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Chapter 205: Delicious Wind Serpent

Chapter 205: Delicious Wind Serpent

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In order to prepare for the long battle ahead, Lu Li had already bought supplies and sent them to Wandering. He sent them through the Mailing System, where items could be stored and mailed to others.

He didn’t want to waste time and planned to travel past the Warsong Valley as quickly as possible.

If he could get past the Warsong Orc Guards last time, he could easily do it again. Previously, he had used “The World is So Big” to confuse all of the guards’ senses. This time, he could easily fool them with the Deception Orb.

An Undead Thief from the Evil Faction casually strolled through the Horde’s area.

“Lu Li, there’re so many Centuars around here. How do I get past?” Wandering asked anxiously in the chat room.

Every time he encountered a problem, he would naturally ask for Lu Li’s opinion on the matter. There were too many monsters and killing them would be a waste of time and energy.

“Find a place with less monsters; I’ll be right over. Apparently, the monsters here drop a magical blue print called ‘Delicious Wind Serpent’.” Lu Li transformed into a crow and flapped his wings as he soared across the sky.

Ever since he had levelled up his Crow Transformation, the flying speed had greatly increased.

“Delicious Wind Serpent? Is it edible?”

“Yes, there are no bonus stats, but it’s very cool. If you consume it, you can become a Ninja or a Pirate.” Lu Li saw the Sweetwater Oasis in the distance.

The Sweetwater Oasis and the Bitterwater Oasis were both inside the centaurs’ territory. The Kolkar Centaurs led by Khan Dez’hepah roamed the barren north. They had to compete with the Durotar Orcs and the Thunder Cliff Taurens for land.

The Celkis Centaurs were also a part of these deformed monsters and came from Desolate Land. They had lost to the Tauren in a battle and were driven out of their land.

The Kolkar Centaurs received support from the Cenarion Union and declared war upon the Orcs.

The lore had nothing to do with the players, but they would aggro onto anyone who came close. The players were interested in them for their loot.

Delicious Wind Serpent recipe!

No matter what they planned to do with it, it was worth the time investment.

Lu Li did not descend from the sky in Crow form, but suddenly appeared in front of Azure Sea Breeze and the others.

“Goddamn, are you trying to scare us?!” Azure Sea Breeze was angry at Lu Li for suddenly popping up in front of them and almost split him in half with his axe.

“Look at the time – you guys are so inefficient,” Lu Li scolded him.

He trusted Azure Sea Breeze to explain the problem of killing the NPC. He would never betray him, even if people threatened to cut his manhood off.

“Didn’t you say there’s a recipe that drops here which that allows you to transform into a pirate?” Hachi Chan searched the ground littered with Centaur corpses.

“Hachi Chan loves Johnny Depp,” Remnant explained.

“Johnny Depp? What the hell is that? Is that a boss?” Lu Li was confused.

“You… don’t know who Johnny Depp is? He’s one of the greatest movie stars from 200 years ago,” Hachi Chan explained as she coldly stared at Lu Li. “He passed away long ago. What a shame; I can only see him in movies. He was one of the greatest actors of all time.”

“Why are you still talking about him when he’s dead? I hope he comes and finds you at night,” Lu Li said, trying to scare her.

“Uncle. You’re so lame. What a pathetic attempt at scaring little girls.”

“I might look mature but I’m nowhere near looking like an uncle. I’m still young,” Lu Li retorted, almost coughing up blood. “The drop rate for the Delicious Wind Serpent recipe is way too low. That’s too bad. Let’s go take a bath.”

“PERVERT. Why would you ask girls to go take a bath with you? Remnant and I aren’t even of legal age yet,” Hachi Chan taunted him. She had held a grudge on Lu Li ever since he had pulled on her ear.

Lu Li was defeated.

After everyone had a good laugh, they arrived together at Sweetwater Lake.

Ten minutes later, Wandering impatiently asked, “Why is nothing happening?”

Lu Li jumped out of the water and led them towards the Instance Dungeon cave. “Things will happen after we enter the instance dungeon,” he replied.

This secret Instance Dungeon wouldn’t be discovered until much later. Normally, people wouldn’t bother to stay in the water for that long.

Although the dungeon was hard to find, it wasn’t completely impossible. Therefore, there was no reason for them to suspect that Lu Li had undergone a rebirth.

The girls who had previously said that they weren’t afraid of ghosts huddled in the centre of the group, too afraid to even speak.

They soon arrived at a large pool of water which obstructed their way.

“Carefully swim over; don’t aggro the monsters in the water. They’re very deep down, so as long as we cross the river quickly, they won’t notice us,” Lu Li whispered.

“There’s something in the water…?” Remnant Dream almost cried while holding onto Hachi chan.

March Rain also took a couple steps back because she was afraid. Only Sakura Memories seemed fine and curiously walked closer, trying to figure out what was in the water.

“There’re only two monsters down there.” Lu Li was speechless.

“That’s so scary! What if they pull on my legs and drag me down?” Hachi Chan began to cry.

“They’re monsters, not water ghosts.” Lu Li finally understood why many elite groups didn’t accept female players.

“How do you know there aren’t any water ghosts? I’m not going in, never,” Hachi Chan protested which was met with agreeance from Remnant Dream. In their current state, they probably wouldn’t even touch the water unless they were thrown down.

“Big Bro, lure the monsters out and we’ll kill them,” March Rain urged as she pulled on her older brother’s sleeves.

“Kill them!” Lonesome Flower exclaimed enthusiastically to impress the ladies.

“How about I lure them?” Sakura Memory couldn’t wait.

“Wait, if we’re going to fight them, at least have a strategy,” Lu Li said, defeated. “The two monsters down there are both Elite Grade and have high HP. The main problem is that they can restore their HP by going back down into the deep when it low.

“Focus on one then?” Moonlight suggested.

“Yes, we need to all burst it at once and kill it before it goes back down,” Lu Li nodded and agreed.

They wouldn’t let a girl go down to lure the monsters. Azure Sea Breeze, who was standing by the edge, felt a painful kick from behind as his heavy armour splashed into the water.

“Wandering, you asshole. I bet it was you that kicked me,” Azure Sea Breeze said as he plunged into the water.

“No one saw me kicking you. Innocent until proven guilty!” Wandering replied cheekily.