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Chapter 211: Solved Another One

Chapter 211: Solved Another One

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Lu Li’s eyes lit up; he instantly knew what Hachi Chan was talking about.

In Dawn, there were many professions that could heal. Each profession had their own unique uses, but a healer Druid’s specialty was Resurrection.

This was a rare skill that a Druid could use in any form. Its value was in the fact that teammates could be revived while still in combat.

Only a Healer Druid would have this kind of skill!

As Hachi Chan channeled the Resurrect, Sakura Memories slowly sat up. It was unlikely that this skill had been upgraded, so she only had a little bit of HP.

However, this was of no issue as the party had two healers. Sakura Memories was quickly taken from back the brink of death.

The Boss’ poison was too strong, so everyone had no choice but to carry a bottle of Advanced Antidote. Even so, the Advanced Antidote wasn’t enough to cure them. It only served to mitigate part of the poison’s effect.

Wandering also had no choice but instruct Hachi Chan to heal the Main Tank, while the more-skilled March Rain was delegated the task of watching over the rest of the team’s HP.

March Rain had an extremely heightened sense of game consciousness. The players in the party would often receive healing the moment they started taking damage from the poison.

“I feel like this Boss can be beaten,” Azure Sea Breeze muttered under his breath.

Upon seeing that the Boss had lost over half its HP and that everyone was still alive, Remnant Dream underestimated the poison’s strength and was downed again.

“Now you know why I chose the Elite Difficulty,” Lu Li said as he glanced at him. It wasn’t as though Azure Sea Breeze was stupid; he just didn’t use his brain sometimes.

The Elite difficulty was just right to break this newly-established team in.

If it was Nightmare or even Difficult, it would be impossible for them to complete.

“Sakura Memories, keep using your totems. Everyone, don’t get greedy when you’re dealing damage. Flower and Rice Ball, keep your damage output steady. We have a good chance of beating this Instance Dungeon, but if someone accidentally takes aggro, all our efforts will be for nothing.”

As the Bosses of the Howling Caves had the Thorns Skill, which was capable of reflecting physical damage, the melee professions were limited. As such, the players who were the most capable of dealing damage were Lonesome Flower, followed by Sesame Rice ball. Behind them were Lu Li, Moonlight and the rest.

However, Lonesome Flower could only deal a limited amount of damage, as he wasn’t as confident in dealing with aggro as Lu Li.

As the Boss’ HP continued to decline, it cast the Deep Sleep Skill. This time, the target was Moonlight. This didn’t affect the team much, so everyone just continued to calmly deal damage.

“Lighty, your position looks pretty funny. You don’t look like an expert at all; you should just keep sleeping,” Azure Sea Breeze teased.

Deep Sleep tended to put players into unsightly positions. This was especially the case with male characters; it was really quite silly.

“Lu Li… never mind, just pretend I didn’t say anything.” Wandering didn’t have to say anything before Lu Li kicked the Boss to interrupt its healing. He decided not to tell Lu Li about interrupting the Boss anymore, as he would always do it before he even finished speaking. How embarrassing.

He then realised that there were some players that required explicit instruction, such as Remnant Dream, Hachi Chan, and even Lonesome Flower. The others didn’t need any instruction at all and would just do what they needed to when the time came. These players were Lu Li, Moonlight and March Rain.

The three of them competing in the Shadow Cup together now seemed to make sense.

There was also one more player who could make decisions in the middle of a situation – Azure Sea Breeze. He immediately put up the Shield wall just as the Boss went into Berserk.

Other than going Berserk, the Boss also sent out two Poison Fang Druids.


The Berserked Boss knocked Moonlight away before also knocking Sakura Memories away. When they landed, they were both at critical HP. This sent both of the healers into a healing frenzy.

“Don’t worry about the others, just make sure you keep healing. Everyone, just ignore the monsters. Focus your damage on the Boss!” Lu Li finally couldn’t help himself as he barked some instructions.

Wandering needed to be more decisive. It didn’t matter if some of them died, as long as the Boss was beaten. They didn’t lose any EXP for dying in the Instance Dungeon anyway.

In his past life, Lu Li remembered meeting a party leader that really liked using players as cannon fodder. Because of this, he always generated easy results on missions.

With Lu Li intervening, everyone but the Healers focused their damage on the Boss. The two monsters were chasing Lonesome Flower, but they were unable to stop him from dealing as much damage as he could.

Lonesome Flower was ready to sacrifice himself. He let the two monsters attack him and continued to damage the Boss.

Lonesome Flower died!

Sesame Rice Ball died!

Remnant Dream died!

However, at this time, the Boss also died!

“Healers, start saving people. Revive Remnant Dream first. I’ll be going now – I’m so tired. I think we’ll stop here for today – there isn’t much time left anyway.” Wandering wiped the sweat from his forehead, feeling exhausted from leading the party.

Remnant Dream ran up to loot the Boss the moment she was revived.

“Skill Book, Disperse.” The first item that Remnant Dream looted was a skill book.

“Give it to March Rain. With this Skill book, there will be no need to fear the next time she is affected by Deep Sleep.” Disperse targeted Magic spells and fortunately, Deep Sleep was one of them.

“A Silver Hammer. Seems to be for Healers.” Remnant Dream sent the attributes to everyone so they could see them.

“I don’t want it,” March Rain said shook her head.

No one else wanted to claim it either, as taking it would mean a deduction in their contribution points.

“In that case, we’ll just put it on the Exchange Hall and split the money proportionally later.” Wandering didn’t mind that no one wanted it. The equipment was for general use and the fact that it was Silver made it valuable in the Exchange Hall.

“There is also a Steel equipment. That’s it,” Remnant Dream announced as she stood up and clapped her hands.

“The attributes are not bad. Breezy, you can take it, I’ll take 10 points off you.” Wandering forced it onto Azure Sea Breeze without much of an explanation.

“You old geezer, you use defensive equipment as well. Why don’t you take it yourself? I want Silver equipment and Molds, not Steel equipment,” Azure Sea Breeze exclaimed angrily.

This LV20 Steel equip was actually quite strong. It was much better than the equipment he currently had.

However, now that he had seen the kind of equipment that Hachi Chan’s Mold made, he didn’t want this kind of equipment anymore. Wandering had even pushed it onto him, suddenly deducting points without discussing it.

“Alright, this is where we will stop the Instance Dungeon for today. Hachi and Dreamy, you guys are still in high school, so don’t play for too much longer. Go to sleep. We’ll start again tonight at 8pm, so it’s not too much of a rush.” Although Wandering planned to start a little later, everyone was fine with it.

He understood everyone’s different situations, even more so than Lu Li.

Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream were 2nd year High School students, Sesame Rice Ball was in his first year of University, while March Rain and Sakura Memories were already well into University. Wandering and Azure Sea Breeze were both in their final year of university and Lonesome Flower was in the year before them. Moonlight was the oldest here, being someone who had already graduated many years ago.

Lu Li’s situation was a little more complicated. He had never been to university, but was now mixing into the community and was a professional player.

All in all, everyone except for the two little girls had adequate time to play the game.

Although the game placed the body into a shallow sleeping state, it was far inferior to proper deep sleep. The girls’ bodies were also still growing, so that was even more of a reason not to stay up.

“Both of our results are really good,” Remnant Dream protested.

“We also work really hard and study well,” Hachi Chan added, as she adorably swung her head.

“If you don’t want to be 1.5m tall forever, then quickly go to sleep!” Now that the Instance Dungeon was over, Wandering had returned to his abrasive self. “You guys are so ugly and short. I really worry about how you guys are ever going to get married…”