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Chapter 206: Obtaining Another Bracelet

Chapter 206: Obtaining Another Bracelet

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“Who else besides you would kick me? Do you think I’m actually stupid?!” Azure Sea Breeze was not angry because he was in the water, but because he had been kicked in.

“Shut up Azure. Prepare for battle.”

The two shadows beneath the surface grew larger and larger as the water began to stir up.

The monster is here!

“Goddamn, these monsters are massive. Are you sure these aren’t bosses?!” Azure Sea Breeze had always been a fearless type of guy. He had seen all kinds of weird, creepy and even gory things, but the monsters beneath the water sent chills up his spine.

“You’re the ones that wanted to fight them,” Lu Li said, trying to avoid responsibility.

Not many people fought these monsters, not because they were difficult, but because of the way they would appear. The way they lurked in the shadows and rushed towards you as soon as you entered the water would leave anyone with post-traumatic stress disorder and deep-sea-phobia.

Even their gear and drops sank to the bottom, most people would choose against retrieving them.

The girls began to run away and even Sakura Memory’s face became pale. The monster’s large and sinister mouth came rushing towards Azure Sea Breeze to devour him.

Its name was ‘Deviate Lurker’ and it looked like a plesiosaurus.

“Hurry up and get up, or you’ll get one shot,” Wandering laughed.

Azure Sea Breeze clumsily avoided the attack and raised his shield, as he casted Taunt.

Lu Li and Wandering stood beside him and instantly attacked the Lurker that had been taunted. Everyone began to support them from behind, using fear to fuel their strength as they threw every ability they had at it.

The plesiosaurus was quickly killed and cried as it ran away.

“Rest for a bit and lure the other one.” Lu Li then glanced at the little Druid and asked, “Hachi Chan do you want to go down to pick up the loot later?”

“No. I’d rather die,” Hachi Chan refused.

“There’s a high chance that it’ll drop the recipe for Delicious Wind Serpent.” Lu Li wasn’t lying this time. Although the information wasn’t on the forums yet, he knew from his past life that these monsters had a high chance of dropping the recipe.

“Whatever it drops, I ain’t going down there. Lu Li, you’re so mean. I’m traumatised and never going swimming again.” The sight of the two giant monsters appearing from the depths of the sea was enough to leave her traumatised for a long time.

Lu Li felt slightly guilty and gently said, “Ok, ok, I’ll go down and get it. If I find the recipe, I’ll even share it with you guys.”

“Go lure the monsters,” Wandering demanded as he kicked Azure Sea Breeze.

Azure Sea Breeze was confident this time from the previous experience and used his shield to lure the Lurker up to the surface.

The second monster heard the commotion from above and rushed upwards.

It was no different this time and the Lurker was beat to death.

Lu Li received two Intermediate Underwater Breathing Potions from Sesame Rice Ball and jumped into the water.

He hadn’t even learned to make Beginner Underwater Breathing Potions, but Rice Ball had upgraded his alchemy to Advanced level and had learned many rare recipes.

Lu Li felt pressured from this, because if Sesame Rice Ball didn’t benefit more from Xin Xin Mercenary Group than Seventh Heaven, he would feel guilty for making him join.

It was very dark below, so he transformed into Seal to increase his field of view.

The pool of water was similar to a pocket. The expanse of water below became wider and wider as he dove in deeper. Now, he could feel the currents moving.

Lu Li only saw a Bronze Grade Weapon when he reached the bottom.

He wasn’t sure if the recipe had dropped, or if it had been swept away by the currents.

Lu Li began to search around.

Treasure Chest!

He had yet to find the recipe, but had managed to stumble upon a Steel Grade Treasure Box.

He prayed that something good would come out.

Recently, he had been quite busy and was unable to go around looking for Treasure Boxes.

When he had the time, he planned on searching for Treasure Boxes that he remembered from his past life.

Lu Li searched the Treasure Box with his seal claws and felt a piece of cloth at first.

This was a robe for Mages with some decent stats, but for Lu Li’s group, it was nothing more than garbage. He decided to keep it in his bag to sell.

Normally, a Steel Grade Treasure Box would drop two items, so Lu Li searched the box again.

He felt a circle shaped object that was larger than a ring and took it out.


He remembered the time he had found a bracelet in a Treasure Box at the start of the game. He had sold it for about 10 times the price of a normal Bronze Grade Equip.

Lu Li looked back on this with a deep sense of regret.

Being the first female-only gear in the game, he could have sold it for a ridiculous price, even if the stats were terrible. He could never forgive himself for selling it for so cheap.

Protection of the Tides (Steel): Strength+6, Stamina +6, Adds 12 slots to inventory. Level Requirement: 15, Durability 36/36

Protection of the Tides was made of jade and looked like flowing water. Lu Li didn’t care about the appearance of gear, but the bracelet was so beautiful that he was mesmerized for a few seconds.

He could probably sell this for good money.

Or perhaps, he could give it to someone as a present. Just kidding, as if Lu Li would do that.

This bracelet had value in its appearance, not in its stats.

When he finished the Instance Dungeon, he planned on selling it to the jewellery shop.

After he opened the treasure box, he searched around for a while and decided to head back up after finding nothing.

“Why were you down there for so long? I thought you drowned,” Azure Sea Breeze said.

“I opened a treasure box and found 2 Steel Grade Equipment. You guys wouldn’t need them, so I’ll keep them for myself,” Lu Li replied. “The monster only dropped a Bronze Grade Equipment and nothing else.

“This was expected. A 5000 HP Elite Monster probably wouldn’t drop anything good.” Wandering glanced at Lu Li and decided to believe that he wasn’t keeping stuff to himself. He didn’t question Lu Li about the treasure box either.

If Lu Li could say it out loud, he must have had a clear conscience.

After travelling past the pool of water, they came across a number of different monsters.

Devouring Ectoplasm – a disgusting slime monster commonly known as Slimey by most players.

Deviate Coiler – a wind serpent that was able to spit out poison. Although it looked like a regular monster, it had a very high damage output. If it wasn’t for Sesame Rice Ball’s Advanced Antidotes, someone might have died.

Deviate Slayer – a very fierce raptor. It was also a normal monster, but it could crit every three hits, which dealt a lot of damage.

Even though the monsters were quite fierce, Lu Li and his group managed to get through everything smoothly and arrived at the Instance Dungeon Entrance.