off Lu Li’s face, she said, “Lu Li, I always thought you were a high and mighty expert. Who would have thought that you could talk so much?”

Lu Li frowned deeply and he felt a sudden urge to flick her on the head.

What was going on in that brain of hers? How could she think of such things when the ‘great god’ was teaching her 1 to 1?

“Did you understand the things I just talked about?!”

“I… I did,” Hachi Chan nervously nodded and gulped.

“Then I’ll continue talking about Healing Druids. I’m only going to say it once and if you make any mistakes when we go into the Wailing Cave, I won’t show any mercy.” Lu Li pretended to look fierce and mean.

Unafraid, Hachi Chan came closer.

“I heard that you have a little sister who’s younger than me. Do you usually smack her?”

“If you continue to gossip, I’ll really smack you right now.” This kid was simply too much. Lu Li could feel the calmness that he prided himself in slipping away.

“Alright, alright. Why do you have to be so mean?” Hachi Chan didn’t dare to continue to provoke Lu Li.

The was no one around where they were. What would she do if a certain someone was provoked to the point of committing murder?

“The Wailing Caves require two Healers – one main and one support. March Rain is the main Healer and you’ll be the support Healer. When there’s a big need for healing, you’ll help. At other times, you’ll be attacking. Of course, when attacking the Boss, you need to make sure that you keep a heal over time on him…”

“Got it?”

“G-Got it…” Hachi Chan shook herself out of her daze and hurriedly replied.

“Clearing an Instance Dungeon is much harder than doing quests, so everyone needs to work hard. Otherwise, everyone will be dragged down,” Lu Li earnestly and patiently said.

Only towards girls around his little sister’s age did he have this much patience.

“Lu Li, you need to be careful of Wandering,” Hachi Chan mysteriously said.

“What’s up with Wandering?” Lu Li was surprised. He simply couldn’t understand what this little girl was talking about. He thought that Wandering was a pretty good guy and he had known him for a long time in his ‘past life’.

“I feel that there’s a lot going on between him and Azure Sea Breeze,” Hachi Chan stood on her tiptoes and whispered to Lu Li.

Apart from the two of them, there were only monsters around. What was going on with this girl?

“They’ve known each other for ages. Of course there’s a lot between them.” Lu Li didn’t understand what she was talking about.

He felt that this young girl had a problem with communication. Luckily, Xin Xin wasn’t like this.

“But you’re a couple with Azure Sea Breeze, right?”

Suddenly a girl’s voice shrilly cried out, “Aiya, don’t pull my ears! Save me! Dreamy, hurry up and save me! Lu Li’s hitting me…”