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Chapter 209: Catching A Druid As A Pet

Chapter 209: Catching A Druid As A Pet

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“Alright, stop fighting. Following Lu Li’ suggestion, we’ll pull the Boss off to the side.”

Wandering was grateful for what Lu Li was doing, but he was a proud man and couldn’t claim the idea as his own.

Lu Li was a little irritated, but there was nothing he could do.

This time, Wandering carefully inspected the surrounding environment before deciding on a secluded corner. He truly did have discerning eyes, as the location he selected would later become the standard spot in most strategies for farming Anacondra.

As the line of sight was blocked, there was no way that the little dinosaur could see them, unless if it ran in to look.

However, before they began fighting, Wandering made an unexpected decision.

“What, you want me to heal?” Hachi Chan’s eyes were wide and was so shocked that her mouth was hanging open.

“Yes, you will be the main healer, March Rain you are the side Healer. I’m giving you an opportunity to improve by taking us out of our comfort zone, so make good use of it. Lu Li will guide you on what skills to use, but also consider why he has asked to you use those skills,” Wandering whispered.

Lu Li internally praised Wandering over and over.

He was quite courageous to use a dungeon clear for teaching, but if you thought about it, there wasn’t anything really wrong with it.

The only loss was Hachi Chan’s damage output. Her output wasn’t that high anyway, so the party would probably do fine without her. Hachi Chan was now the Main Healer, but in reality, March Rain would still be watching everyone’s HP.

If they previously weren’t so unlucky as to have their Healer go to sleep, the little dinosaur wouldn’t have found them.

This time, Anacondra was killed with no complications.

“What did it drop? Quickly go find out!” Hachi Chan anxiously cried out.

She had fought her heart out for this Boss and had done more than half of the healing. March Rain only took over when she had run out of MP.

“I’ll loot it.”

Remnant Dream was the party’s designated equipment distributor because of her lucky hands. She was also unwilling to give up the role.

“One Silver Equip – a Chain Mail Armor. Oh wow, its main bonus is additional Intelligence…”

“It’s for a Shaman, give it to Memories,” Wandering commanded.

“There is a rare material,” Remnant Dream said, as she reluctantly gave the Armor to Sakura Memories.

Sakura Memories was a little embarrassed. This was her first Instance Dungeon experience with the party and she was already receiving equipment. Moreover, it was a LV20 Silver equip with good attributes.

“Give me the rare material. Lu Li and I will deal with it,” said Wandering.

“Oh, and give the ring to Memories as well,” added Lu Li.

Lu Li nodded and took out the Wind Ring to hand it to her.

This ring was a LV25 equip, but with its -30% effectiveness, a LV18 player could equip it. Its effects were quite special, especially the buff that gave Shaman Totems an additional 10% effectiveness. This could be considered as a God item for Shamans.

“These… are all for me?” Sakura Memories felt that the ring’s effect was too good to be true.

“No need to be polite – you aren’t just getting these for free. I’ve been keeping track of the scores and these will be deducted from your final contribution. So, keep working hard,” Wandering said as he held up a book that he had been carrying. He really had been keeping track of everything.

Azure Sea Breeze snatched the book and began to read it out loud, “Howling Caves points record: Group participation – 10 points each. Immaculate leadership by Wandering – 5 points. Wow, you think your leadership is immaculate? Do you have no shame? Satisfactory performance by Azure Sea Breeze – 1 point. You old geezer, you think my performance is only satisfactory? Constructive criticism by Lu Li – 5 points. Hachi Chan showing great improvement – 3 points. Why did I get the least points!?”

Everyone had gained bonus points of about 3 on average. However, Azure Sea Breeze had only gained a single point.

“It’s not an exact science. If an equip that is dropped is suitable for you, then you’ll get it,” Wandering grunted before snatching back his book.

“Do you think you can fool me Wandering? The points are obviously tied to the gold reward, but you’ve gone and taken mine away,” Azure Sea Breeze cried out angrily.

“Alright, if you keep arguing about this, I’ll make sure you don’t have a life to spend your money on,” Wandering fearlessly said.

He wasn’t trying to create a false account – it just happened that Azure Sea Breeze’s points appeared particularly fraudulent. However, the sum of both their points was six, which was the same as everyone else’s. The scoring wasn’t very strict and neither was it perfectly fair.

“Alright, stop fighting. Don’t you see I’m still allocating items? There’s also a Skill book – ‘Moonkin Form’. The name sounds so ugly. It’s yours Hachi,” Remnant Dream said as she looted the third item.

“Let… let me see.”

The name really did have quite an ugly ring to it. Why would a girl want to learn a skill that was called Moonkin Form?

It was a Transformation Skill that could turn Hachi Chan into the Moonkin Form?

In full view of everyone, Hachi Chan learned the skill and brazenly used it.

The creature that appeared was furry, chubby and looked like a giant quail. If it weren’t for the fact that everyone had seen her transform, they wouldn’t have recognized it as Hachi Chan.

“Waaaa, Its so cute!” Remnant Dream rushed over and started rubbing its fur.

March Rain and Sakura Memories also ran over and joined in.

“Seems pretty good. Does it look okay?” Hachi Chan had already completely forgotten about the skill’s name. As long as it looked good, everything was fine…

“It’s really really cute. I don’t know if there will be plush toys of this coming out, but I really want to hug one to sleep.” Given March Rain’s expression, it seemed like she was a girl who liked plush toys.

“It can be custom made. I’ll find a company to do it later,” said a certain sis-con immediately.

“That’s true. Hachi Chan, can you strike a few poses so I can take some pictures?” March Rain asked.

Originally, their relationship was a little awkward, but now that they had something in common to talk about, the girls had hit it off. Wandering didn’t rush them either. After all, their objective of defeating the first Boss had been reached.

Hachi Chan obediently struck a candid pose for them.

Obviously, Dawn had put in a great effort to cater for female tastes. For example, the Druid’s Moonkin Form had a number of cute elements to it.

Lu Li hit Lonesome Flower with his elbow.

“What?” Lonesome Flower turned around unhappily; he had been helping to take pictures.

“If it turns out well, can you make one for my sister as well? It has to be pink. Can you also make it a little bigger? My sister is 150cm tall. How tall do you think it’ll be?” Lu Li didn’t really know if Lu Xin would like it, but he subconsciously wanted to get one for her.

With a common talking point, Lonesome Flower finally felt like he could have a conversation with someone. The two of them discussed which designs would be most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing…

“Hey! Dreamy, what are you doing to me!?” Hachi Chan’s cry caught everyone’s attention and they all twisted back around to see what had happened.

It wasn’t really anything…

Only Lu Li, who had a keen eye and a deep understanding of Hunter skills, understood. However, he couldn’t bear to look and had to cover his face. Why were they doing this?

“Don’t move Hachi,” Remnant Dream said.

“What is this? What are you trying to do?” Hachi Chan anxiously watched the slight yellow glow of the shroud around her. Although she knew that her party members couldn’t hurt her, the fact that a skill was being cast on her was enough to scare her.

“I… I want to catch you as my pet…” Remnant Dream softly whispered as she continued her hand motions.