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Chapter 208: A New Commander

Chapter 208: A New Commander

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“You can take command, Wandering,” Lu Li said, as he carefully coated his dagger with poison.

“Me? Why me?” Wandering was surprised; he thought that Lu Li would personally make the commands. After all, they were in the Barrenlands.

“Of course I’m talking about you. You can’t always rely on me. What if I’m not there? I’m a Thief you know,” Lu Li responded.

The reason why Lu Li always did well as a commander was not because of his talent in commanding, but because of his knowledge in strategy. As long as a player wasn’t completely useless, they would be able to get pass the Instance Dungeon with his step-by-step instructions.

He had tried to train Azure Sea Breeze to become a commander, but nothing came of it. The team was a mess under his leadership.

“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” Wandering did not refuse, as he had faith in himself.

“You can do it. We all believe in you. If I have anything to say, I’ll still let you know. Everyone, put in your best effort – we will be beating this Boss today.” Lu Li was under a very strong impression that Wandering had a special talent for Commanding.

From Lu Li’s memory of his past life, Wandering had gone undercover in unions to help Azure Sea Breeze. He had joined those unions by presenting himself as a commander. Only a talented commander could make a quick, decisive decision in the heat of the moment.

“Oh no, why do I feel like our future is bleak?” Azure Sea Breeze rolled his eyes.

“Wandering big bro, you can do it, good luck!” Hachi Chan happily welcomed the fact that Lu Li had renounced his position as commander. She had always thought that Lu Li wasn’t a good person, as he liked to pull her ears.

The others also expressed their support. Wandering had won their hearts by being very reliable.

However, this did make him just a little more narcissistic, a little more vicious with his words and a little lazier…

“Big bro, I think you can do it too.”

This was Sakura Memories speaking. She was clearly a beautiful and elegant person, yet she was speaking so crudely with the guys.

“Alright then, if everyone is in support of me, then I’ll just go ahead then. Breezy, attack!” Wandering gave the Main Tank a kick.

Azure Sea Breeze stared at him and asked, “Just like that? Aren’t you gonna say anything else?”

“It’s our first time – what else is there to say? We have to test the Boss to see what skills it has,” Wandering responded confidently.

Indeed, the first step for clearing an Instance Dungeon was by testing it out first.

However, Lu Li was already prepared for a depressing result before the fight even began.

Poison Fang Anacondra wasn’t too difficult, but the dinosaurs nearby would soon notice the fighting. They would then let out a loud roar that would attract all the monsters from nearby, including the dinosaurs and Fanged Druids from across the river.

No matter how strong the party was, there was no way they would be able to defeat that kind of gang-up.

Nevertheless, he had just expressed his trust in Wandering, so he couldn’t start questioning him now.

The sight of ten players rushing in to fight was even more spectacular than five players. Anacondra used a Lightning Bolt to attack. Its attack frequency wasn’t very high and its damage wasn’t more than Azure Sea Breeze could bear.

When the fight first started, everything seemed like it was going well.

After the Boss had taken some damage, she started to heal herself.

“Dammit, Lu Li, interrupt…”

Before those words had even left his mouth, Lu Li had already kicked the Boss to cancel the skill. Wandering could only swallow the rest of his sentence.

However, Anacondra was a Monster that used magic, so there was no way that she would only cast Lightning Bolts. If those were all she used, the players would feel incredibly bored.

In reality, they actually did feel bored and just wanted to get the fight over with.

Deep Sleep! Make a target unconscious for 15 seconds.

Unfortunately, the target was March Rain.

Fifteen seconds didn’t seem like long, but by the time the Healer woke up, the whole team would be dead.

This was probably the most difficult aspect in facing Anacondra. If a party was unlucky and their Healer was put to sleep, they would be thrown into chaos. Those with a short temper would definitely lose their minds.

During the 15 seconds of sleep, the System slowly counted each and every second.

However, Wandering remained calm and commanded the second Healer that Lu Li had assigned.

“Little Hachi, heal Breezy,” Wandering directed with a normal pace and tone.

He was still worried and wanted to yell too, but he knew that if he did, he would send Little Hachi into a mess.

Hachi Chan was stunned for a second, before she subconsciously turned to Azure Sea Breeze and casted Rejuvenation on him.

Her technique was a little sloppy; she definitely wouldn’t be able to completely replace the original Healer.

Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t stupid – he quickly cast Shield Wall and greatly reduced the damage received.

“Restoration!” Lu Li shouted out the name of the skill.

Hachi Chan subconsciously obeyed and cast Restoration. The rejuvenation of Restoration was quite strong and it healed a considerable amount of HP. Azure Sea Breeze’s HP instantly jumped back up.

Although she was the second healer, Hachi Chan’s Equipment and Skills were quite strong. As such, the amount that she had just healed was actually no less than what March Rain was capable of.

“Cast Lifebloom, now, again, and again. Alright, now Heal…” Lu Li had played as a Druid in his past life. Although he didn’t play a Healing Druid, he still knew how to heal at an elementary level.

To him, it was effortless – he could do it even with his eyes closed. However, other people had different opinions about this.

You’re a Thief – how do you know about Druid skills so well?

Before everyone could make a scene, Lu Li quickly told them that he didn’t immediately rest after logging off each day. He would read up on information about the game, including the skills of other professions.

No one could become a master by simply relying on luck.

With Lu Li’s guidance, Hachi Chan kept Azure Sea Breeze’s HP at a safe amount while they waited for March Rain to wake up. Once she recovered, everything was back on track.

Anacondra suddenly flashed green and thorns appeared all around her.

This skill reflected melee damage and dealt 200 Nature damage. Lu Li and Moonlight backed off the moment they saw this, demonstrating the skills that they had picked up from PVP. However, Wandering and Sakura Memories were a little slower to react. By the time they had stopped attacking, they had already lost half their HP.

It would be helpful to add at this point that Sakura Memories was a Melee Buffing Shaman.

Buffing Shamans were a class that dealt a mixture of physical and magic damage. They used various totems to fight their enemies, were able to Heal and could also generate mana…

“Memories and Hachi Chan, heal the other Melee Professions,” Wandering commanded.

At that moment, a velociraptor strolled by and saw a group of players swarming around Anacondra.

“Don’t worry, keep dealing damage. I’ll pull it. Hachi Chan, watch my HP.”

Wandering was the side-tank, so this was perfect for his role.

Unfortunately, reality wasn’t as perfect as they had imagined. The little dinosaur didn’t rush in to attack them. Instead, it raised its head and let out a loud cry.

In response to its call, a group of mobs from various places flocked over.

The party was about to be destroyed; there was no doubt about it!

Lu Li used Gale Steps the avoid the Boss’ attack and so was the last player alive in the party.

Generally, thieves didn’t die with the rest of the team

Some of them suggested sending a player to guard the path where the little dinosaur would come from, while others maintained that they should just focus-fire the dinosaur when it appeared. The atmosphere was becoming quite heated. Regardless of the idea, everyone was participating in the discussion.

“Why not just pull the Boss off to one side?”

Lu Li didn’t say this out loud, but private-messaged this to Wandering.

Wandering saw the private message, but couldn’t understand why Lu Li had used this. However, he soon realized that Lu Li wanted to establish him as an authority.