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Chapter 210: Resurrection

Chapter 210: Resurrection

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“We’re good friends, but you want to capture me as a pet?” Although she was young, Hachi Chan knew that she should protect herself from her enemies and watch out for her closest friends.

This girl wanted to capture her as a pet!

Many other Hunter had this dream as well, to capture a Druid as a pet.

However, while most people only ever thought about it, Remnant Dream had acted on it. The little hunter had been casting her Tame Beast Skill for a while now.

“Hey, I’m a player. You can’t capture me. You can’t!” Hachi Chan’s panic was quite adorable, but the game wouldn’t allow a player to capture another player as a pet… right?

Remnant Dream bitterly retracted her hands, but she was unwilling. She even private-messaged Lu Li, “How can I capture the quail as a pet?”

“That’s your best friend, and you want to capture her?” Lu Li gave her a strange look.

“No, I just wanted to try it. Next time… I’ll just capture someone from the Evil Faction.”

Now that the little girl had calmed down, she realized the error in what she was doing to her friend. As such, she directed her intention towards someone from the Evil Faction.

“You can’t capture other players…” Lu Li said helplessly.

“Then… can I capture NPCs?” The girl who had a foolish mind like Hachi Chan was being quite creative.

“NPC…” Lu Li wanted to say that she couldn’t, but he suddenly thought of Mok’Nathal’s final descendant – Rexxar. He was followed around by large Bear named Misha, who was also a Druid.

There was also Windcaller Claude, who had been captured as a pet by a Boss in the Dark Swamp. He had become a laughing stock throughout all of Azeroth.

“It definitely must be possible.” Seeing Lu Li’s hesitation, Remnant Dream smiled and declared, “Alright, I’ve decided that I will be capturing a Druid as a pet.”

What a grand dream. Lu Li wiped away his sweat and said nothing.

People would always have dreams, but what if she succeeded?

After some rest, they continued on their journey.

“Which way should we go?” Azure Sea Breeze wiped off the blood that had been splashed on his face, as they stopped at a fork in the road.

There wasn’t really a plan. The environment was too complex, so there was no easy way to determine what the right way was. Dawn wasn’t like the other games, where there were full screen maps or navigational plug-ins.

“I have an idea.”

Hachi Chan had already recovered from Remnant Dream’s capture attempt and was ready to provide a suggestion on how they could navigate through the Instance Dungeon.

“Alright, let’s hear it.” Wandering’s head was hurting.

It seemed absurd for someone with a poor sense of direction to give advice about navigation, but Wandering made sure that he heard everyone’s opinion.

“This is a gold coin…” she said as she pulled out a golden coin. This wasn’t the game currency, but rather a special prop that could be bought with special currency awarded from quests.

Everyone stared at the coin in her hand. Could it be that it was somehow able to direct them?

“Here, we have a left path and a right path. If the gold coin is face up, we will go left. If the gold coin is face down…” Hachi Chan said casually.

Everyone just sweated in silence.

“I do this all the time when navigating through quests.” Hachi Chan noticed that she was being ignored and was a little aggravated.

“What if the coin stands on its end?” Sakura Memories asked as she walked to her side and rubbed her own head.

She had a point – what would happen if the coin ended up standing?

In reality, the split-path wasn’t a big deal. If they took the wrong way, they would just have to travel for longer. Wandering directed the party to pick a path at random.

As they were about to leave, Remnant Dream, who was probably too preoccupied by her dream of capturing a Druid as a pet, stepped to close to the edge and slid down.

“Help!” the little girl cried out in surprise and fear.

“Don’t be afraid. We’ll find a way down to save you. Look around to see if there is anything you can grab onto,” Lu Li said. He didn’t want to keep talking, but she truly did have heaven-defying luck.

Jumping in at this point was actually the correct way of completing the Instance Dungeon.

“Waaa, there are monsters down here! They’re attacking my pet!” Remnant Dream felt like she had been abandoned to face the unknown dangers alone.

“Let’s jump.”

Lu Li led the group as he jumped in. The other quickly followed suit.

The river wasn’t actually that deep – in fact, the water only reached up to their ankles.

Remnant Dream had run into some crocodile monsters, which actually posed no real threat to her, let alone the whole group of players that had now jumped down as well. The area was quickly cleared, but now they were faced with the problem of climbing back up the smooth slope.

“I’ll explore this way,” said Lu Li. As a Thief, this was the perfect job for him. It also conveniently directed them onto the route that led towards the second Boss.

Before long, everyone had received a prompt from Lu Li to move forwards and they quickly discovered the Poison Fang Abyss.

There was a constant stream of monsters the whole way. Luckily, the monsters dropped the quest items that they needed, so even though the day was ending, everyone was in high spirits.

One of the items, Snake Flower, had a very low drop rate. They had only acquired three out of five.

As all ten of them had the quest, the item was even scarcer.

Azure Sea Breeze strongly suspected that while Lu Li was walking ahead of them, he had taken all the Snake Flowers.

Lu Li disdainfully disagreed with this explanation. He was responsible for guiding the group from the front, and was so perfect for the role that it was almost over-kill for him to be doing it.

The second Boss, Cobrahn, was in a relatively remote location. If Remnant Dream had not fallen down, which prompted Lu Li’s guidance, they likely would not have found him within the Instance Dungeon.

The others didn’t know about this. They thought that they would just stumble upon a Boss, even with the mistakes being made.

Cobrahn wasn’t that much different from Poison Fang Anacondra. The only difference was that he would use Poison that dealt 700 damage per second.

At that point, the party started losing members.

One of the players who died was Sakura Memories. Who let this girl play as a melee? This outcome had a larger probability of occurring because she was melee.

“Are we giving up?” asked Sesame Rice ball. The Boss hadn’t even lost 20% of its HP and they had already lost a member. Generally, a commander would sacrifice a few members so that the others could escape.

They would then start again with more certainty.

“Continue fighting. Everyone, keep at it. It would be good if we could kill the Boss today, but it’s okay if we don’t as well,” Wandering said calmly.

As the poison was quite different from normal, Wandering’s leadership style had to be very meticulous. He would address every detail, no matter how small it was, and was paying full attention to everyone’s actions.

Lu Li’s leadership style focused more on macro maneuvers, only calling out specific instructions at very the last minute.

“I can revive big sister,” Hachi Chan volunteered.

“While we are in combat, you can’t use Revive,” March Rain reminded her nicely. Revive had a low drop rate, but there was still a subset of players who had the skill.

Hachi Chan had probably never been in a party with other people before, so she didn’t know that Revive required the player to leave combat first.

“My revive is very special – it’s called Resurrection,” Hachi Chan said seriously.